Get up to do SEO, is another day to write articles
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 Get up and do it seo 了 , It's another day of writing

The title is in a SEO A group of friends in the group , Think it's fun , Just use it as the title .

“ Get up and do it seo 了 , It's another day of writing !" It's like a dagger , Deeply rooted in seoer In my heart .

seo It's becoming an editor , It's still the kind that is inferior to the copywriter . I have predicted the future of SEO The position will be seo technology + Editor's mixed post , I didn't expect it would come soon .

Now? seoer Our daily life is just a wave of collecting , With half a level to play code , Or just like me , Do the content with your heart , Rely on high quality content to drain .

But writing is very painful , It's not what ordinary people can bear , My highest record is one day update 10 Original article , I can't imagine it , First list all the outlines at one time , And then the corresponding title , One by one .

not so bad , In addition to the high readability of these articles , The article itself is an article SEO article , So I personally feel like doing seo Not just writing articles , It's the thinking of operation seo, can seo Play to the extreme .

that seo What is the ultimate goal ? It's transformation . therefore seoer We should pay more attention to how to make user requirement words , Instead of picking up stations all day , And then the rankings don't come up , Still complaining about the poor ranking , What's the situation of your own station , Don't you know ?

Write honestly , Do the ranking of demand words honestly , Is king , All the rest is hooliganism .

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