How can the monthly payment amount of meituan be set out? Can we cash out
Agudo 2020-11-26 14:43:26

What about today , Let's talk to you , How to set the monthly payment limit of meituan ? The monthly payment of meituan can withdraw cash ? More monthly payment questions are welcome to consult our customer service 【6535304 WeChat 】. Meituan monthly payment is a credit payment product launched by meituan in late May this year , It can be said that they are very close to scallops . Users who open monthly payment can visit meituan App Consumption time , Use meituan's monthly payment to pay for , By next month 8 No. and then pay back the same amount , The longest interest free period 38 God .

How to set the monthly payment limit of meituan

Meituan's monthly payment does not support direct withdrawal , It is also a consumption quota . Users in meituan App Consumption time , Stay at the hotel 、 Cycling 、 Group cuisine 、 Take out 、 Take a taxi 、 You can use meituan's monthly payment limit to pay for vegetables . So the way out must be to cooperate with the merchants above meituan , In order to operate . Let's take a look at the operation .

1、 The amount of monthly payment is 500 It's operational , Because it's lower than 500 The operation is more troublesome , Businesses are not willing to do ;

2、 Add our withdrawal customer service , Lie down a little bit , Customer service will send you the designated store to place an order ;

3、 Please check the information with our customer service before payment , Avoid error ;

4、 After the payment is successful, the screenshot will be sent to the customer service , Customer service processes orders ;

5、 Because it will simulate real consumption , To prevent detection by the system , So it usually takes about minutes to process ;

6、 Customer service checks and collects money ;

The above is how meituan withdraws the amount of monthly payment , If you don't understand, please consult .

Meituan monthly payment collects and uses your personal information

Before you use our products / The service , You need to / Scenarios where we can choose to authorize us to collect and use personal information include :

1、 In order to provide you with our products / Basic functions of services , You need to authorize us to collect 、 Where necessary information is used , If you refuse to provide the above necessary information , You will not be able to use our products normally / service ;

2、 In order to provide you with our products / The expanding function of service , You can choose to authorize us to collect 、 The use of information , If you refuse to provide the above information , You will not be able to use the relevant additional functions or achieve the function effect we intend to achieve , But it will not affect your normal use of our products / Basic functions of services .

( One ) You need to authorize meituan to collect and use personal information

We will abide by justice 、 legal 、 Necessary principles , Collect and use your personal information for the following purposes as described in this policy .

1、 Help you become our user

In order to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations , And to provide you with more personalized 、 More convenient service , When you register as a meituan review user , You need to provide at least a mobile phone number to create a meituan review account , And improve the relevant network identification information ( Head portrait 、 Nickname and login password, etc ); If you just need to browse 、 Search and other functions , You do not need to register as our user and provide the above information .

In the process of providing account information , If you are willing to add the following personal information , Will help us to provide you with more personalized services : Including your gender 、 Birthday 、 Place of habitual residence 、 hometown 、 like 、 Family information, etc . If you do not provide such information , It will not affect you to enjoy the basic function of meituan review service .

If you choose to authorize a third-party account to log in , We will get your shared account information from a third party ( Head portrait 、 nickname 、 region 、 Gender and other information ) Bind with your meituan review account for quick login , We will follow the agreement with the third party , In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations , Use your personal information .

2、 To provide you with location-based information display

In order to provide you with the surrounding food, drink, play and travel information display and search services , Improve our service performance 、 Efficiency and function , With your authorization, we will collect relevant information generated in the process of using our services , Include :

(1) Location information . When you are authorized by the system to enable the location function of mobile devices and use location-based services , We will collect and use your location information in order to recommend life services around you ( For example, you don't need to manually enter your geographic location to get related services , Estimating the actual distance between the business and you is convenient for you to make consumption decisions , Recommend the nearby service category and preferential information for you ). We will use the technology to get your location information ( Accuracy will vary ), These technologies include IP Address 、GPS And can provide relevant information WLAN( Such as Wi-Fi) Access point 、 Bluetooth, base stations, etc . You can turn off the location service in the mobile device system and stop our collection of your location information , But you may not be able to use our location-based services , Or it can't achieve the expected effect of the relevant services .

(2) Log information . When you use our products / The service , We will collect your browsing 、 Search for 、 Click on 、 Collection 、 Add cart 、 transaction 、 after-sales 、 Focus on 、 Share 、 Publish information and save it as relevant network log , It includes your IP Address 、 The type of browser 、 The language used 、 Version of the operating system 、 The date and time of the visit 、 Telecom operators 、 Network request, etc .