Straight bar flower! Meituan enters the credit consumption war, and "monthly payment" points can cash out on credit
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It's called meituan edition “ Spend bai ” Of “ Meituan monthly payment ” The function is officially launched today .

full 18 One year old 、 Active users of meituan who have completed real name authentication can apply for opening . According to the page information , The longest interest free period of meituan monthly payment is 38 God , Support for extension 、 Installment payment , The longest is divisible 12 period , There are payment relief activities , Take out can be included in 、 Public comment 、 Take a taxi 、 Travel 、 accommodation 、 The movie 、 Many scenes including Moby bike are used .

In other words , In the future, I will buy and buy from meituan , You can use “ Monthly payment ” Function consumption first , You can pay within the billing period .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

In terms of function alone , It's really with Alipay “ Spend bai ” There are many similarities , And the main thing on the market is “ Pay after you spend ” There are also many products in the field of payment . But when meituan has already grown into a life service giant , When I joined the track , What's the difference ?

As early as this year 1 month , Meituan has officially launched “ Meituan pays the bill ” The function of , It can be used in meituan 、 Meituan takeout 、 Meituan taxi 、 Meituan buys vegetables, etc App To use , monthly 1 Day is the date of account , monthly 8 No. is the repayment date . Especially when you have to spend when you're too shy to spend , Having such a function really solves the urgent needs of many people .

More Than This , In terms of price , On average, the above class members call 20 Take out as the measurement base , After users pay for using meituan , Maybe a month can save 62 yuan , It's a little money saver .

however , This service is only tested on a small scale , Only for some users . And today it's upgraded “ Monthly payment ” function , In fact, meituan has been brewing for a long time , thus , Meituan enters the field of mobile payment .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

Confrontation with ALI escalated

Before the monthly payment of meituan , Market intention benchmarking “ The ants spend bai ” And “ Jingdong ious ” and “ Wechat distribution ”, But they can't shake Huabai's status in the world .

The reason is , Huabei has more applicable scenarios , And with hunger 、 All the business of box and horse business on Alipay , Alipay, which is more and more open, has also enriched the consumption scene of ant flower .

alike , Comparison “ Jingdong ious ” Share payment with wechat ” ,“ Meituan monthly payment ” The advantage is that , The use of the scene is relatively rich , Especially in the field of local life , The capital that exists to wrestle with ants .

But novice “ Meituan monthly payment ” He Laojiang “ The ants spend bai ” There is still a gap , In terms of the longest interest free period , The monthly payment is 38 God , And Huabei is 41 God . And for now , Meituan monthly payment is the recommended option for order payment , But in other ways of payment , Consumers can still choose to pay with ant flower .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

that , Why should meituan release at this time “ Monthly payment ” Well ?

  • Enhance beauty group APP Matrix viscosity

Present O2O APP They are highly dependent on mobile payment , Whether it's a business or a user , Have formed the habit of using mobile payment . But on the whole , The difference is not obvious , They are all settled at the time of payment or order .

Want to be able to attract the eyes of new users more than others , Or keep new users , Obviously there is “ Pay after you spend ” This feature is more attractive to users .

Meituan itself has a huge flow , Whether it is the business side or the user side , All need user stickiness , In this way , On the one hand, let the family APP Enhance user stickiness , On the other hand, it can also feed back the ecosystem of meituan .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

Meituan CEO Wang Xing

  • Pay more dividends in the market

According to the data of Yi Guan ,2019 First quarter , The scale of mobile payment market has reached nearly 47.7 Trillion yuan . Other institutions forecast ,2020 The number of mobile payment users will reach 7.9 Billion .

More specific. “ Enjoy before pay ” come up , Before that, the flowers were 2017 Years of , High net profit 34 One hundred million yuan . On the other side is Jingdong white bar , By the end of 2018 end of the year , The balance of business receivables is 344.49 One hundred million yuan

The market is huge enough , Everyone wants to eat quickly . Especially when Internet traffic is more and more expensive , Own mobile payment system , It means more right to speak at the entrance of traffic , It is also a new revenue point .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit
  • Omnidirectional matrix of life service platform

Ten years ago, meituan was just a group buying website . But ten years later, today , It has already grown into a huge living system , It covers almost every aspect of our lives : Take-out food 、 online car-hailing 、 Shared bicycle 、 Air travel 、 Hotel accommodation 、 Home service …… Without exception , It's all about mobile payments .

Originally in the life service track , Meituan is an all-round development , But this year 3 month , The ant gold dress CEO Hu Xiaoming is here 2020 Alipay Partner Conference officially announced : Building Alipay digital life open platform , Focus on Digitalization of local life services .

At the end of the day , Meituan releases “ Monthly payment ”, To defend , It's also an initiative , You don't run forward , Others will catch up with you , To step in place is to step back .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

US mission C Is it a delivery service ?

5 month 25 Japan , Meituan comments released 2020 First quarter results . This quarter , Operating income of meituan 168 One hundred million yuan , fell 12.6%; Operating deficit 17 One hundred million yuan , Compared to the expanding 31.6%; Adjusted net loss 2.2 One hundred million yuan , Compared with the lower 79.4%.

Even though meituan is 2019 The annual performance report disclosed in advance that , The epidemic situation will be right 2020 Several quarters of the year had an adverse effect , We also forecast a possible loss in the first quarter . But the specific data are released , Meituan was affected more than expected during the outbreak .

3 month 20 Japan , Meituan 2019 Annual report , Annual revenue 975.3 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 49.5%. Fourth quarter revenue 281.6 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 42.2%. The particularity of this financial report lies in , One and a half years after listing , Meituan's revenue is about to exceed 100 billion yuan , Net profit 14.6 Billion yuan has finally turned a loss into a profit .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

however ,2020 First quarter data for , It ended this positive trend . But for meituan , The impact of the epidemic is not bad , During this period, the value of the new business highlights for meituan to see the key points in time 、 Adjust the direction and make effective guidance .

During the epidemic , The number of people ordering takeout has dropped dramatically ; meanwhile , Heavily damaged hotel business 2020 First quarter revenue 31 One hundred million yuan , Chain ratio 2019 In the fourth quarter of 64 One hundred million yuan , Income has fallen dramatically 51.3%.

The specific term , And 2019 In the first quarter of the year, the number of hotel rooms in China was 7860 Ten thousand , This quarter is only for 4280 ten thousand , Declined 45.5%.

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

Latest financial report of meituan ,2020 First quarter , Revenue of new business and other divisions of meituan 42 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 4.9%, Mainly due to the increase of meituan's flash purchase and micro loan business income .

Under the sharp shrinkage of travel business , This year-on-year increase was due to the fact that meituan's flash purchase and meituan's intra city distribution service became a rigid demand during the epidemic period , It's also one of the few new businesses that meituan's revenue has increased .

Meituan's new business is divided into four different divisions , Bike sharing and online car Hailing belong to bicycle business department and transportation business department , The business of Xiaoxiang business department is meituan buying vegetables 、 The little elephant is fresh , Fast donkey business department has fast donkey stock , Focus on supply chain business .

During the epidemic period, the biggest hit was to store wine and tourism business , The second is the catering delivery business . Judging from the contribution ratio of meituan's business revenue all the time , from 2017 Year begins , Catering delivery is meituan's largest revenue contribution business , It's still the number one this time . And the most affected by the epidemic situation to store wine business , Revenue contribution reversed by new business for the first time .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

Meituan flash purchase with outstanding performance during the epidemic period 、 US group buying vegetables 、 Fast donkey and other city distribution and supply chain business , Become the basic service facilities to protect people's life in special period .

The common point of these businesses is that most of the performance is based on the capacity system of meituan distribution , It's ahead of takeout , Return to previous operating levels , Therefore, it will become a stable and convenient condition for meituan to extend its local services .

Meituan distribution has disclosed before , Under the influence of the epidemic , Yes 79 Ten thousand people registered as new riders to enter the distribution industry . only 1 To the end of 3 More than two months at the end of the month , New registered riders with revenue generated 45.7 ten thousand people .

 Straight bar flowers ! Meituan enters the credit consumption war ,“ Monthly payment ” Take out on credit

As mentioned above , New businesses such as meituan's flash purchase and small loan increased , Outstanding performance in financial report . Disclosure by the relevant responsible person of the monthly payment of the United States regiment , Meituan monthly payment can effectively improve the conversion rate of meituan's payment orders , During trial operation , Meituan's order volume of monthly payment users increased by more than 20%, Average increase of transaction amount 15%.

The micro payment scenario represented by catering delivery may be a natural advantage for meituan to expand its business , Of course , How to do a good job in risk control 、 Grasp the target user groups and make effective use of the data , It is also a question that meituan needs to think about further in terms of financial services .

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