How to learn new media operation
Self report home : Work five years , Naked resignation , Switch to new media operation .

Download too close 50G Resource pack for , Have studied 3 Online courses , Read hundreds of articles , All kinds of related books , Now I'd like to share some experiences and hope this article can give you some help .

Combined with my learning experience, how should new media learn from 4 A convenient answer . Clear learning objectives ; Understand the new media industry and work content ; What kind of abilities should you have ; What kind of learning style to choose .

One 、 Clear learning objectives

In everything we do, we have to have a clear goal , What effect do you want to achieve , What efforts will be made . Try to understand and then collect experience , Work hard according to the plan and direction . To apply for a job , Self improvement , Hobby ...

You can make a study plan according to your needs , And learning direction .

Two 、 Understand the new media industry and work content

Job objectives :

The work of new media operation should first understand the pain points of users , Then via wechat 、 Microblogging 、 You know 、 Today's headline 、 Tiktok and other new media channels , Promote products or services to target users that address their pain points , By solving the problems of users, we can realize the purpose of transforming the income .

Responsibilities :

Different enterprises have different responsibilities for the operation of new media .

Traditional enterprise : Edit role ( Official account operation / Output content )

Large and medium-sized Internet enterprises : Operational role ( Enhance brand exposure in new media channels , Fans, etc .)

Small and medium-sized companies : Full stack operation role ( Taking transformation as the goal , Find potential users , Carry out innovation and transformation )

Job type :

New media reporter

Job objectives : The goal is to produce high quality original content .

Responsibilities : Based on brand positioning and fact hot spot , Independent production of original articles .

Ability requirements : Excellent original writing ability , communication skills , The sensitivity of news .

Salary range :3K-20K

 How to learn new media operation

New media editor :

Job objectives : Enhance the influence of new media channels .

Responsibilities : Based on brand positioning and hot spots planning content topics with high degree of communication .
  • No need to be original , There is no need to manage originality .( Reprint )
  • No need to be original , But originality needs to be managed .( Companies with stable content sources , newspaper office / Companies with blogs, etc )
  • Need originality , But it's a fake original .( Looking for multiple articles , Put it into one piece )

Ability requirements : News sensitivity 、 Content control capability , Familiar with platform rules , Aesthetic ability .

 How to learn new media operation

New media operations / marketing

Job objectives : Get accurate potential users , And improve the conversion rate .

Responsibilities : Content production 、 Channel operation 、 Business cooperation 、 Activity planning, etc .

Ability requirements : User Research , Data analysis , Copywriting , Communication and cooperation .

 How to learn new media operation

3、 ... and 、 The necessary ability of new media operation :

  1. Marketing theory ( Understand the psychological stage of users' purchasing products , Learn what to do at each stage .)
  2. User Research ( Understanding users , User pain point )
  3. Content production ( article , posters , video , Landing page )
  4. User growth ( Business cooperation / Viral marketing /SEO)
  5. Data analysis ( Throughout all aspects , Data monitoring to judge marketing results )
  6. Lifelong learner ( The marketing environment is constantly changing , Need to keep learning )

What are the advantages of relevant Internet operation positions

  • New media operations : It's better to have PS( Map making )、PR( clip )、AE( Special effects )
  • Community operation : Better communication skills
  • Product operation : It is better to have data analysis
  • User operations : Sales ability is preferred
  • Event operations : Planning ability is preferred
  • Content operation : Writing skills are preferred
  • Short video operation : Script writing skills are preferred 、 Editing ability 、 Shooting ability
  • Copywriter : Writing skills are preferred

These are not to say you have to have to be able to move , It's just that it's better to have these abilities .

New media should pursue hot spots 、 Write a copy 、 Do activities 、 Be an artist again P chart 、 Taking pictures 、 Editing and so on , It is often necessary for one person to have several duties , So there will be more requirements for the ability . So there is a lot to learn , Next, I recommend some tools and learning approaches .

 How to learn new media operation

Four 、 What kind of learning style to choose

Pay to study : Select offline training institutions locally , It's like teaching in class
  • Suitable for fresh graduates and those who are unemployed and planning to change careers .

Online paid learning : I still work normally during the day , I usually study in my spare time
  • Suitable for office workers who want to change careers 、 College students study in school 、 Spare time is enough for people to study

self-taught : It's all about the ability to master knowledge and self-control in learning
  • Suitable for learning ability , Strong self-control , A man of extraordinary understanding

Finally, I sorted it out Very practical operation tool And free courses , I hope that's helpful .

 How to learn new media operation

New media operations Netease cloud classroom Free course recommendation in

TOP 1: New media study room

comment :TOP1: Free new media study room . Each issue is dry , Recommend tools and usage of many hacker level new media operations , Suitable for Xiaobai to learn new media .

TOP 2: Learn to shoot video with two meter youth - Netease cloud classroom

comment :TOP2: Learn to shoot video with two meter youth . Introduction to new media basic knowledge of shooting short video , Concise and interesting .

TOP 3: from 0 To 1 WeChat official account

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TOP 3:iH5 Video tutorial

comment :TOP5: iH5 Video tutorial .IH5 It is the best way to get started on making landing pages for new media , There's a lot of room to imagine , For beginners, there will be a little bit of a threshold , But for a more interactive landing page , Not iH5 must not . The course is officially produced , The explanation was fluent , Comprehensive coverage of technical details .

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