Five stroke input method: a required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s, why can't it compete with Pinyin?
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 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

In the age of the Internet , Information exchange and presentation are mostly based on keyboard input and display output , The invention of input method obviously makes keyboard output more accurate 、 Efficiency and intelligence , But a lot of people say , The use of input methods can also reveal the age of the user .

It's true that today's young people like to use pinyin , But in the 1990s , There is a kind of Wubi input method was popular throughout the country, and became a hot topic for Chinese people to memorize and learn at that time , But not long later, he was defeated in the battle of wisdom and courage with Pinyin input method .

Up to now, few people are interested in , But the past glory is not to be ignored , I have to mention The inventor of Wubi input method —— Wang Yongmin .

" mere scholar , Half a farmer "

Speaking of Wang Yongmin , Maybe today's "00 after " With a vacant face , But the " The father of five strokes " stay "70、80 after " But in the mind of the great God . The low-key Wang Yongmin teases himself as " mere scholar , Half a farmer ", This is probably related to his early schooling experience .

 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

Wang Yongmin was born into a poor rural family in Nanyang, Henan Province , However, his frugal life did not defeat Wang Yongmin's will to learn , Talented and hardworking, he seldom gets the second place , Wang Yongmin couldn't even pay the tuition fee of three yuan because of his poor family background .

My mother saved tuition for Wang Yongmin by changing the eggs laid by the hens in the seller every day , An egg costs three cents to sell a hundred , No matter how poor you are, you should provide children with books , Although the family of Wang was poor in his ancestors , But also out of a dozen scholars , Wang Yongmin is influenced by his family tradition. He is determined to make his family live a good life with his own efforts .

Wang Yongmin aspires to be admitted to the University of science and technology of China only because Throughout the country, CUHK is the cradle of scientists , The highest score in the country , And the mainstay of national scientific research comes from the University of science and technology of China . First of all 、 The second volunteer, Wang Yongmin, filled in CUHK , Third, the fourth volunteer filled in Tsinghua University and Peking University , Finally, he entered the radio major of the University of science and technology of China as the number one scholar in Nanyang college entrance examination .

 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

Mention your alma mater , Wang Yongmin is full of pride . Wang Yongmin was inspired to change the fate of his family , And in fact he did , Now he , Like Zhuge Liang , They are all celebrities in Nanyang .

The road to entrepreneurship , The resistance and long , The proposal and implementation of the five stroke input method has many advantages

1946 year , The first computer in the world was born in California , My country until 70 In the s, a small number of computers were introduced for scientific research , In those days, computers could only adapt to English , How to input Chinese has become a big obstacle to the use of computers .

first , China's scientific researchers have gone through a detour , They are going to apply the transmitter set to the computer , Replace Chinese characters with numbers , The result is not only inefficient, but also not universally available , Before Wang Yongmin invented Wubi input method , It's also the longest detour in my life .

 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

In the special period, the university has been extended for one year , After graduating from University, he moved to Liaoning PLA farm to grow rice and then to Sichuan 1242 Research institute, , I thought I could do a big job in my major , I didn't expect to be delayed for a year because of a sudden emergency , And then ran to Nanyang explosion-proof motor factory job was rejected .

Wang Yongmin was angry and discouraged , But there is no way , Until I entered the science and Technology Commission I met a benefactor of my life , Later, Luo Gan, Secretary of the political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee .1981 in , He was then deputy governor of Henan Province 、 Luo Gan, director of the science and Technology Commission of Henan Province, proposed office automation .

Wang Yongmin, who is also in the science and Technology Commission, is still studying his Chinese character input method, which uses Chinese character strokes for input , After being recommended, they met and met , Wang Yongmin took out his own set of plans and elaborated them in detail , Luo Gan, a senior engineer, was very excited , There was a time when someone tried to do this, but it didn't work , I didn't expect that Wang Yongmin had already studied so deeply .

 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

Luo Gan immediately asked Wang Yongmin about the budget of scientific research projects , Without saying a word, Wang Yongmin allocated the remaining 100000 yuan to Wang Yongmin for input method research . Wang Yongmin made a military order , One year to complete the results , He spent six months day and night , Finally in the 1983 In the year, I put the original 36 The key has been changed to match the western alphabetic keyboard 26 key .

Just split the Chinese characters you want to type into radicals and radicals , Then find the key corresponding to the radical on the keyboard , You can type a complete word with a few taps . And every word, no matter how complicated it is, can't have more than five strokes , therefore Wang Yongmin named the input method he invented as Wubi input method .

The appearance of Wubi input method solved the language input barrier of Chinese people in the early use of computers , It's very popular all over the country , Welcome by the times , Even in the first class of computer learning, I would carry out the introduction teaching of five stroke input method , You found this input method Not only is typing fast , And the accuracy is high , Once it's done, you can hit it blindly .

 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

Many business clerks at that time 、 Recruitment for accounting positions requires candidates to learn the five input method to carry out their work , The five stroke input method soon became a favorite among young people .

A flower without a hundred days , The popularity of Pinyin has brought unprecedented impact to Wubi input method

Wubi input method was very popular for a time, but it didn't escape the storm of time , The five stroke input method, which once thought could be won by the unique radicals of Chinese characters, was finally defeated by the Pinyin input method of the nine-year compulsory education compulsory education association . The reasons for the decline of Wubi input method are summarized , It has to be seen from both subjective and objective aspects .

From the subjective level , Wubi input method has its own limitations . First , The starting point of Wubi input method is too high . In those days , Computers are both imported and luxury goods , The education level of Chinese people is not enough , For most people , The radicals and radicals of Chinese characters can be regarded as heavenly books , And the five stroke input method for most of the Chinese characters can not fully recognize people, it is simply spring snow .

 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

And then the promotion of nine-year compulsory education , Chinese people are familiar with Pinyin, and have derived from intelligence ABC To Sogou input method Pinyin input method , Compared with the five stroke input method, the complex radicals , Modern people who advocate simplicity will naturally choose the Pinyin input method that can read and spell .

secondly , There are some difficulties in memorizing the five strokes input method . If you want to use this type of input method, you must be able to recite the root , and 26 key , Every key has 9 Root , Many people call it too hard to remember , Forget when you recite it , Forget it, it doesn't work , There are also many people who give up half the way after reciting some of them .

To some extent, the English alphabet is similar to the Chinese pinyin , By comparison , It's a lot easier to remember , As a result, Wubi input method has lost many advantages .

From the objective level , A lot of lawbreakers are keen to exploit the loopholes in national laws . Even if Wang Yongmin applied for a patent for his Wubi input method, he could not escape the piracy of Wubi input method by criminals .

 Five strokes input method : A required course for clerks in the 1980s and 1990s , Why can't you beat Pinyin ?

The soup does not change the dressing , It's just an interface for Wang Yongmin's patent , It becomes something original , An invention patent full of national pride In the erosion of piracy borers, little by little disappeared Finally eliminated in the torrent of history .

Be pirated , Be eliminated , abandoned , Five strokes input method from the peak to the trough of the situation is really deplorable . In Wang Yongmin's fight against illegal piracy, he finally regretted , Pinyin input method has caught the needs of young people in the new era Constantly improve and become the favorite of the new era which is beautiful, intelligent and fashionable .

The five stroke input method, which was once popular all over the country, lost its best development opportunity and was completely defeated , in the final analysis , Five strokes are not abandoned by customers , But because they can't adapt to the current consumption environment and abandon themselves .