"Shushan family banquet" selected ten special dishes
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Xinan evening news Anhui net Da Wan client information 11 month 21 Japan , Shushan District Bureau of culture and tourism held 2020“ Taste Shushan ”——“ Shushan family dinner ” Special dishes selection activity , Deep excavation 、 Display the characteristic food culture of Shushan district . same day , Ten dishes, such as fragrant Hydrangea, were rated as “ Shushan family dinner ” Special dishes , On behalf of Shushan, we will participate in the “ Hefei family dinner ” Food evaluation .

This competition is for star hotels in Shushan district 、 Star farmhouse and other social catering enterprises , In green 、 health 、 The concept of environmental protection , It is mainly made of common kinds of food , The use of animal and plant materials prohibited by the state is prohibited . Participating units must participate in the evaluation of dishes must be daily business dishes . Shushan district culture and Tourism Bureau organized experts to select dishes , From the dishes in the audition 10 Avenue “ Shushan family dinner ” Special dishes 、5 Avenue “ Taste of Shushan ” Special dishes , In the future, it will focus on the promotion of .

Xiong Junkun Sun Yujing Xinan evening news Anhui net Da Wan client reporter A lei