600 million months live QQ Bureau, gather young people to Shanghai
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“ Millennial generation ” I grew up in a period when the country was rich and the people were strong , They have more time 、 Money and energy explore themselves and their relationship with the world in the early stages of growth .

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11 month 19 Japan , Wang Runjie, a senior at Shanghai University of applied technology, got up early to make up . Three hours later , With a beautiful face, she put on a beautiful red Hanfu , Go to the North Pavilion of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center , Take part in a youth cultural trend pageant .

More than an hour later , Wang Runjie arrived at the scene . A huge one QQ The doll stands in front of the gate of the exhibition hall . It's wearing an air suit , Wearing blue glasses , Step on the shoes , Holding a yellow horn gun ; Behind it is a huge background wall full of light colors , There are all kinds of cartoon characters in the picture .

6 Hundred million months live QQ Make a game , Gather the young people to Shanghai

QQJoy2020 The doll image of the Carnival | Tuyuan activity official

This is this session QQJoy The doll image of the Carnival , No matter from the color , Or the shape , The organizers QQ They're all signaling : Social products QQ Young , It's young .

QQJoy2020 yes QQ The annual interactive exhibition of fashion culture , With “ Before the tide ” The theme of , Connect the secondary meta culture that young people love 、 Trendy goods 、 New generation star performance and so on , Provide a one-stop experience of pop culture .

Wang Runjie enters the stadium , Attract people's eyes , But in this stadium , She is no longer a minority , It's the mainstream . She has been in the Hanfu circle for more than half a year , Pay for your interest , Buy more than ten sets of Hanfu , The average price is 500~600 yuan .QQ It's the core line position of the Hanfu circle , Wang Runjie usually passes QQ Group send and receive circle information .

“ The first feeling is that the exhibition is very large , It incorporates a lot of fashion elements , It's not just cosplay, A lot of young people like it , For example, skateboarding 、 Basketball 、 game .” Wang Runjie said , It's all new to her , I had a good time .

This kind of activity may be QQ One of the important reasons why we can continue to engage young people , It has the ability to nurture and spawn many interesting and unique young cultures . Tencent's latest financial report shows ,QQ Monthly live data fell to 6.17 Billion , But the average daily usage time per capita has increased by more than ten percentage points . In media group interviews ,QQ The aspect has responded to this .

Offline , Bring young people together

QQ We rented two venues in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center QQJoy2020 Interactive exhibition . The exhibition is divided into left and right channels , Enter the right side of the venue , An old Santana full of cyberpunk style appears in front of you .

This is a trendy clothing brand KIKS The exhibition area of , They introduce themselves :“ echo ‘ Next station trend ’ The theme of , This time KIKS To make the stand into a subway car like device , A wide variety of KIKS product , Such as 《KIKS Dingfan 》 The magazine 、KIKS Independent brand clothing and so on for visitors to buy .”

There is one advantage of offline venues , What you see is what you play —— The audience can take pictures in a silver car . Many car enthusiasts enjoy it , Post your photos on your social platform .

In the morning 11 spot , Young people in fashionable clothes are KIKS There's a long line in the exhibition area , They knew in advance that KIKS To prepare the 100 Free copies “ Limited fashion blind box ”, Come to meet and collect . This caused a small climax at the scene .

6 Hundred million months live QQ Make a game , Gather the young people to Shanghai

Young people in fashionable clothes are KIKS There's a long line in the exhibition area Picture source KIKS official account

Inside the stadium , Main fashion shoes 、 The exhibition stand of fashion products is full of young people , They have shoes 、 Clothes come together , Invisible highlights the theme of different exhibition areas , or “ Shoelaces come together ”, or “ Hanfu circle embraces offline ”.

Li Dan, general manager of Tencent social platform marketing center, said in a group interview that ,QQ There are three traits in the seduced young people : They are confident in their culture ,QQ Hope to occupy the minds of this group of young people who like fashion culture . They pursue quality within their capabilities , The Internet has broken the boundaries of space and information barriers , Whether it's young people in the first, second and third or fourth line , Can pursue the same hobbies and interests . They're Carnival and lonely , Most of them are only children , Join the carnival group through social platforms and offline activities .

First QQJoy On 2016 Held in Hainan in , The whole show consists of offline game finals 、ACG Original content Exhibition 、 The performance of popular stars consists of three parts .

The organizers also held at that session QGC Summer league “ Crossing the line of fire : The king of gunfight ”、“ Glory of Kings ” The finals of ,Cosplay、 House dance show 、 Original communication with others 、 well-known ACG exhibition 、 A series of activities such as signing and selling of the great God author .“ Have a good time ” It was one of the themes of that event , It's more like an offline party .

Compared with , This session QQJoy The scene is more like a small Disneyland .Cosplay The characters walk around the exhibition area , The role image of the digital world plays an important role in the real world ; The audience participates in the physical experience with coins , After winning a prize, you can exchange the prize at the prize office ; Many theme exhibition areas are equipped with interactive devices , If there is a purchase demand in the entertainment process , You can scan wechat app QR code to purchase goods .

The function of the whole exhibition area is no longer just entertainment and play , It adds the transaction function of retail stores to it , Improved interest triggering 、 Demand is born 、 The complete closed-loop trading of goods .

This is most of the companies that have been successful with online products in recent years , Routine actions for offline activities , The impact of the online world on the offline world is no longer as simple as reducing the information gap , Both worlds are reshaping each other , Are exploring new forms of getting along with each other . Abstract and illusory subculture is landing in the exhibition area , With the power of commercial civilization, cultural scene can continue to grow .

In the time scale of China's Internet ,QQ Through all the stages of the whole industry from scratch ; The user base it serves , It has gone through many generational changes , from 80 after 、90 After the 00 after , even to the extent that 10 after . from 1999 So far this year , from QQ Show to centimeter show , From stepping on each other in space to being warm , From watering the flowers to keeping the fire ,QQ Several iterations , But the upgrading of products and playing methods are all around young users , Become a platform for carrying young culture .

Subculture , From inferiority to self-confidence

The theme areas in the exhibition hall are numerous and attractive , But they have one thing in common :“ Gather together to be friends , Vertical circle of interest promotes young communication content ”.

In new media , Short video , Secondary yuan , Under the impact of the collision of fan circle and other cultures , The unique expression of vertical interest circle is becoming the trend of the younger generation .

For this generation of young people , Social culture is one circle after another , For example, language C circle 、Pia Drama circle 、 Shoe ring 、 Pen circle 、 Skate ring, etc , There are even more avant-garde baby circles 、 Valley circle 、 Animal circles and other circles . Many unknown nouns and characters germinate in the secret corner .

according to the understanding of ,QQ The group gathered over a million favorite words C Young people of , They use language C In a way that mimics a character you like , And the main position is the group , Members communicate with each other, understand their roles and evaluate each other's plays 、 Play and social interaction .

In the language C( Language cosplay) In the group , They play 《 A dream of red mansions 》《 Water margin 》, Also play 《 Fairy sword legend 》. language C It satisfies the young people's strong desire to share and “ persona ” demand , Through words C A new interpretation of culture , Young people are recognized by others in certain circles , Get more spiritual satisfaction .

In the language C Guo qianting, who has been around for many years, said , language C Circle originated from microblog , Started with Baidu Post Bar , Flourish in QQ,“ We enjoy the second creation in our original world view ”.

The fun starts with interest , Take the initiative to please yourself , Pay for your interests within your limited ability .

“ Millennial generation ” I grew up in a period when the country was rich and the people were strong , They have more time 、 Money and energy explore themselves and their relationship with the world in the early stages of growth . It's just , Their process is not plain sailing . They grow up in the cold eyed questioning and self denial .

Earlier years , Huang Rong, a Hanfu enthusiast, wears Hanfu , A lot of people don't accept , Others think her clothes are Japanese ,“ At that time, I would feel very bitter , But now some cultures are slowly being accepted , I'm particularly pleased .”

6 Hundred million months live QQ Make a game , Gather the young people to Shanghai

Boys in ancient costume in the exhibition area

In Shanghai, , People who take the subway as the main means of transportation can often see young people in Hanfu in subway cars , Curious people will look at them one more time , People who are familiar with them will understand . More and more people wear Hanfu , The frequency of occurrence becomes higher , People outside the circle will know more about them .

“ I'm still shy at first , Later I thought it was beautiful , Pretty good , Now I'm dressed in red ( The Han clothes of ) I don't feel shy .” Wang Runjie said , Han clothing lovers call each other “ His comrades ”, It means comrades in arms 、 Brothers and friends .

These young people grow up with subcultures , The early subculture is in the process from inferiority to self-confidence . They are also increasingly recognized in business , A variety of commodities displayed in the exhibition area are derived from Subculture elements , From the exhibition area of the venue , To the specific product display , It's all about diversity and inclusiveness .

at present , Tide culture has become a common context for more and more young users ,QQJoy Provide a platform to extend users' emotions offline , And give users more interaction and expression space .

Different from the previous orientation of dimensional exhibitions , This year's QQJOY A new upgrade ,QQ To the role of the platform to enter the fashion market , It brings together a series of young interest elements .

One side QQ Hand in hand with many fashion brands , Create a co branded ; On the other hand ,QQ Launch a series of self-made products , Try to pass through “ Platform aggregation 、 Self made products ” These two means to break through the industrial chain , create IP Closed loop of ecological industry .

These exhibition area themes and exhibits all point to a booming new business form —— Tide brand industry .“ Internet +” Promote the rapid development of the tide brand market , It has formed a traditional fashion brand enterprise 、 Internet tide brand enterprises and third-party tide brand enterprises three camp system .

QQ In the Internet business camp has a natural advantage . stay QQJoy The scene ,QQ The starting line-up QQ21 Anniversary of the QQJOY Limited tide geese 、QQ Chinese food blind box 、 Brother is a goose (GODISQ)、 QQ×KAKAO FRIENDS Wait for the tide to play .

“ Our users tend to be younger , So we need to make it more relevant to trends .” tencent ISUX Dai Yongyu, general manager of user experience design department, said , These designs help QQ You can better enter the fashion circle or fashion circle .

This is a QQ One of the basic demands of active product design .

6 Hundred million months live QQ Make a game , Gather the young people to Shanghai

QQ Fashion doll | The source of the picture is from the official activity

QQ The new path to war

language C Why do circles prefer to use QQ communication ?

Guo qianting said ,QQ The function of the is relatively convenient , Friend expansion function can manage friend accounts well , It's easy to build a group ; Anonymity allows a person to create multiple roles with one account , This makes it easy for users to socialize anonymously .

language C Circle for a long time in QQ Development , The unique culture and rules of this circle have been precipitated . Guo qianting said , In the language C A group of people in the circle set up a “ The intelligence agency ”, It can also be called an information transfer station , In the cyber world , People who don't want to expose themselves , You can use anonymous identity to ask the other party and get resources .

QQ Space is “ The intelligence agency ” At the heart of . There? , circle KOL After the news release , All friends can comment , As long as it is KOL Your friends can see each other's comments . This is in the circle of wechat friends “ Non friendships, invisible comments ” The mechanism is different .

Compared with the purely rational expression of social products , Emotional ties are used frequently by people QQ Important reasons .QQ The distribution of user groups is more in “ Outside the Fifth Ring Road ”.

“ Within the rings ” It is beyond the geographical scope , There are several characteristics of this group of people : Highly rational 、 Go high to the Chinese countryside 、 Highly commercialized 、 High self trust , Simply speaking , People in the five rings usually rely on work ( Benefits ) Maintain a relationship , The priority and concentration of sophistication becomes very low .

“ Outside the Fifth Ring Road ” People care more about people's manners , Hobby , Non interest ties are relatively stronger . In order to cater to “ Within the rings ” The needs of the crowd , The birth of flying book 、 nailing 、 The application of wechat in these working scenarios . and QQ It's usually at school , During the nine-year compulsory education period , And young people are the most active 、 The most vigorous time for interest to sprout , At that time, only learning was my mind , Schools also use more QQ, There is a closed loop of application scenarios between personal interest and study .

But these scenes are being carved up by other competitors ,QQ How to fight this defensive battle well ? Its defense path can be from the application product 、 Looking for traces of fashion products and marketing activities .

“ We do relaxed and entertaining communication around the chain of acquaintances .” Vice president of social platform of Tencent 、QQ Zhang Hao, the head of the product, said , Use QQ You know a lot of people , We communicate together 、 Listen to music together 、 Watch the video together 、 Play games together …… these “ Do it together ” The things that inspired the idea of product innovation .

Zhang Hao said ,QQ The product team was the first to go online in the industry “ Listen to songs together ” function , Then it includes Netease cloud music 、QQ Mainstream music platforms, including music, have released this function one after another .

stay QQ The product team is thinking ,QQ The function of "acquaintance relationship" is divided into acquaintance relationship 、 Semi open relations 、 Open relationships . Acquaintance relationship and semi open relationship refer to the user's personal good friend relationship and QQ Group , The product team wants to QQ In the future, the fully open relationship chain dimension can also carry the social needs of users .

Zhang Hao said , They judge on the basis of ,“ Whether the product itself has a positive effect on users' social assets .” Some products are communication type , Some partial content expression types , Some prefer the community atmosphere type , Specific product positioning will have a dedicated user needs team to make feedback and decisions .

tencent 2020Q3 It is mentioned in the financial report that QQ The little world inside , Users can post videos and pictures to the community , Its data is growing . At present, high hopes have been placed on .

But not all products have been developed smoothly , Zhang Hao jokingly called ,“ I should be in QQ In history, I was the product manager with the most function offline .” Every product has its own survival law ,“ Judging from the perspective of product or data, it is not as we expected , We will also be decisive offline ”.

Tencent Financial report also revealed another data ,QQ Monthly live users are 6.17 Billion , Synchronous slide 5.5%, And wechat monthly live users are 12.12 Billion , Year-on-year growth 5.4%.

Zhang Hao responded that , The starting point for the team to look at data today , It's no longer a simple pursuit of monthly living increment , It's about paying more attention to QQ How to develop healthily in the future .

Past six months ,QQ Security control in the whole platform 、 A lot of work has been done on security strikes , Including the launch of a special campaign to combat the safety of yanghao , Maintain the ecological security of the platform .

These movements , There will undoubtedly be pressure on short-term data .

“ although QQ The number of users has decreased , but QQ The average daily usage time per capita has increased by more than ten percentage points over the same period of last year , It also means that the activity of our core users is growing .”QQ Response ,“ For example, our home school users , In this year 10 month ,QQ The average daily active group of family and school groups has increased to 11%.”
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