What is the meaning of website traffic UV? What is traffic UV / PV / IP
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 Website traffic UV What does that mean? ? What is traffic UV/PV/IP

When we use computers to surf the Internet , Often see the browser pop up some dialog box , What's in it cookies This thing , Ask if you want to turn it off . If you take out an English Chinese dictionary and look it up , You'll find that cookie It means cookies . So how can cookies get into the computer , It can also be turned on or off ?

Let's take an example to understand this problem .

Suppose you open a website with a browser , For example, a cat video website . Now look up at the English numbers in the address bar of the website , Is it because of HTTP The first ?HTTP It's a language of the Internet , Because on the Internet , Information is not communicated in any of our human languages , It's about communicating in a specific computer language .HTTP It's such a computer language . Don't worry , Your browser also knows the language , Whoosh , Because its task is to open all kinds of web pages .

When you type in the URL , Just use the browser HTTP Language and remote server communication , Let the other party allow you to visit its website . sometimes , The website will send you a cookie 了 .

This cookie It's not a cookie after dinner , It's for your browser .

Of course, your browser has no mouth and can't eat cookies , So it can choose to put this in silence cookie Put away , Or throw it away according to your instructions .

that , such cookie What's the use of it ? If the browser keeps cookie, What will happen ?

original , When you're browsing a website , The website will default that you are visiting for the first time . But with cookie, Your browser will tell that website , You see, I've been here , I still have the cookie you gave me last time !

therefore ,cookie It's a tool to help you record your browsing information . So besides browsing records ,cookie What else can be recorded ?

Cookie It can record the language in which you browse the web , Your email address and password , So you don't have to re-enter them every time . therefore cookie It's a very convenient tool , Although it can't be eaten .

however , Not only browsers and you like cookie, Others like it too . such as , People who advertise like to know you cookie, So they can know that you like watching cat videos , And then you can put in a cat food ad !

therefore , Those businesses can collect information from many users cookie, Analyze their information , then “ An antidote against the disease ”, The cat and the cat's favorite ads , Advertise puppies to people who like them , So they can make money !

Smart you may have thought of , since cookie There's a lot of information about you , Can bad guys use them to do bad things ? It's true , Many hackers and unscrupulous businesses will take advantage of you in cookie The privacy inside does something illegal . The original cookie When it was invented , There are a lot of people who worry about this , Their prophecy came true !

If cookie It will be used by bad people , Well, if you cancel cookie What will happen ? No, cookie, It will be more troublesome to browse the website , For example, when you shop online, you put some goods in the shopping cart , This requires cookie Record it for you . without cookie, So the next time you open the shopping cart , The goods in it will disappear . So there was no cookie Words , Life will become less convenient .

that , How to browse the website conveniently , At the same time, protect your personal information ? In fact, many browsers allow you to set it up yourself cookie, You can delete some websites cookie, So you don't have to worry about information being stolen by bad people !

Cookie It's like a notebook , Although it's not big , But it has important information about you . Don't underestimate it !