What problems have been exposed in the question of ready to eat bird's nest?
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In many cases , Live broadcasting is just the final place where a series of problems appear , It's not where the problem happened , It's not the cause of the problem .

Now the net red belt goods 、 Live with goods in full swing , Its explosive development has also produced some problems , For example, the number of people watching 、 Sales data “ Water injection ”, False propaganda, etc , Malicious brush list 、 Fancy challenge 、 False reports and other issues of competition in the same industry also occur from time to time . And the latest events , It is the confrontation between Xinba and Wang Hai .

Wang Hai accused Simba of selling instant bird's nest products “ It's sugar water ”; Zimbabwe denies the charges , It is called live promotion according to the product information provided by the sales company , At present, the product has been sent for inspection , If consumers are dissatisfied , You can apply for a refund , I will do my best to help protect my rights .

The dispute between the two sides , Once again, public attention has been focused on the controversy over the efficacy of bird's nest . Plus, hot anchors like Simba get caught up in it , Things are more complicated and dramatic .

in fact , When the anchor guides his own store , Carrying the role of a seller . According to the relevant regulations , Property of others due to product quality 、 Personal injury , The product maker 、 The Seller shall bear civil liability according to law , Including repairs 、 Replace 、 Return goods 、 Compensation for personal injury, etc . The victim may claim compensation from the producer , You can also claim against the seller . Even if the responsibility is the producer's , Consumers can also seek compensation from the seller first , After the seller compensates , And then recover from the producer .

If the anchor is channeling to other stores , What it plays is the role of advertising spokesman . Responding , Simba also stressed that it did not involve procurement , It's just advertising . According to the relevant laws and regulations , Live broadcast produced belongs to the content of commercial advertising , E-commerce anchors need to follow 《 Advertisement law 》 To stipulate the responsibilities and obligations of advertising spokesmen . The responsibility is obviously smaller , But it's also clear , The obligation to review , Keep the official certificate of the producer of the product .

that , Back to the original question : Is there any standard for bird's nest products ? The answer is “ Yes ”. The first is food production licensing . The bird's nest products sold by Simba , As long as the food production license code is printed , It can be regarded as qualified food .

The other is industry standards . China is a big consumer of bird's nest , But there is no national compulsory standard and industry standard . For reference , It's the bird's nest Expert Committee on 2018 Published in 《 Chinese Medicine Culture Research Association instant bird's nest group standard 》. By this standard , The bird's nest with Simba is not up to standard , But the standard is not mandatory , It does not affect its legal eligibility .

therefore , Advertising spokesmen only examine and approve administrative permission , It's going to get into this hole . Of course, professional anti-counterfeiters are familiar with the legal relationship , But supervision from market pressure , It's always a good thing .

In a way , There is no mandatory standard for bird's nest , It's the root cause of this incident . There is no mandatory standard , Or with the dispute over the bird's nest itself : Is selling bird's nest collecting IQ tax ? Supporters say , Sialic acid in bird's nest has an effect on neurodevelopment 、 It's important to improve immunity , and “ Of all the known foods , The content of sialic acid in bird's nest is the highest .” Opponents say , Its efficacy only remains at the level of animal research , It doesn't say what it does to people , What's more, sialic acid is also found in many daily foods , Even the body itself secretes .

This year, 2 month , The national 12320 Public health hotline official micro said , Donkey hide gelatin is just “ Boiled donkey skin ”, Not a good source of protein , Provoke controversy . Later, the Chinese Medicine Association said that Ejiao had a definite effect , Negation is against science .12320 The hotline official micro also apologized . It means , The official verdict is that , Buying donkey hide gelatin is not an IQ tax . It seems , Is bird's nest an IQ tax , The final power of interpretation still lies in the test tube 、 Relevant institutions and departments with instruments , Old fellow mobile phone and live phone .

Actually , In a lot of similar events , Live broadcasting is just the final place where a series of problems appear , It's not where the problem happened , It's not the cause of the problem . Recently, the Chinese Consumer Association released 《“ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection 》 This is also true of the cases in .

therefore , When discussing related issues , Or should we pursue its starting point rationally , To solve the problem , Not a headache doctor 、 Foot pain cures the foot . Of course , For the anchor , Even if there is no relevant responsibility , But for controversial goods , It's better to be strict , It's better to stay away from .

Liu YuanJu ( Columnist )