What to do if the server is hacked and blackmailed
Zhu Zhen 2020-11-26 11:30:39

 What to do if the server is hacked and blackmailed

Today, I met a client who said his server was attacked , Now blackmail him 5000. At that time, he asked if I could help him trace the source to find out who attacked his server . In fact, traceability is possible , Although it's more difficult , But it's not that you can't do it . It's just because his server isn't here , So I can't help .

When we're being blackmailed by hackers , One thing I hope you will know , That is, don't give hackers money , As the saying goes, a good dog can't change to eat shit , He only needs one sweet taste , Then you will face a bottomless pit . So the best solution to attack is access defense , After all, ensuring the operation of the business is our top priority , You dare to attack at random 8000 Under the circumstances , Well, you're sure you're making a lot of money , It's better to have the defense of the server better than to give him money , Once and for all .

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