What is the best iPhone in your eyes? Most people chose this old flagship
Drunken Wansheng song 2020-11-26 11:17:58
since iPhone 2007 A lot of excellent mobile phones have been released since , In China, it was the earliest to start from iPhone3GS It's beginning to move into the public view gradually . In those days iPhone4 Some people even sell kidneys and buy them , It has become a real kidney machine . Now iPhone It has arrived 11 series , But in many models , The best and most classic mobile phone users think is not the latest release iPhone 11pro max.

We also did a small-scale investigation on this topic , Collected about 5000 A questionnaire . Final iPhone4s,iPhone6s as well as iPhone x The top three . As for the reasons, there are the following .

iPhone6s The most popular , And it is also a flagship aircraft with a large number of users .

Speaking of iPhone6S, I believe there are still many users still using this mobile phone , After all, the performance of this mobile phone to cope with today's mainstream application scenarios is very smooth . rely on iOS Optimization and closeness of , Especially updated iOS 13 After the big version of , The fluency of this mobile phone seems to have reached a new level .

 The best in your eyes iPhone Which one is it ? Most people chose this old flagship

There's a lot of use in this because iPhone6S The appearance and comfortable feel of the hand . Have to say iPhone6S The mellow comfort and excellent workmanship make it really iPhone The most comfortable flagship in history . And thanks to smaller fuselage , Excellent screen quality ,IPhone6S Can easily hold a single hand , Even friends who have been using it for a long time are very easy .

In our investigation , There are still 3.6% 's users are using iPhone6S This kind of mobile phone , thus it can be seen iPhone6S It was very popular then and now , It's not hard to understand why it's becoming iPhone The flagship machine that the user loves most .

iPhone x The second , The first apple full screen product, and it's an anniversary product , Deep user favor .

IPhone X yes 2017 Year apple 10 Anniversary products , It's also Apple's first full screen mobile phone . Therefore, once released, it was robbed by many users , Although his price was very high at that time , But still can't resist this enthusiasm . and iPhoneX The degree of hedge is also very high , Even today, prices have not fallen much .

 The best in your eyes iPhone Which one is it ? Most people chose this old flagship

Looking back iPhoneX Why can this product be loved by so many users . First, it is the perfect design of the whole screen . Because Apple adopted it COP Packaging technology of , So that the surrounding border to achieve the same width of the distance , therefore , From the front, except for the bangs, it's almost a complete screen , There's no android flagship forehead or Chin .

and iPhoneX The performance of the photo is also very strong , Still at the top of the performance charts . In a word, it is IPhoneX Three to five years of fighting again is not a problem at all . Of course, there is one more thing iPhoneX It's Apple's 10th anniversary product , So many users buy this product out of their feelings , So I got a high degree of love .

IPhone X The series is also one of the most commonly used iPhone models in our survey , It's about half of the percentage , From this we can see that IPhone X How popular is it in the user's heart .

A generation of classics iPhone4s Still can squeeze into the top three , Most users choose based on feelings .

There are many young users in our survey who don't know iPhone4S This kind of mobile phone , Of course, it's normal , After all, it's been a long time since the era of jobs .IPhone4S As the last fully self-designed product in the era of jobs, it still sold well at that time . and iPhone4S It's also Apple's last angular phone , It seems to have some characteristics .

 The best in your eyes iPhone Which one is it ? Most people chose this old flagship

because iPhone4S It has been a long time since our present age , Many users are based on feelings and personal nostalgia for jobs, or for iPhone4s The choice made by the vision of the time . But it is still undeniable that iPhone4S It's also one of Apple's most successful flagship products , Even though Apple has come out to the number one 11 Instead of the product , but 4s The classic and shock still let many people forget .

The last relatively complete commemorative Apple phone in the era of jobs , Also let many users based on memory to 、 The choice of feelings and other aspects , It's really worth it .

in summary , These three apple phones are indelible classics in the hearts of many users , Even today's iPhone 11 The series is good enough , But there is still no way to replace these classic products in their hearts .

And in your heart iPhone Which phone is lost in love is more in your heart ?
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