Power on! The computer won't start? What should I do? The solution: know what it is and why it is
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First , Let's take a look , This pile of hot metal , How does it start to , Our familiar system interface , What exactly did it go through ! We can determine what causes it to fail to start ; Come on , Let's have a look !!!:

 Turn it on ! The computer doesn't start ? What do I do ? Solution : Know what it is , Know why

Computer startup flow chart

We can see , From power up to successful startup of the computer , The process is like this :

Power on self test --> Check the video card BIOS--> Show BIOS Information --> testing CPU--> Detect memory --> Testing standard equipment --> Detect plug and play devices --> Display the parameters of the standard device --> Start the system in the specified boot sequence --> The various interfaces we're familiar with ~~~~

1、 What is the concept of power on self test ? If it doesn't self check , What kind of problem is that ? First ! Press the power button , Power Supply , Chassis or CPU The fans didn't turn , The hard disk of the case , The power light is not on either , Then we should check whether the power supply is not connected properly or not , There are often netizens and users are not in good contact with the power supply , Failure to power on self check and power on ; second 、 The power supply is broken , The switch key is out of order , Or the motherboard I/O Hang up , Turn it around and it won't move , It's also quite common ; If there's no problem checking the outside contact , Then you can try the memory in the case of power failure , Plug in and out ( Which one is memory ? This... ! Ask Du Niang , Because the memory is almost the same from birth to now !!! Copper in memory , It has a nice name , It's called : Golden finger ).

2、 Check the video card BIOS, Here are two common situations , Separate and aggregate graphics card :

1) Independent graphics card -- I didn't detect that some computers would alarm , Some are directly black screen, no display , At this time, you can connect the cable to the monitor , We call it VGA Line , Tongchangzhou is the blue line , Pull out the trapezoidal connector , If there are subtitles or LOGO And so on and on the screen , It shows that the monitor is good ,( You ask me how to judge whether it's a separate video card or a converged one ? On the back of the mainframe , It's the cable that connects the monitor , The one with the trapezoidal interface , If it has USB The mouth and the like are converged into video cards , Besides that, it's independence );

2) Assemble into a graphics card -- Usually , It's a video card , It's caused by poor memory contact , The possibility of their own problems is very low , resolvent , Normally, as long as the power is off , Unplug the memory , Memory, wipe those coppers , And then plug it back in , Not once , Twice , Not twice , Change the slot , Several more times. , If not , Then you're going to find someone ; Careful netizens , May have noticed , Memory is mentioned again , Hee hee ~~~!!! It's a drop , Memory is it again .

3、 Show BIOS Information , What does this mean ? It's when you see subtitles on the screen or LOGO The information is on your monitor , That means that the self-test of the whole host is successful , If you can't start the system , Or get stuck , It's usually a system problem , If it gets stuck , A group showed that , We can basically judge that it is caused by the hard disk

4、 testing CPU, Until this --> Start the system in the specified boot sequence , There's usually a problem here , It's all memory , Memory again , by the way , It's it again , Usually , Most computers are out of order , The service life is in 1-3 year , Within five years , The probability is high , It's basically a memory failure , It is very unlikely that the power on failure caused by other hardware , processing method , I've already introduced , I will not introduce , however , When dealing with memory , Is to be in : power failure !!! power failure !!! power failure !!! Operate under the circumstances , bro ~~~~~

Let's share this with Ji laoxiu , concrete problems , make a concrete analysis , I hope these will be helpful to you ~~~ Welcome to leave a message , Discuss .
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