Hijacked website, what should we do? How to solve website hijacking?
Yang Hengchang 2020-11-26 11:17:47
Website hijacking : When a user opens a web address , There is an ad page that doesn't belong to the website , Or jump directly to a sub page of a website that is not part of this website .

IIS7 Website detection can determine :

1、 Whether the website is hacked

2、 Whether the website has been hijacked

3、 Whether the domain name is wall

4、DNS Is it contaminated

5、 The real full open time of the website

 Website hijacked , What to do if the website is hijacked ? How to solve the problem of website hijacking ?

1. Daily protective measures and know how to hijack

At present, Internet sites are often hijacked by people , What should we do at this time ? It's usually DNS Hijacking and domain name hijacking, so it is necessary to distinguish between hijacking and hijacking ., In particular, there are many mobile terminals , You can choose to turn off the ad program , Or download it directly , Install an ad free browser . Therefore, different ways of website hijacking need different solutions

2. Server side protection

On the server side, you can install a third-party antivirus 、 Protection software , The software comes with most of the built-in protection mechanisms , Against the general novice hijacking to play a certain defensive role .

3. Looking for a third party service provider to provide protection https SSL Domain name certificate is user compliance SSL agreement , By a digital certification authority CA A digital certificate issued after confirming that the user's information is correct ,SSL The server certificate has the functions of server authentication and data transmission encryption .SSL The server certificate establishes an installation channel between the client's browser and the server , Ensure the safety of customers browsing .

SSL Certificate can solve common domain name hijacking ,DNS We can try a few hijackings DNS Service providers try to solve the problem .

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