9000 yuan for the operation, only a few teaching videos, Shenzhen online shop owner alarm
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Nanjing news reporter Cheng Kun With the development of e-commerce economy , Opening an online store has become a popular way to start a business . But running an online store requires marketing 、 planning 、 Design 、 Shooting and other aspects of professional knowledge , So the generation operation industry came into being . Some of the fraud companies under the banner of acting as agent are also mixed in , Seriously disturbing the normal market order . Some people pay a high price to buy agent operation service , But only a few instructional videos .

At the end of October , Shenzhen Longgang police have launched two network closing operations in response to fraudulent e-commerce agent operation , We'll go out together 300 More than police force beat down two false acting operation companies , Capture 141 Suspects .

9000 Yuan asked people to operate on behalf of , Just a few teaching videos , Shenzhen online shop owners call the police

9000 Yuan asked people to operate on behalf of , Just a few teaching videos , Shenzhen online shop owners call the police

Please operate the online shop on behalf of others , flowers 9000 Yuan only received a few video links

This year, 6 month , Ms. Deng ( alias ) Search online for steps to open an online store , The page automatically pops up an advertisement , It claims to be a professional agent , There is a tutor who can provide nanny service , Just buy the corresponding package , You can enjoy the online shop decoration design 、 product positioning 、 A consignment Service , The owner just has to wait for the order . Ms. Wang left a micro signal 、 Contact number and other information .

It didn't take long , A self proclaimed Shenzhen exhibition business Co., Ltd “ Miss Xiao Zhong ” Contacted Ms. Deng , Introduce the company startup edition to it (2998 element )、 elite (5998 element )、 Flagship Edition (8998 element )、 pro (19800 element ) Four different price packages , And listed a number of the company's agent operation “ Success stories ”.

With the idea of trying, Ms. Deng chose the most elementary entrepreneurial version (2998 element ) package , But more than a month later, I only received “ Miss Xiao Zhong ” A couple of video links from , Let yourself watch and learn . Consulting operational issues , And often no one answers .

Ms. Deng complained to the company ,“ Business manager ” After pacifying her, she was advised to upgrade her service package to elite version (5998 element ), Said that after the upgrade, not only can the information get real-time reply , And enjoy “ Optimize keywords ”、“ Make a hit ”、“ Promote drainage outside the station ” And a number of other value-added services . Again, Ms. Deng was convinced , Again 5998 Yuan upgraded the package , But after that, only the name of the shop was changed 、 Modify low value services such as product names , That's when I realized I was cheated , So call the police .

“ They said after the upgrade , I don't have to do anything , It's all on their behalf , I'll just wait for the order . But actually I spent 9000 element , I just feel that the videos are still useful ”, Ms. Deng called the police and said .

Shenzhen Longgang police launched investigation , Take out two fraudulent agents

What happened to Ms. Deng is not a case in point . Longgang police said , In daily life “ Sweep the floor ” Also found that another company named a certain education technology is also suspected of fraud service fees under the guise of agent operation , So the e-commerce training in the jurisdiction 、 The e-commerce companies are trying to find out for the operators .

After many investigations , The police finally got hold of an exhibition business company 、 Evidence of a certain educational technology company suspected of fraud .10 month 23 Japan 、10 month 30 Japan , Shenzhen Longgang police launched two unified net closing operations , We're sending out police 300 More than , Capture two companies in total 141 Suspects .

There are many false operation routines , The victims are mainly new shop owners and housewives

About the police handling the case , Although there is no connection between the exhibition business company and the Education Technology Co., Ltd , But the two companies' fraud models are almost the same . This is also the main business model of the false acting company in the current market .

After the check , The business model of both companies is :

First step : Through the Internet search engine 、 A large number of advertisements are published on the short video platform , With “ Supply source of goods 、 A replacement 、 The whole process of nanny service 、 Customers just have to wait for the order ” Such as gimmicks to attract customers to come to consult .

The second step : Make up all kinds of things “ Success stories ” Entice customers to sign package services at different prices , In fact, it only provides to modify the shop name 、 Modify low value services such as product names .

The third step : When customers feedback that the service provided by the company does not meet the promise , When agent operation has no effect ,“ Business manager ” Will use the developed script to trick customers to upgrade packages and purchase higher-level services . On the one hand, some customers are unwilling to accept the previous investment , On the other hand, they will choose to pay for upgrading if they still have illusions about generation operation .

Step four : The upgrade still has no effect , When customers realize that they are cheated to ask for a refund, the company will use “ The salesman has left or transferred ” And so on , Until the end of the day .

Preliminary statistics , Since the opening of an exhibition business company at the end of August, it has signed contracts with customers 100 More than one , And a Hui Education Technology Co., Ltd. since the end of September to be investigated before the signing of customers to 1000 More than one . The victims are basically new online shop owners , And housewives who want to start a business but lack experience .

At present, the main leaders of the two companies have been detained , The case is being heard further .

Shenzhen Longgang police remind : At present, there are many e-commerce operators in the market , But the fish and the dragon are mixed , Before choosing agent operation service , We must carefully identify the qualifications of the acting operating companies 、 scale 、 Team, etc , Beware of being deceived .
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