The way to improve the fast ranking, black hat is nothing, experience is the king
As search engines continue to strengthen , Black hat technology is increasingly difficult to achieve fast rankings , And if you do not operate properly, it is easier to trigger Baidu algorithm , So as to reduce their own website rights , We are familiar with the black hat technology mainly has the black chain 、 Buying and selling links 、 Mass link 、 Hide web pages , Key words pile up , Junk Links 、 Pan catalog 、 Website image and so on , Because these technical means are focused by search engine , And there are special algorithm rules to attack , Once detected, it will be K Drop or lower the right, etc , But as search continues to improve and improve , Now websites with high quality and practical content and good user experience are favored , As long as we constantly stand in the user's perspective to optimize the page , So Baidu updates the ranking , Our website keyword can get fast ranking .

 A quick way to improve your ranking , Black hats are nothing , Experience is king

A quick way to improve your ranking , Black hats are nothing , Experience is king

Quality websites have the conditions , It's rich in content and provides real value to users , Web pages are connected to each other , The goal is to give users more answers , There is the page design is very in line with the user's favorite , They usually locate people based on user attributes , What kind of users come to our website , What are their concerns ? User groups of different ages , Provide different information , Here they design the page mainly from the pictures and related content and the service value provided , Here we can look at some of the big, high weight websites , See how they design the page .

We all know that a website can get high weight , And as long as the keywords can be immediately ranked to the home page , The two are interacting , At first, our website had no weight , Then we need to do low index keywords , Then low index keywords get the ranking will generate traffic , With the flow , Our website weight will increase , And then when we do keyword ranking , It's easier to get rankings , The weight is also rising , So they interact with each other , But the premise is that , We need to make the website a good user experience , Only in this way will users have a deep look at our webpage , In order to get keyword ranking , In order to enhance the weight of the website .

High quality weight websites have good user experience , We also know that the biggest factor affecting keyword ranking is user experience , When we're doing user experience , You can start with the main picture on the home page , Then there are pictures and words corresponding to each other , Let users know more , And in the design of the page, you need to be connected to each other , So that we can get more pages to click on , There is also according to their own website positioning to do , For example, our website is a product-based Enterprise Station , Then we need to make the product meticulous , If it is an information station, you need to do a good job in the content and so on .

in summary , We can understand that , Black hat technology has been hit by search engine algorithms , It's getting smaller and smaller , And if you don't do it properly, it's easy to lower your rights or K fall , So we need to really stand in the user's perspective to do a good job in website optimization , In this way, there will be a steady stream of users who like our website , I hope the above content can make you understand , Welcome to share and pay attention to .
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