Dismissal of 19 illegal staff of vehicle management station
Month and month 2020-11-26 10:39:21
■ Yang Wenchao 、 Information daily / Information daily client reporter Huang Yulong / writing

As the number of motor vehicles increases , Driver's license plate 、 Motor vehicle inspection and other business often encounter “ It's hard to line up ”, Invisible to give “ Cattle ” They bring the soil for survival . In the near future , Ji'an citizen Mr. Hu reflected that , Xingqiao Vehicle Management Office of the city “ Wander ” There are a lot of them “ Cattle ”, I hope the traffic police department can manage . Ji'an City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment response , Special inspection operations have been carried out , Dismissed those who have improper contact with illegal intermediaries 19 The staff of the vehicle management office .

a citizen

Xingqiao vehicle management has a lot of “ Cattle ”, Claiming that everything can be done

Mr. Hu told reporters , Every time I go to Xingqiao vehicle management office , As soon as you enter the yard, there are many “ Cattle ” Come around , Sell your own business , Annual vehicle review 、 Get the license plate 、 Selling driving license points , As long as you're willing to spend money , Almost all businesses ,“ Cattle ” All claim to be able to handle .“ In order to make the owners believe ,‘ Cattle ’ They also vowed to be familiar with the internal staff of the vehicle management office , Through their referrals to do business , Can save a lot of time .”

Mr. Hu said , Once he was consulting with Xingqiao vehicle management office , Mr. Hu's friend has bought a car out of town , Get ready to get a license plate , Because time is tight , So I hope I can get the license plate from the vehicle management office on the same day , But the staff replied that it would take another day to get the license plate .“‘ Cattle ’ Knowing this , Tell me just give them money , You can get a license plate on the same day .” Although Mr. Hu refused “ Cattle ” Promote , But the heart beat a drum :“ Because I don't think it's believable , I ignored them , But I find it strange ,‘ Cattle ’ Is there really a special way , So it's faster than most people ? If not , Why can they swagger in the DMV to promote business ?” Mr. Huang hopes the traffic police department can rectify “ Cattle ”, Let car owners clearly realize “ Cattle ” Hazards of , To avoid being deceived .

City traffic police detachment

Have dismissed 19 A staff member of the vehicle management office who is in collusion with an illegal intermediary

Ji'an City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment response , Mr. Hu reflected that “ Cattle ” The marketing situation is likely to be the case behavior of an illegal intermediary .2017 year 3 month 3 The day begins , Ji'an license plate factory uses the national unified version of the motor vehicle license plate production system , It is mandatory for the system to make the number plate according to the sequence in which the card making flow is generated , It has eliminated the phenomenon of card making queue jumping from the source .

At present, Ji'an license plate factory can produce vehicle license plate in one working day 300 Sub licence . In the morning, the flow of making cards , same day 14 After that, you can get a license plate . In the afternoon, the flow of making cards , The next day 10 When you get a license plate .

In view of Xingqiao vehicle management “ Cattle ” chaos , The vehicle management office of the traffic police detachment of Ji'an Public Security Bureau is launching a crackdown “ Cattle ” Special treatment . By observing and interviewing , The traffic police detachment found that there were staff in the vehicle management office who had improper contact with illegal intermediaries , In order to strengthen the discipline style and professional quality of personnel , The traffic police detachment has made an investigation on 19 The staff of vehicle management office were dismissed .

Carry out self-service business Install face recognition system

The reporter learned from Ji'an traffic police detachment that , To eradicate “ Cattle ” The living soil of , The vehicle management office has transformed the business hall , Upgrade the construction and application of integrated intelligent management system , Reasonable planning and setting up self-service area in vehicle management business hall , Provide consultation and service for self-service business of car owners . Besides , Using face recognition system 、 You can't do business without calling 、 The agency personnel limit the secondary function , Standardize the order of business hall , Greatly compress “ Cattle ” Living space of .

meanwhile , The city traffic police detachment unites the district traffic police squadron 、 The police station blocked the traffic around the vehicle control station 、 It is necessary to educate the non-standard agency behavior such as soliciting agency , The qualification of a group of agents handling business by deception has been cancelled .

Vehicle management office business hall 、 In front of the gate and in the conspicuous places of each business place “ Please stay away from cattle , Avoid being deceived ”、“ All business solicited by cattle will not be handled ” Banners and cue panels . The display screen of business hall scrolls “ Cattle ” The harm of carjacking and cheating , Remind the masses not to contact with “ Cattle ” Contact , To prevent being deceived .

Netizens have related demands 、 Advice and opinions , It can be done by 《 Asking about politics in Jiangxi 》( Jiangxi Province “ Five types ” The government should build a platform to expand social participation and strengthen social supervision ) Complaint reporting channel reflects , Hotline :0791-86849600、86847516
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