Is it important to absorb powder or content? |Headline operation summary
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 Is it important to absorb powder or content ?| Headline operation summary

Before starting this article , I have to say , For a long time , Because it's big for experts V Too much trust leads to the loss of self thinking , I don't have any doubts about the way headlines operate , As long as they say , We'll do it , It's the end of the year , Calm down, too , Write an article to summarize .

This week , Organize the team to watch the approaching 130 A headline video of operation , And then summarize and decompose . And downloaded 400 Several articles are summarized .

First of all, list the necessary objective facts :

  • The first importance : Suction powder
  • The headlines should be original
  • The amount of traffic for the elderly is not as much as that for new people
    These are right ?
    Yes , It's not right !!
    Otherwise, how could so many millions of bigwigs abandon their farmland !!!!

1 The headline is who gave us the money ?

About this , I asked directly : Who are the creators of the money , Is that the headline ? Or readers ?

If only from the official interpretation , The headlines, of course, pay us , Equivalent to the cost of our creation , But where does his money come from ?

Obviously, the money was given to us by the headlines , Who gave the money for the headlines ?

2 About the content and skills of the post .

Who gives me the money , I work for who , Except for those who are interested in literature , The fundamental purpose of our side is to have better profits .

Many articles and teaching videos are about what time to send video , There will be a good flow of articles , Why on earth ?

Why does this time give you traffic ?

1、 During this period, customers are looking at their mobile phones, of course, there will be traffic .
2、 This is a lot of big V Sum up the experience
3、 Three rural video is a hot spot
4、 Only by rubbing hot spots can there be traffic

Actually, it's all right , But it's all wrong , First of all, we have to understand the problem , Who is paying for all our expenses .

Who's paying for our creators —— advertisers

Understand the problem , We need to know what advertisers need ?

1、 Customers see my product
2、 Customers buy my products
3、 Customers publicize my brand
4、 I have good sales

Of course , Of the customer base Portraits are important . Because every customer has different characteristics , And no one has the ability to tamper with this person's characteristics .

It made me reflect , As a former advertiser , I began to reflect

I'm an advertiser , I put an ad under the headlines , It's about planning , I plan to have a group
At this time, I log in to the background of the advertiser , Then compare the background of the Creator

Let's sum up dm single , What are my options :

  • regional
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Behavioral interest
  • Application platform iOS or adroid or pc
  • The Internet
  • Mobile phone brand
  • Cell phone price
  • Professional status

These are the questions I need to know as an advertiser , Of course, the headlines will sum up for me , It's based on these features that I make up a directional package , And then throw the money out .

 Is it important to absorb powder or content ?| Headline operation summary

Based on these technologies , Information flow advertising began to carry out his mission , Bring me together people who fit these characteristics , according to cpm perhaps cpc Charge me : Pass on my product information to users with such features .

3 Now I Change How do you do it? ?

It's not just headlines , The advertising algorithm of each platform is very clever , Otherwise, foreigners won't let you hand in the algorithm first .

This is the core of these companies , It's good to have a whole set of neural networks through the data , Others are good , Sort out the characteristics of these people , Meet the needs of advertisers ,OK, You have clients , I have income , Everyone was very happy ……

Now I've changed my identity , I also want to make money for the headlines , I want to make money for him , Will give me more traffic , Is that the truth !!!!

What shall I do? ? Also do agriculture, rural areas and farmers , Also do funny , Knowledge output ? Too many choices !!!

4 Only a few advertisers who invest money at most

 Is it important to absorb powder or content ?| Headline operation summary

Which advertisers invest more money ? We operate on the headlines, and we do more information flow advertising , We need to know what kind of information stream advertising accounts for , I don't want to explain this concept .

1、 Financial advertisers

2、 Real estate advertisers

3、 Car advertisers

4、 E-commerce FMCG advertisers

This is a few big ones on the information flow platform advertisers , They are willing to spend money to let people know about their products , How can we help them make money , If the attributes of our articles can let more of their customer attributes come to read , Does it increase the exposure ?( This sentence is wordy , Simply speaking , That is, the readers of my articles coincide with the clients of advertisers )

Enabling Marketing :
The word is very simple , But it is also my side of the company spent nearly 300 million investment to get started , Headlines are smart , Its algorithm is really excellent , We advertisers , Is constantly testing his algorithm , Let more of my clients see my advertisement . And he was learning , Improve the efficiency of advertising distribution
colleagues , We also use algorithms to analyze deviations from user requirements , Let users break through “ information cocoons ”. Optimize the user experience .

In summary : Data driven lean growth , Every headline operator doesn't just have to look at the content , Think more about what kind of customers your content can bring .


  • 1、 For this kind of advertisement user demand carries on the article to write .
  • 2、 Capture this kind of users key word Write .
  • 3、 I don't know the direction , It depends on who advertises more , Just write about the customers in that direction .

Because this article adopts the way of oral to text narration , And limited by the lack of their own knowledge structure , Inevitably, it will be different from the rigorous technical implementation , Welcome to error correction .

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