Hundred of the number to the original number of the process, I do not know that it is always difficult
Twilight dyed yarn 2020-11-26 10:00:14
In the last issue, we introduced the operation of Baijia from the new one to the regular one , After mastering the skills, it's not as complicated as you think . Let's get into the subject .

After becoming a regular - Apply for the original period

After becoming a regular Dispatch ( Post the same as above )

the second day 2 piece 800 5 chart

On the third day 3 piece 1000 5 chart

The fourth day 3 piece 1200 6 chart

Fifth day 3 piece 1500 7 chart

Sixth days 3 piece 1700 8 chart

Seventh days 3 piece 2000 9 chart

The originality index has arrived 800 after , Don't click on the original application immediately , You have to apply the next day

Every day during the application period 3 piece 2000 word , You can't break it !

remember : Don't be original until the week 4 To apply

The content of the article is

1 Introduce

2 The detailed process

3 ending

Title with account name

hello Hello everyone , welcome XX see XX

 The process from the official number to the original number , It's always hard to know

At the beginning of the article, you can refer to

All right. , Xiaobian's today's sharing is over , If you have any questions, you can make up your personal message . I'll continue to share it with you next time .
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