Three methods of online drainage in pet shop to maximize the flow
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With the growth of China's economy , The pet industry has been developing rapidly , More and more people are starting to keep pets , The number of pet shops has soared , If you want to stand out from the numerous pet stores , You have to do online promotion , Because it's the Internet age . So how to start ?

One 、 Making pets IP

Those who pay more attention to the pet industry should know , since 2017 Beginning at the end of 2006 , The popularity of pet projects began to grow , This is thanks to the tiktok's extensive coverage of content marketing for pet economics. , Formed a huge pet economy . corgi 、 Husky and other online Red dogs and cats are popular videos , Trembling may have become tiktok's largest in the country. “ The pet market ”. Cute video explosion , Tiktok V There are also shortcuts . It's no exaggeration to say , Jitter makes every vegetarian's chance tiktok fire. , Of course , It also includes pet shops , In the process , You don't need to have too much personal characteristics or abilities , Just be good at catching pets and be cute in your life 、 Interesting moment , You can build your own “ Net red pet ”, Then use the online Red pet to expose your pet shop , It may bring more traffic than you expect , Then slowly complete the accumulation of basic fans , It is convenient for the store to realize the business in the later stage . Tiktok platform , It can also be synchronously released to more third-party platforms , Realization of multi media channel matrix , Maximize flow .

 Three methods of online drainage in pet store , Maximize flow

Two 、 Create a pet community

Pet shops can create communities , Do a good job in community operation . The role of community is shown in the following aspects :

① Some tips for pet care can be shared in the community 、 Hard core knowledge of how to deal with pet injury . Interact regularly with the excrement removal officers in the group , Help them solve the problems in the process of pet rearing , Learn about pets , Provide personalized service for customers ;

② You can also vote in groups from time to time , Such as the cute photos of pets 、 Video voting , The top few pets can get pet goods and so on , This greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of group members , Increase community activity , In the process of canvassing , It can also attract more excrement removal officials to join the community ;

③ Do it in the community “ Assemble ”“ Full reduction ”“ seckill ” Activities .“ Assemble ” It is known as the magic tool of powder absorption , Viral marketing makes a lot of businesses earn a lot of money , Pinduoduo is a typical example . When businesses carry out group activities , The number of groups in the event is best set at 2-3 people , This is conducive to the spread of group activities , Customers are easy to form groups , The success rate of the activity is relatively high ;“ Full reduction ” I think everyone is familiar with the activity , It can be said that it is the standard configuration of online marketing , The profit can be set according to the situation ; The last thing to note is this , Businesses are doing it “ seckill ” At the event , Second kill products should not be too much inventory , Once too much , The product can't be sold out , This will give users a psychological hint that the product is not popular , And it will also have doubts about the quality of products and stores . So when setting up inventory , Be sure to consider the amount of physical and active inventory .

 Three methods of online drainage in pet store , Maximize flow

Long term operation shop , Pet shops are becoming more and more famous , User viscosity will also be higher and higher , When they need it , No, the first one to choose you , Who else would you choose ? If you want to further improve the store traffic , It can also be realized through wechat applet . Now the convenience and usage rate of small programs must have been heard by everyone . Small programs can let pet stores automatically appear in the sequence of customer programs , The huge flow entrance of wechat applet can effectively help pet store attract customers , And pet boss wechat app can help pet store to open this flow switch , More Than This , The above activities can be achieved through the boss management system .

 Three methods of online drainage in pet store , Maximize flow

3、 ... and 、 American delegation 、 Are you hungry

Businesses can enter some third-party platforms , Like meituan and hungry , Realization 3 Customers within km 1 Hour delivery home , Take home delivery service as the development advantage of pet store . This can not only provide customers with home delivery service , It can also increase the brand exposure of merchants . meanwhile , Businesses who enter the third-party platform can use the omni channel function of the boss system , Achieve unified management , Improve the operating efficiency of stores .

 Three methods of online drainage in pet store , Maximize flow

Would you like to tap the customer online 、 Pet shop owners who increase turnover , It's time to study these online activities , It's no exaggeration to say , Who can do a good job in marketing activities , Who can grab customers .
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