Face to face interview with Zhang Wenhong: the cost of saving people in China is the lowest
Tune 2020-11-26 09:12:51

All media reporter of Yangcheng Evening News Dong Liu

Should have appeared as a guest speaker in 21 Japanese 2020“ Read and understand Chinese ” In the International Conference Hall , But Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of infection, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, was temporarily prevented from fighting the epidemic that morning “ Can't come ”.

“ I believe every doctor has no choice in this situation . This is a necessary quality for the profession of doctors .”21 On Tuesday night , He said in an exclusive interview with all media reporters of Yangcheng Evening News .

From time to time, the domestic epidemic situation appears sporadically , What do you think ? The epidemic situation in the world is still severe , What do I do ? From general doctors to anti epidemic stars , What did you get ? Zhang Wenhong gave an exclusive interview .

Everyone to “ Life is supreme ” A consensus has been reached

Yangcheng Evening News : When did you know you couldn't come to Guangzhou ?

Zhang Wenhong : Originally , My ticket is 20 On Tuesday night 8 spot 35 From Shanghai to Guangzhou . Half an hour before boarding , A call from Shanghai called me , Said there was an epidemic . In terms of epidemic prevention and control , Shanghai has always attached great importance to the opinions of experts , So I immediately went back from the airport .

Yangcheng Evening News : For this meeting , What kind of expectations did you have ?

Zhang Wenhong :“ Read and understand Chinese ” International Conference is a very good communication platform , Many famous politicians at home and abroad 、 Scientists and influential people are here .

I think this kind of communication is very good . Anything that happens in the world , communication 、 Dialogue comes first . After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , There are great differences in national and regional approaches to prevention and control , It's easy to cause countries to 、 People to people misunderstandings . Even in our country , Different provinces , The anti epidemic strategy is not exactly the same . At this time , Dialogue and communication 、 It's important to learn from experience . In this sense , This meeting is necessary . I also hope that more such meetings will be held in the future , If you invite me , I will definitely attend when I have time .

Yangcheng Evening News : For a sudden absence , What do you want to say to you ?

Zhang Wenhong : For us doctors , We also often encounter time conflicts . For example, he promised to give lectures to others , But the patient can't go when he comes temporarily . For these emergencies , We doctors have formed a habit --- When healing life is put with everything else , Everything else has to get out of the way . I believe every doctor has no choice in this situation . This is the quality that we must have in this profession .

Take epidemic prevention and control as an example , What our country emphasizes is “ People first 、 Life is supreme ”. If the speed of prevention and control is slow , It means that the prevention and control in the future will become more difficult , It means that the virus will infect more people , therefore , Speed of detection 、 The range must run beyond the speed and range of virus transmission , Time is the most precious thing for prevention and control . When the epidemic comes , We doctors have no room for thinking .

That's true. “ Read and understand Chinese ” International conferences are very important , All the participants are of high level , It's international dialogue again . But when I apologized for not being able to be there , They think my choice is right , The explanation is in “ Life is supreme ” aspect , There is a consensus . before , I can't attend some meetings because of an emergency , The organizers may say “ Why don't you talk about it first? You can go after you finish ” perhaps “ You can come later ”, In this way “ Detainment ” once , But the organizers of this conference are very supportive of my choice .

“ Excluding cost ” Saving people is exactly the lowest cost

Yangcheng Evening News : Sporadic cases occur from time to time in China . Shanghai 20 Two newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases , Inner Mongolia 21 Two new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed on the day . How do you look at the development trend of domestic epidemic situation ?

Zhang Wenhong : With the coming of winter , The virus will survive longer outdoors . Especially in the north , The temperature in the north is very low , Viruses live longer . and , Judging from the situation in Shanghai , The virus will spread with logistics . And now it's getting colder , The duration of the epidemic may be longer . In general , We think the risk of input is higher .

Yangcheng Evening News : Prevention and control of domestic epidemic situation , What do you suggest ?

Zhang Wenhong : Each province should, according to its own situation , Take appropriate response measures . in addition , The general public should protect themselves , Develop good hygiene habits , Wear a mask when you go out , Wash hands when touching food, especially imported food , At the same time, eat cooked food . then , We are looking forward to the rapid development and application of vaccines .

Yangcheng Evening News : Is it possible that the vaccine hasn't been developed yet , The virus mutated , And the developed vaccine doesn't work anymore ?

Zhang Wenhong : Don't worry about this . The virus must have been after the vaccine came out , It's under the pressure of the vaccine that mutations that escape vaccine protection . Before the vaccine came out , The virus doesn't specifically mutate in the direction that the vaccine doesn't work .

Yangcheng Evening News : How do you comment on the proposal of epidemic prevention and control in China “ People first 、 Life is supreme ” idea ?

Zhang Wenhong : The mortality curve varies from country to country in the world , In fact, it's not that there are many differences in the level of doctors in different countries , And it depends on how much national resources the country is using to control the epidemic , Is it possible to save lives regardless of the cost . If we do these two things , The mortality rate is bound to go down .

“ People first 、 Life is supreme ” This is not a slogan at all , It's a guiding ideology . You see , Today's China , The epidemic situation is well controlled , Thanks to the guidance of this sentence . Under this guiding ideology , social 、 Individuals have to sacrifice some other short-term benefits —— Including personal short-term isolation —— In exchange for the freedom of the whole nation and the people .

in addition , Our country in the treatment of high mortality high-risk groups , Put forward to “ Excluding cost ”.“ Excluding cost ” It is bound to bring a burden on the national economy , But our country is very willing to bear this economic burden . You finally found out , There's so much to pay ahead , In the end, it's worth it , Because it was the first to control the epidemic .

All in all , insist “ People first 、 Life is supreme ” idea , At first, it seemed to cost a lot , But in the end it's worth it ,“ Excluding cost ” In the end, the cost is the lowest .

The world is changing ,“ Our responsibilities have not changed ”

Yangcheng Evening News : Since the outbreak , You have changed from an ordinary infectious doctor to a household name “ Anti epidemic star ”, And formed their own different style of speaking . From general doctors to anti epidemic stars , What changes have been brought to you ?

Zhang Wenhong : This question is not really interesting . I'm a doctor , Still doing the same thing as a doctor . What stars are not stars , It has nothing to do with us , We don't depend on this to support our family .

Yangcheng Evening News : I've been a doctor for so many years , Is there anything that doesn't change for you ?

Zhang Wenhong : As a doctor , Our responsibilities have not changed . When the epidemic came , We doctors have no choice , We still have to do what we should do , The original position is still that position , The clinic that should go to has to go to , The disease that should be seen still depends on , The room that should be checked has to be checked .

also , I don't care much about what people think of me . I think it's the right thing to do , Will stick to it .

source : Golden sheep eye network