Neighbor asked for QQ number, a diary in 2008 reminds me of countless nights
Yangzi 2020-11-26 09:12:48
After dinner, I took my baby out for a walk , The wind is strong , Let's go home .

A neighbor in the same village said your QQ Do you still use it ? If you don't use it, give me a customer service number , I said the password will not remember for a while , Go back and look for , Some more QQ Serial number , Five digit , Six digit ...

 The neighbor asked for QQ Liang Hao , A piece of 08 My diary reminds me of countless nights

I haven't logged in for a long time QQ

Turn on the computer , I didn't expect this on the landing QQ And landed on it . I didn't use it much before , It's just that the number of digits is a little bit smooth, so I stayed . It's also open QQ There's room. Go in and have a look , I didn't expect to see a diary , I'm confused about what I wrote ,08 What kind of scene was written in that year ?

Let me have a good memory , I was a keyboard man then , While others are playing games, I'm typing all kinds of code , When someone else is in love, I'm studying all kinds of code , I spend my sleep while others are shopping .

Remember those brothers who accompany me all night, over the wall and crazy with me , Now you may be as parents as I am , I don't know when we're getting together , Grateful to meet , Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night .

《 Untitled 》

Black is the color of silence .

Refuse everything , It includes everything ;

Black symbolizes solemnity 、 Solemn and respectful 、 Deep 、 indifferent 、 Repression 、 Even death ;

Black gives people unknown emotions , Inexplicable fear ;

Black, it's strong and full of vitality , It has a passion for red ;

There's no black sky , The bright stars in the sky can not be rendered out of their mischievous , That ghost like blue can't send out mysterious color .

Looking at the black book , On the black keyboard , Brewing black thoughts .

Dissolved in black , My breath slowly diffuses in the black , Every cell in it , I absorb its essence , Growing my eyes .

It's like thinking about everything , I don't think about anything ; Unbridled laughter , Or the sadness of duty bound ; It knows ……

Suddenly found that , I've been surrounded by darkness , What's left in my heart , yes 0% Pure white .

 The neighbor asked for QQ Liang Hao , A piece of 08 My diary reminds me of countless nights

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