What do Li Xueqin say about "overturning" with goods
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 Live delivery “ Rollover ” What did Li Xueqin say

Li Jiaqi

 Live delivery “ Rollover ” What did Li Xueqin say

Wang Han

 Live delivery “ Rollover ” What did Li Xueqin say

Li Xueqin

11 month 20 Japan , China Consumer Association ( Hereinafter referred to as China Consumer Association ) Posted on its website 《“ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection 》, Monitoring found that this year “ double 11” During the promotion activities, the negative consumption information mainly focused on live delivery 、 There are two aspects of unreasonable rules , And named Wang Han live with goods suspected of fraud ; Li Xueqin's live sales data “ Water injection ”; Li Jiaqi's studio “ Not allowed to change after buying ” Waiting for the stars to live with the goods .

Regarding this , Wang Han's signing party Galaxy stars responded that “ It's a fake ”, At present, the platform is involved in the investigation , The source of the attack has not yet been identified ; Li Xueqin's studio said “ The live broadcast was only a guest , It's the job and the duty of the guest 、 Audience interaction , I and the team are not aware of the data problems on the live broadcast .” Li Xueqin also said “ You can't do fake things ”, In the future, I will be more strict with myself ; The official microblog of Li Jiaqi's live studio said , The manufacturer could not exchange the goods because the goods were sold out at that time , A refund was made , The live broadcasting room has been actively coordinating with the brand side to do a good job in after-sales . If you still have comments on the current after-sales solution , Will be responsible to the end .

China Consumer Association

Sales data “ Water injection ”

Malicious brush single style challenge

Star Live circle “ Rollover ”

According to the Chinese Consumer Association 《“ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection 》 Show : Public opinion monitoring system “ Make complaints about Tucao ”“ Consumer rights protection ” Information 2045862 strip , Occupy “ Consumer rights protection ” Total information 14.31%. Such information reflects consumers' negative evaluation of the goods and services they accept . Density of slot points 、 High heat , This year “ double 11” The biggest characteristics of public opinion in online and offline consumption fields . Monitoring also found that , This year, “ double 11” During the promotion activities, the negative consumption information mainly focused on live delivery 、 There are two aspects of unreasonable rules .

《 The report 》 It lists the popularity of Star Live circle , Selling fake products “ Rollover ” The case of . One side , Number of spectators bragging 、 Sales data “ Water injection ” etc. “ influence ” Falsification of indicators , An industrial chain has been formed . And on the other hand , Malicious brush list 、 Fancy challenge 、 The same industry competition such as false report also pollutes the live broadcast ecology .

for example , recently ,“ Wang Han with goods suspected to be counterfeit ” The topic of concern . A screenshot of the circle of friends circulating on the Internet shows ,11 month 6 Sun Wang Han “ Special live broadcast of Shunde ” in , There are businesses to pay 10 After 10000 yuan broadcast fee , Business day 1323 platform , refund 1012 platform , Refund rate up to 76.4%. And other businesses have had similar experiences , As a result, the store received a false trade warning on the platform .

Another typical case , yes 11 month 11 Friday night , When the red talk show actors Li Xueqin and Yang Tiantian participated in a live broadcast on a certain platform , This live broadcast with goods mainly selling digital products , In the end in 311 Thousands of people watched and fans said goodbye to Li Xueqin . Li Xueqin may not know , Most of the people who just interacted with her were fake robot fans . A staff member who participated in the whole live broadcast told the relevant media , At the end of the day 311 Out of a million people , Only less than 11 Everything is real , The rest of the audience is spent , And the comment area interacts with Li Xueqin “ fans ” The comments , Most of them are painted by machines .

“ We need to maintain this live broadcast 300 Popular and interactive , The end is 311 ten thousand , Naturally, the popularity will be less 11 ten thousand .” The staff told the media , The live broadcast was launched by the platform , The sponsor of the undertaking has entrusted the maintenance of live broadcasting effect to a media company , The media companies put the demand of live broadcast popularity and interaction , Outsourcing to a brush Office .

《 The report 》 Also pointed out , Some stars live with goods business is hot , However, a considerable part of them only focus on the accumulation flow 、 In fact, there is no corresponding after-sales service system for the businesses to expand sales ; meanwhile , merchants 、 The responsibility between the anchor is not clear , In case of after-sales problems “ Play the ball ”, And then consumers will make complaints about Tucao. .

Typical cases are as follows : Li Jiaqi's studio “ Not allowed to change after buying ”.@galaxy_ Yao Yao :# Li Jiaqi [ Ultra words ]# What do you do in your studio ? The first rollover , It's just selling , Do you care about the after-sales ? What do you mean if you don't want to buy it ? What are you doing in the studio ? It took so much effort , As a result, there was a quality problem , Let me return the goods, don't let me change, prevaricate me ? How dare I shop in the studio ?@ Live broadcast of official microblog by Li Jiaqi .

Response from named party

Wang Han : There is no brush

Li Xueqin : Not aware of the live statistics process

Li Jiaqi : The contracting party said it had refunded the customer

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily noted , For the consumer association in the above 《 Public opinion report 》 Star Live circle fans , Selling fake products “ Rollover ” The case of , Shanghai Yinhe Zhongxing e-commerce Co., Ltd., the live broadcasting agency signed by Wang Han, was in 11 month 12 Japan issued a statement saying :“2020 year 11 month 7 Japan , Some claimed to be the brand side staff released a circle of friends saying that our company had brush orders during the live broadcast process , After our investigation and understanding , This person is not a member of the brand , And later, the publisher has released a circle of friends to correct his comments .”

The statement also said , The company has been adhering to the concept of integrity management , There has never been any act of fictitious data or buying traffic . It's just a live broadcast for the e-commerce platform account , There is no need to brush the bill . In the process of live broadcast, a large number of brush back single behavior has the characteristics of malicious attacks , At present, the platform has been involved in the investigation ,“ Reasonable suspicion is the unfair competition behavior of the third party by means of bill swiping , The source of the attack has not yet been identified .”

11 month 17 Japan , A statement by Bai Tao , It is false and untrue to say that Wang Han made a false rumor with goods .“ I make a formal statement today , Those who attack my shop by means of malicious swiping and withdrawing orders , The person who caused my shop to be demoted , I hope you can put your mind on the right path of business ”.

11 month 21 Japan , Li Xueqin studio response studio “ Water injection ”, call “ Li Xueqin was invited to the live broadcast in the form of a guest , He and his team are not involved in any live broadcast operations , I don't know the process of live data statistics . After reading this report , The studio also communicated and verified with the inviting party of the live broadcast cooperation at the first time , At the same time, it is also required to give us feedback on the truth as soon as possible , Deal with the problem properly . Here it is , Our studio also expresses its position and attitude to the community : We firmly resist live data fraud .”

After this incident , Li Xueqin studio said , We will do the preliminary work more carefully , Strictly audit the live delivery partners , Mutual supervision with partners , Make joint efforts to strengthen norms , Follow and output positive values . Li Xueqin himself also expressed by recording a short video “ You can't do fake things ”, In the future, I will be more strict with myself .

On the same day , Li Jiaqi signing party ( Shanghai ) Shengming Technology Co., Ltd : Issued by China Consumer Association “ Li Jiaqi's studio ‘ Not allowed to change after buying ’” Case study , The division attaches great importance to this , The first time to understand the specific situation is as follows :11 month 1 Li Jiaqi has sold a brand of sports shoes in the studio , There are consumers 11 month 6 Contact the customer service of the brand store , It means that the goods are found to have quality problems after receiving the goods , Through the preliminary communication between the brand side and the customer , The shoes are sold out and cannot be exchanged , Can support return refund .11 month 8 The Japanese brand store has completed the refund to the customer ,11 month 12 Japanese brand store telephone contact the customer , Inform that the refund has been completed and offer to provide a store coupon .

“11 month 6 Japan , The customer also contacted Li Jiaqi Live Room customer service to reflect the after-sales problems , We immediately contact the brand side, actively coordinate to do a good job after sales , And in 48 Within hours . If the customer still has comments on the current after-sales solution , Our company will try our best to be responsible to the end .” Beautiful wrist ( Shanghai ) The company wrote in a statement .

writing / Our reporter Zhang Enjie As a whole / Man Yi

For the figure / Vision China

The lawyer commented

Live delivery must follow 《 Advertisement law 》 Those who damage the rights and interests of consumers shall bear joint and several liability

With the rise of social media platform in the mobile Internet era, star online live broadcasting with goods is a new business form of product advertising . So how can the existing relevant laws and regulations regulate this new format ? What legal responsibilities should stars shoulder in the process of carrying goods live ? How to punish those who have violated it ? Consumers face online shopping disputes how to protect their rights according to law ? In this , The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily interviewed Yang Sheng, a lawyer of Beijing Lianggao law firm .

For the role of online stars with goods , According to lawyer Yang Sheng , During the live delivery process , The main function of the live broadcast of stars lies in the display of commodities 、 Consulting services 、 The role of advertising endorsement . Among them, commodity display and consulting service can be regarded as the agent of e-commerce operators according to the law , According to the agency relationship . A live ad player is like a spokesperson , Need to follow 《 Advertisement law 》 To deal with .

《 Advertisement law 》 Article 56 states that , In violation of the provisions of this law , Post false advertisements , cheating 、 Mislead consumers , Harming the legitimate rights and interests of consumers who purchase goods or receive services , The Advertiser shall bear civil liability according to law . advertising operator 、 The advertiser cannot provide the real name of the advertiser 、 Address and effective contact information , Consumers can ask advertising agents 、 The advertisement publisher shall compensate in advance . In addition, false advertisements of goods or services related to the life and health of consumers , Causing damage to consumers , Its advertising agent 、 Advertisement publisher 、 The spokesperson of an advertisement should be jointly and severally liable with the advertiser .

“ False advertisements for goods or services other than those specified in the preceding paragraph , Causing damage to consumers , Its advertising agent 、 Advertisement publisher 、 advertising spokesperson , Know or should know that the advertisement is false 、 Make 、 agent 、 To publish or recommend 、 Proved , They should bear joint and several liability with advertisers .” Lawyer Yang Sheng gave the above explanation in combination with relevant laws and regulations .

He also said he , For the star live broadcast with goods in the process of product quality problems , Live broadcast platform to attract traffic to attract people to spend money to buy powder , Statistical data falsification , Exaggerate sales , Mislead consumers to rush to buy , Consumers can use the 《 Advertisement law 》 The amount in the 《 Consumer protection law 》 To protect the rights according to law , We should pay attention to keep relevant evidence in the process of online shopping , Complain to the platform to solve the problem , Or complain to the local market regulatory authority , Or directly to the people's court for settlement .
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