What's so good about the iPhone?
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Nowadays, mobile phone is a digital product that people can't do without , You don't have to take anything when you go out , Just bring a cell phone . The mobile phone market can be divided into 2 Big lineup : Android and IOS. In recent years , With the rapid development of Android phones , Apple's market share is slowly declining . So many people say that apple can't work , Why is it so expensive ? Why is Apple's new product launch still a global sensation ? What's so good about apple ?

iPhone What's good about it ?

below , Let's arrange it for you , What's so good about apple ?
  • The chip is powerful

Its unique use of apple A Series of chips , Always at the top of the world , Even two years ago A12 chip , Now , In terms of performance, it can also match with the mainstream flagship chip of Android 865 And Kirin 990 World War I , This is also the key factor that has supported Apple's failure in several years .
  • System fluent

Apple's own chip and unique system are unique , The chip optimizes for the system , Do better in system optimization , System animation is more fluent .

iPhone What's good about it ?

  • The system is simple

Apple's system doesn't have too much advertising , No third party software is installed by default , The system is simpler .

  • High safety

Apple's security has always been pretty good , And APPStore The software in the system is subject to more stringent audit before it is put on the shelves , Rogue software is hard to get into users' mobile phones .

  • Good camera optimization

Apple's camera is still in use 1200W Pixel camera , Powerful optimization algorithm ability , Make the photos more realistic , Video capture has always been a leader .

  • Screen tuning is excellent

Apple's screens are customized from Samsung , Plus their own excellent training , The color rendering effect is also excellent .

  • Second hand is more valuable

Because Apple is more popular , Even second hand apples , It can also be sold at a relatively high price .

iPhone What's good about it ?

It can be seen that ,iPhone There are many advantages of mobile phones . but iPhone There are also several obvious shortcomings :
  • Successive navigation deviation :

Apple's battery is hard to keep charging every day , After using it for a long time, it is necessary to use a rechargeable battery when going out .
  • The signal is bad. :

The Intel baseband of previous generations of apple , The signal hasn't been very good , Now switch to high pass baseband , The signal is still not very good .
  • Price is too expensive :

Compared to the current Android flagship , The advantage is not that big , But the price is much higher .

What else are the pros and cons of the iPhone , Welcome to point out... In the comment area .
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