I only know that teachers' salaries are high, but do you know how high they are?
Nowadays, more and more people worship education , When it comes to teachers , What's more, it's a profession to be praised by others . If you talk to someone else , People ask you :" What do you do for a living? ?" You say? :" Be a teacher ." Then others will be full of envy :" splendid ! Teachers' salaries are high !" The first time I heard that , I'm very proud . But after listening a lot more slowly , I just laugh and I don't speak . We only know that teachers are well paid , But do you know how high it is ?

 I only know that teachers' salaries are high , But do you know how high it is ?

Let's take a look at the salary of teachers : Basic wage and performance pay . The basic salary is fixed every month , It's based on your teaching years 、 Professional title, etc , It accounts for a large proportion of the total wage . Performance pay is determined by class hours 、 Comprehensive evaluation of duty situation, etc , A small part of the total wage . therefore , Is a teacher's salary high , Mainly depends on his basic salary .

For new teachers , We can get the basic salary 2000 More is good . If you're the lead teacher , Then there will be more classes . such , Performance pay such as class hours and so on , You can get close to 3000. If you're a head teacher , It's about 312 . Even so , I'm busy every day , Overwhelmed .

 I only know that teachers' salaries are high , But do you know how high it is ?

For old teachers , Their basic salary will be higher . It's not just because of the length of teaching , And their titles will be higher . If you can get a senior title , The salary is almost tens of thousands . Of course , It's very difficult to evaluate senior titles now , For new teachers , For senior teachers, it's just worship , No exaggeration .

A lot of times I think about it , It is often said that teachers are well paid , Is it an old teacher ? The reality is such a situation , Old teachers have few classes , Wages are still high . The new teacher has more classes , The salary is still low , And the difference is very big .

therefore , When we're talking about something , Never generalize . You can say that the average salary of teachers is high , however , Next time I see my new teacher , Never say anything more :" Teachers' salaries are high !" That would be very embarrassing .

 I only know that teachers' salaries are high , But do you know how high it is ?

Regarding this , What do you think of your friends ?
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