Tiktok account is rated, what is the title? Detailed explanation of 6 common problems in operation
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“ How do I know if my account is rated ?”

“ Tiktok account is banned. ?”“ How to check the completion rate of a video ?”“ How much like rate is considered as high quality video ?”……
Many of our partners will ask us the answers to these questions in private , Today I sorted out some of the most frequently asked questions to answer !

01 How do I know if my account is rated ?
There are three main situations in which an account is rated , It can be judged according to whether the rating notice is received or not .

 Tiktok account rating 、 What to do with being banned ? Operation common 6 Detailed explanation of questions

1、 Low quality number
When it appears in your work Carry Other platforms or other popular videos on platforms , Frequent occurrence of this situation will be rated as low quality . Jitter will send you an account tiktok notice. , Account search will be blocked , Video can't be delivered dou+.
therefore , Never carry the video , If there is handling , Remove handling video .

2、 Advertising marketing number

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Your account number Too many advertising marketing videos , Will receive the tiktok account rating notice. .
If you want to post an ad video , Tiktok enterprise blue V, Certified enterprise blue V after , The right to publish advertising videos can be obtained .

3、 Account blocked

If you post a long-term moving video , No certification enterprise blue V It's been advertising , Or there are other violations in the video , Such as There are sensitive words in the video , Vulgar 、 violence etc. , The account may be blocked .

that , Tiktok sensitive words , Sensitive behavior will cause the account to be limited , Even banned ?

Last , If you don't receive an account rating notification , Video playback is not high , This is related to the quality of the video itself .

High quality video is easier to get liked by users 、 Comment and forward , Get the opportunity to recommend to a high flow pool , vice versa . therefore , Make sure the video quality is guaranteed .

02 What should I do if my account is blocked
When a lot of people post videos , For eyeballs , Some illegal content will be released in the video , Including but not limited to fraud 、 It is illegal to 、 violence 、 Vulgar The content such as .

If there are platform violations in the video , It's easy to block the account . If you want to avoid illegal content in your account , Familiarity with the tiktok community self-regulation Convention as much as possible .( Tiktok “ I ” Found in the settings “ Community self regulation Convention ” Then you can view it )

 Tiktok account rating 、 What to do with being banned ? Operation common 6 Detailed explanation of questions

If there is any objection to the determination of the system , Tiktok app In the title message of , Reply and appeal , Submit no violation basis , If approved, the account will be unsealed , If the audit fails, the permanent seal number will be issued .

The appeal process is as follows :
1、 Tiktok 【 I 】 After the page , Click on 【 3、 ... and 】, find 【 Set up 】 Button , Select and enter , Click on 【 Feedback and help 】, find 【 Account banned 】 Options ;
2、 After entering the page , choice 【 Account blocked / Locked up in a little black room 】, After entering the corresponding page , Click on 【 Feedback 】, Fill in the complaint reasons and relevant information according to the actual situation in the feedback page , Submit and wait for feedback .

 Tiktok account rating 、 What to do with being banned ? Operation common 6 Detailed explanation of questions

If your account is sure there is no illegal operation , Mistakenly blocked by the system , It may be unsealed by the platform after appeal . however , The general system will confirm that you have violated the rules after auditing , To block your account .

and , In most cases , If the account receives a notice of permanent ban , It means that your account violation is very serious , This situation , The probability of a successful petition release is basically 0.

Other warning letters and short-term blocking messages , Only need to delete and modify according to the warning content , Then wait patiently for the unsealing .
03 How to check the completion rate of a video

Many people have such doubts : There's a lot of video playback , But there are few like comments . This is mainly because the ratio of your video being seen from the beginning to the end is very low , That is, the completion rate of video is low .

There are two ways to view the video completion rate :
1、PC End view
Tiktok official website ——【 Creative service platform 】——【 Video uploading 】 entrance 】——【 Data management 】 → 【 Work data 】 You can view the video completion rate .

2、 Mobile phone view
Tiktok app —— Personal interface ——【≡】——【 Creator Service Center 】——【 Data summary 】——【 To view more 】——【 Work data 】 You can see the completion rate data of recent works .

 Tiktok account rating 、 What to do with being banned ? Operation common 6 Detailed explanation of questions

04 How much like rate is considered as high quality video
A lot of people are confused , How much like rate means your video is high quality video ?
Liking rate is the number of likes divided by the amount of playback , If this data reaches 3%~5%, Basically can judge to give you this video is high quality video .

And when your video reaches the standard of quality video , It will be recommended to a larger flow pool by the system , In the next flow pool , The approval rate also reached the standard , Will continue to be recommended , Otherwise, the recommendation will be stopped .

Of course , In addition to the like rate , Don't ignore the comment area of the video , Initial stage of account operation , Be more active in interacting with the audience in the comment area , Guide users to forward , Attract users to stay in the video , After watching the video . The improvement of comprehensive index is helpful for video to get more traffic recommendation , Boost Hot Videos .
05 How to add the transformation link to tiktok enterprise number
Landing tiktok blue V backstage , Click on the left side of the “ Transformation function ”-“ Family transformation function ”, You can see it in the conversion component settings “ Homepage entry link ” Settings options for , Including links to official websites 、 contact number 、 store 、 Applet .

Each blue V The home page can be set 2 Transformation entrance , Select the appropriate transformation components according to the needs of different industries , Don't worry about missing the intended users !

How to promote products on the tiktok ?
Want extra exposure , You can choose tiktok or open screen. Topview, Instant exposure and brand openness , Conversion effect level 1 .

in addition Information flow advertising It is also a very good form of promotion , Pay by effect , Let every budget be spent as much as possible on the users who are interested in the product , The conversion efficiency is rising slowly !

also Topic challenge , It can lead to the participation of the whole people in a short time , Let users stir up the topic by themselves .
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