When you buy a set meal, you can be the "shopkeeper"? Shenzhen police crack down on fraud gangs of super large online stores
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Just pay a few thousand yuan , You can ask professional team to operate online store ,“ Let you lie down and make money, and then you will reach the peak of your life ”, Such a good thing , Do you believe that? ? In recent days, , Shenzhen Longhua police have launched a heavy blow , The successful destruction of an online shop to provide business services for the cover of , Criminal gangs that actually cheat , Catch in one fell swoop 114 Suspects .

 When you buy a set meal, you can be “ Shake hands with the shopkeeper ”? Shenzhen police beat down the fraud gang of super large online stores

In order to combat the crime of telecommunication network fraud , Longhua police launched a special operation of sweeping buildings and demining on behalf of Taobao in the whole district . By checking all the office buildings in the jurisdiction , A hidden in a commercial office building online shop operation class telecom network fraud criminal gang surfaced . The company attracts online shop owners to consult by placing advertisements on the Internet , Falsely claiming that it has professional agent operation ability , Online shop owners can provide a key to pay 、 Operation training and other services , And promise to increase online store sales . After the customer purchases the agent operation service , The company will place false orders , Cheat customers to trust , Make the victim think the service is effective , Decoy victim upgrade package version , Pay a higher fee , To achieve the purpose of further fraud .

Through preliminary sorting out , The police found that the case involved a large number of victims , The amount involved is huge . So , Longhua Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to , Set up a special group to file a case for investigation . After careful investigation in the early stage , The police of the ad hoc group gradually mastered the organizational structure of the fraud gang . The gang is well organized , Internal customer service department 、 Online shop construction department and other departments , The division of labor between departments is clear 、 Mutual cooperation , The design and operation of various routines are closely related , It's impossible to defend .

 When you buy a set meal, you can be “ Shake hands with the shopkeeper ”? Shenzhen police beat down the fraud gang of super large online stores

10 month 30 On the afternoon of Sunday , The Criminal Police Brigade of the Branch Bureau, together with the Chinese pine police station, carried out a network operation on a science and technology limited company in Shenzhen , The fraud gang led by Zeng Yitao will be eliminated in one fell swoop , Control the suspect at the scene 114 name . at present , It's been said that 20 Criminal coercive measures were taken by key personnel .

According to the police in charge of the case , The fraud gang has no ability to operate online stores , Also do not have the corresponding qualification of online shop operation training , The victim saw a rise in store sales , It's all a beautiful illusion made up by the swindler gang in the form of brush list , It's impossible for the victim to make money .

The police warned

Online shop agent operation fraud to help enhance the credibility of online stores 、 Promote online stores and other businesses in the name of , Trick customers into buying packages , Promise that customers can do “ Shake hands with the shopkeeper ” Wait for the revenue . In such a situation, we should treat it rationally , Not easy to transfer money to a strange account 、 Remittance . Once you find out you've been cheated , Report to the public security organ as soon as possible .

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