Let's talk today: what's the difference between typeface and calligraphic style?
try my best, 2020-11-26 07:16:58
The difference between calligraphy and typeface

It's an era of electronic products replacing handwork , In this digital age , The most common text we see in our daily life may be in print . Those typesetting is on our cell phone 、 The font in the computer , Square founder , Be neat and uniform , But gradually lost the temperature of the word , The words are artificial , If only artificial intelligence can be used to create and record , that , Maybe it's also human sorrow , therefore , Since the , For our generation or the next generation, the evolution of font and the inheritance of calligraphy style , It has irreplaceable value and transmission significance .

Maybe everyone has heard of song style 、 Euclidean 、 Such words as Yan ti , Think they all belong to " typeface " This universal class . There are also a lot of friends who practice calligraphy. When they choose to practice calligraphy, they always get tangled , What should I practice " typeface " better , But what I'm talking about here is " typeface " It's a big category , It's a mixture of calligraphy and typeface , below , Let's have a chat " typeface " and " The style of the book " The difference between .


typeface , It's static , It refers to the structure and form of words , Pay attention to standardization . What we call seal script everyday 、 Official script 、 Regular script 、 running script 、 Cursive script belongs to font , Refers to different forms of font , More inclined " written words " The concept of .

So in the previous space often said the practical word training , In fact, what is practiced ? It can't be called calligraphy yet , It should be practicing calligraphy . Regular script that we usually practice 、 Xingkai is a kind of practice of standard font .

The style of the book

And calligraphy is inclined to the art of calligraphy , It refers to the style and composition of writing , It can also be called the school of writing , Pay attention to the change of brush and ink skills . Relative to the font , Calligraphy belongs to a kind of dynamic existence . What we usually call European style 、 The body of the face 、 LiuTi 、 Zhao Ti 、 Dongpo style 、 Thin gold body and so on all belong to calligraphy style , It refers to the calligraphy style with unique style and personality .

In modern handwritten circles " The style of the river and the lake ", If you look at this classification , It belongs to the style of calligraphy , It's not a standard font .

therefore , Do you understand ? When you want to practice calligraphy , What to choose " body " It is necessary to distinguish what you want to learn from standard characters or calligraphy style .

The style of the book tends to be individualized , And fonts tend to be standard . If it is daily examination and Application , We usually go to practice normative " typeface "; If you want to cultivate your own calligraphy accomplishment , We usually copy ancient books , Belong to " The style of the book " To practice Chinese characters . In calligraphy practice, you can practice soft brush calligraphy , Brush calligraphy is an ancient traditional art in China , It highlights the strong plasticity and intentionality of Chinese characters , Moreover, compared with the hard brush, the brush can write more strokes , It has randomness and flexibility , Even if a piece of writing is very standard and beautiful , But if you don't have a unique style , In fact, it can only be achieved " Pleasing to the eyes ", Unable to reach " Enjoy yourself ".

This is why the current handwriting circle and calligraphy circle do not belong to one circle , Calligraphy and calligraphy do not belong to the same concept , The truth is the same .
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