Do you know what to do?
Zhu Zhen 2020-11-26 06:13:20
To study abroad ?

perform military service ?

There's no time to change your driver's license ?

Then apply for extension and renewal !

According to the Ministry of public security (139 Number ) Article 73 of the decree stipulates that :

The driver of a motor vehicle is in military service 、 Go abroad ( habitat ) Wait for a reason , Unable to apply for renewal of driver's license within the prescribed time 、 Verification 、 Submitted physical condition certificate , You can apply to the vehicle management office of the place where the motor vehicle driver's license is issued for extension ; The extension period shall not exceed three years , Motor vehicle drivers are not allowed to drive motor vehicles during the extension period .

Application materials

according to “ The pipes suit ” in “ Simple business can be done as soon as you get a certificate ” The requirements of : The driver's license is extended for renewal 、 Driver's license extension 、 Late submission 《 Proof of physical condition 》, You can handle it with your own resident identity certificate .

“ Traffic management 12123” Deal with

 The renewal can be extended , Do you know what to do ?

 The renewal can be extended , Do you know what to do ?

 The renewal can be extended , Do you know what to do ?

 The renewal can be extended , Do you know what to do ?

 The renewal can be extended , Do you know what to do ?

 The renewal can be extended , Do you know what to do ?

Under any of the following circumstances, no application shall be made

One 、 Organic heart disease 、 Epilepsy 、 Meniere's disease 、 Vertigo 、 Hysteria 、 Tremor paralysis 、 mental disease 、 Dementia and neurological disorders that affect physical activity can interfere with safe driving ;

Two 、 Smoking in three years 、 Less than three years have passed since the injection of drugs or the lifting of compulsory isolation for drug treatment , Or long-term dependence on psychotropic drugs addiction has not been given up ;

3、 ... and 、 Providing false application materials , Apply for a motor vehicle driver's license by deception and other improper means ;

Four 、 Escape after causing a traffic accident constitutes a crime ;

5、 ... and 、 After drinking or drunk driving a motor vehicle, a major traffic accident constitutes a crime ;

6、 ... and 、 Driving a motor vehicle while drunk or driving a commercial motor vehicle after drinking has been revoked for less than five years ;

7、 ... and 、 Drunk driving operating motor vehicle has been revoked motor vehicle driving license for less than ten years ;

8、 ... and 、 The motor vehicle driver's license has been revoked for less than two years due to other circumstances ;

Nine 、 The driving license has been revoked under the law for less than three years ;

Ten 、 Other situations that are not allowed to apply as stipulated by laws and administrative regulations .

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source : Tai'an police
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