What does excel mean
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excel What do you mean

excel What do you mean

I think everyone's attitude towards the Microsoft family Office No stranger , And inevitably used Excel This software .

So you know excel Actually sum nestle, grace, marvel equally , Are they all meaningful words ?

nestle, Nestle , such :

excel What do you mean

Nestle - Nestle

grace, And that's Julia , such :

excel What do you mean

Grace - Grace

marvel, It's marvel , such :

excel What do you mean

Man Wei - marvel

Excel, such :

excel What do you mean


excel It means to be good at , In a way, it stands out 、 good . I think Office When I named my own table design software, I gave it a lot of hope .

Learn words , You can't just remember the meaning , Only if you can use it , Friends can make sentences in the comment area , Let's study together ! I'll come first :

Sentence making :I excel in Excel.

Sentence making :Do you know how to excel at work?

Excel English interpretation of :

to be extremely good at something

Extended reading :

nestle What do you mean

The words in this issue ( brand ) They are all words for postgraduate entrance examination , If you feel strange , Just remember it and think about it again ~

This paper is written by Recite the words of postgraduate entrance examination with me original , Welcome to your attention , Take you together to grow knowledge !

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