How does 21 year old QQ become a "trend engine"?
Zhang Youwei 2020-11-26 05:24:19
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Younger is a proposition that all brands cannot escape , Especially in today's faster and faster pace of life , A lot of big names are chasing the trend , In order to be loved by young people . So we'll see , Some Centennial brands LOGO Changed to a popular flat pattern , Some of the founders even changed the image of their own grandfather , Some start to create content and interact with users with their favorite stems .

But is that enough ?

For those who have been innovating in terms of brand rejuvenation QQ for , It's obviously not enough to just pursue the trend in one area . From the past 2020 QQJOY A carnival to see ,QQ It's not enough to label yourself as a trend , It's about taking products as platforms and carriers , adopt QQJOY、QQ A series of forms, such as fashion play, are constantly exploring new fashion playing methods , Create new trend surprise for users , Try to do “ The trend engine ” It's just QQ The secret of keeping the brand young for a long time .

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

(2020 QQJOY Carnival scene )

Before the tide QQ Become “ Fashion makers ”

QQJOY It's a comprehensive Carnival , It covers games 、 Comic 、 Literature and so on . from 2016 To 2020,QQJOY Five sessions have been held , It is often interpreted by the outside world as a cultural event created by Tencent for young people who like the second-dimensional culture .

such as ,2016 year , Tencent's first QQJOY So “ Penguin animation game Carnival ” The name of ,2017 Year of QQJOY It's called “ Grand ceremony of different dimensions ”, Comic 、 game 、 Film and television and other secondary elements are very rich . And then “ Wave hole planet radio night ” It's the same idea , Give Way QQJOY To become a real connection of the second meta culture 、 The stage connecting young people .

however ,2020 Year of QQJOY It doesn't stay at the familiar level of the second dimension , It's expanding into a broader field . This one is to “ Before the tide ” A celebration of the theme , Gather the tide 、 Dimension 、 Technology and other distinctive elements , By making more trendy products 、 Content and elements , It expresses the brave attitude of young people in the face of challenges , It also shows QQ Create and lead the influence of the development of culture .

One of the biggest highlights of this carnival is cultural “ Breaking circle ” and “ Melting circle ”, Give Way QQJOY Become the common connector and carrier of all kinds of trends and circle culture of contemporary young people .

The contemporary society is an unprecedented pluralism 、 A hierarchical society , Because of the personal social circle 、 Information acquisition customization 、 Hierarchical interaction and other reasons , People live in work circles 、 Life circle 、 Circle of friends 、 Classmate circle 、 In different circles such as the circle of interest . The phenomenon of stratification of young people is especially obvious , Animation alone is an area , It's just a matter of days 、 Guo man 、 Han man and other different circles , Each circle can be subdivided into more circles according to hobbies and themes , Different circles even spread different “ slang ” system .

But it's not that young people in different circles have something in common , There is also the courage and drive of young people , Also active in QQ On this big platform . This is for QQ“ Breaking circle ” and “ Melting circle ” Probably , Mapped to this year's QQJOY On , So there is an unprecedented trend of cultural phenomenon —— This time QQJOY The scene , There's also a lot of skateboarding 、COS Cartoon characters 、 Young people in Hanfu show , They're here for the first time 、 Grab the tide and play the new co branded style 、 Play with the giant egg machine , Users from different circles can gain a sense of cultural identity in an immersive emotional environment .

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

( Different circles gather together QQJOY)

In addition to the cultural loopholes , At this carnival ,QQ We also cooperated with many chaopai and Chaoren in cross-border marketing of products , Let the outside world see that it also has a lot of creativity in the implementation and Realization of the trend culture .

QQJOY The scene ,QQ The starting line-up QQ 21 Anniversary of the QQJOY Limited tide geese 、QQ Chinese food blind box 、 Limited edition brother is goose (GODISQ)、 QQ×KAKAO FRIENDS Wait for the tide to play . In the marketing campaign of Limited tide geese ,QQ Invited the famous creative photographers of the younger generation NK CHU, be based on QQJOY“ Before the tide , Landing in different places ” Point of view , take QQJOY The tide goose weather is integrated into the famous landmarks of Shanghai and Shenzhen , And created a series of creative posters .

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

(QQ Make your own fashion )

From this QQJOY see ,QQ It's not just a stage for young culture , And can be the creator and leader of young culture , Culture breaks the circle 、 The popularity of home-made products proves this . In the exploration of brand rejuvenation , Making trends 、 do “ The trend engine ” bring QQ Be able to take the lead in brand rejuvenation , Not the pursuer .

Why only QQ yes “ The trend engine ”?

In today's hierarchical user circle , game 、 e-sports 、 Comic 、 video …… It is not uncommon for cultural products in various fields , But like QQ It also realizes the cultural circle breaking and merging 、 And successfully manufactured and exported “ Penguin doll ” Such as the original trend culture IP It's very rare . Perhaps the most important reason is ,QQ Not only is it the most important social platform for young people in China , It's massive and inclusive , And continue to explore and layout younger , We have built an increasingly perfect young ecosystem .

A large and active group of young users , Give Way QQ With the most ideal young soil . As an Internet social product ,QQ Already there. 21 Years of history , Over the age of many new Internet companies and Internet users , But it still has a strong appeal to young people .

According to big data statistics ,QQ It is the largest and most active new generation social platform in China , By China children's center and social sciences literature press , Jointly released 《 Report on children's participation in China 》 Show , China's primary and secondary school students have a proportion of dedicated mobile phones 75.9%, among 85.5% Yes QQ Number .

and QQ Self deep cultivation of young user groups —— In terms of products and content, it has built a comprehensive 、 Three dimensional young Ecology , So that it can undertake different trend elements , Keep accumulating into “ The trend engine ” Energy .

In recent years ,QQ It's been a lot of version updates , But the core of iterative updating is always to satisfy young people “ Interesting ” Social needs .2018 year ,QQ The person in charge said , Integration of content and platform 、 Interest and social integration 、 The integration of technology and culture is 19 Year old QQ Three magic weapons to keep young , It's also QQ From a single product to a full ecological secret .

The interest here falls on QQ In every way , Include QQ Show's continuous innovation .2016 year ,QQ It can DIY、 Interactive cm show products , young cute boy 、 lolita 、 The images such as Chaonan greatly satisfy the curiosity and interactive needs of young users .2018 year , Cm show continues to upgrade , The introduction of kappa APP( namely 3D Centimeter show ), Users can use 3D Villains interact with friends 、 Visit my friend's nest , Enjoy more wonderful social interaction . Combined with this QQJOY, Cm show has also launched a virtual dress up with participating brands , To meet the needs of users in fashion .

Based on interesting products ,QQ Through the integration of interest and social contact in content , The introduction of many young people like the vertical field content , For today QQJOY It has laid a solid foundation for the realization of cultural circle breaking and integration . A typical example is QQ Yes C The driving force of cultural development .

language C As a unique cultural phenomenon of contemporary young people , It satisfies the young people's strong desire to share and “ persona ” demand . and QQ A group becomes a language C The carrier of culture ,QQ The crowd gathered over a million favorite words C Young people of , They are mainly in groups , By playing 《 A dream of red mansions 》、《 Water margin 》、《 Fairy sword legend 》, Get the recognition and spiritual satisfaction of others in a specific circle .

More Than This , language C Culture is also out of QQ, Enter the University , To enhance the understanding between teachers and students 、 Bridge between teachers and students . such as , not long ago , With “ bye ! It's hard to make sense ” As the theme of QQ language C The dream script competition attracted Wuhan University 、 Central University for Nationalities 、 Beijing Normal University 、 Huazhong University of science and technology, etc 96 Detachment Wu took an active part in . The students say C Let the teacher adapt the story together , I feel the words belonging to young people closely C Cultural charm .

21 Year old QQ How to become “ The trend engine ”?

For brands , The trend is changing , It's far more effective to follow the trend than to create and lead the trend . From this point of view ,QQ Take the initiative to do “ The trend engine ”, In terms of brand rejuvenation, we have been in the forefront of exploration , In order to continue to attract young people .

Brand rejuvenation is a long-term process , In the process , Brands need to understand not only what users are most concerned about right now 、 What's your favorite , We need to dig deeper into the motivation behind their behavior .2020“ Before the tide ” QQJOY Carnival reminds brand peers , image QQ Try to be a trendsetter, not just a follower , Only in this way can we take the initiative in the process of brand rejuvenation .

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