The 37 million tiktok Eason Chan watched the sound of live broadcast, the evolution of the tiktok star ecosystem.
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3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

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# Eason Chan's first tiktok 、# Fancy assistance to Eason Chan 、# Tiktok is welcome to Eason Chan. …… Tiktok since , Eason Chan created many popular topics in the tiktok. . Yesterday, (11 month 20 Japan ) New song 《 It's just for love 》 Release , The platform has opened the upsurge of cover singing . This tiktok live show is also a suspense. ,Eason The tiktok was released second days later. “ Online help ” video , Crowdfunding and live broadcast of posters to fans and fans 、 modelling 、 Song list and other materials , Build momentum for your live debut , Once let # Eason Chan crowdfunding live materials , It was a hot topic of the day , And has been at the top of the list for a long time .

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

In the enthusiasm of everyone “ Crowd-funding ” under , Eason Chan tonight (11 month 21 Japan ) Tiktok opened the first live voice broadcast on schedule. . The live broadcast was broadcast by the radio studio 、 Memory area 、 Three functional areas of performance area , The highlight of the first half is the whole network users watching “ Tiktok: help Eason Chan prepare for radio ” Live broadcast of reality TV , In the second half, it was Eason Chan DJ Tiktok radio show , And brought live singing of new works . And the crowdfunding results of millions of fans , And it's actually in the studio tonight , The surprise walls are displayed in chronological order Eason Cover of each album , Beyond the memories , There are posters and graffiti submitted by fans, paintings of fans and hot comments of fans , Give Way Eason From the very beginning “ Dissimilarity ”. Eight o'clock sharp ,Eason A red sweater is shining , Interact with the fans in the crowd funding studio 、 hug . The total number of people watching the whole live broadcast exceeded 3700 ten thousand , Near harvest 8000 Ten thousand points of praise .

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

What's particularly surprising is that , Eason Chan was also on the spot with some time ago cue Wang Yibo's surprise connection , Eason Chen says he likes Wang Yibo 《 For Mommy 》 Other songs , He also revealed that he and his family were both 《 this ! Is the street dance 》 A loyal audience . Claim to be “ Listen to Eason Chen's songs since childhood ” Wang Yibo said that listening to Eason Chen's first song was 《 The red rose 》, And sent it to Eason Chan 《 Day day up 》 Invitation to promote new songs .

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

For a tiktok for a few days. , Eason Chan has become the most popular tiktok. 、 One of the most talked about artists , New song 《 It's just for love 》 Tiktok has become a popular song on the pitch. . In a sense , This is both entertainers in entertainment marketing 、 Innovation and exploration of music publicity and other aspects , It is tiktok's true portrayal of the next city in the ecological layout of stars. .

Eason Chan's new tiktok is in the jitter.

Tiktok interactive live new trend

As the beginning said , From the star's fancy support in the early stage to the new song cover challenge , It's just the prelude , The highlight is tonight Eason Of “ Crowdfunding radio ” Live broadcast of new situation for core concept .

During the live broadcast ,Eason Become a radio anchor , Chat with fans , Some fans sing in Cantonese , Bearing pair “ Bad friends ” Our missing , There are also fans covering new songs 《 It's just for love 》, Eason Chan commented , Tiktok said one of them had seen the fragment on the shaking. , And praise the delicate voice 、 Pleasant to hear , And shared the story of his new work recorded behind the scenes ; There are also workers from Beipiao who say they are looking forward to Eason Chan's concert , Besides , Eason Chan fans support association Eason A chorus flash .

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

From the content form of live broadcast room , This scene “Shall We Talk” Video broadcasting room , Combine the traditional radio singing with the current live broadcast , In form , It has the classic feelings of traditional radio stations , It also has the visibility of the current short video live broadcast 、 interactive quality , In terms of content , Sincere sharing of existing new music works , There is also a true presentation of a personal reality show ; In terms of efficiency , It not only subverts the user's imagination of music publicity form , It also brings new memory points while keeping pace with the times .

For Eason Chan , Tiktok 、 Start personal live show , Not only enhance the exposure of individuals and new works , It also opens up online channels for future performing arts . This year, , Because of the epidemic , Offline business performance decreased significantly , Many artists' announcements have been reduced , before # Eason Chan said he had no income for a long time This topic has also been on the hot search , Eason Chan tiktok cooperation , There is a tendency to move closer to the line , This is also a major way for artists to maintain their normal popularity and enhance their business value .

For the platform , The current platform user preferences are changing , From listening to watching music to playing music , The short video broadcasting station is a concrete form of playing music between creators and users . The threshold of this new form of interaction is not high , Shorten the publicity cycle of music works , Promote the spread of artists' music works , Let users have the experience of watching online concerts , Satisfied the fans “ Cloud entertainment ” The deep-seated demand of star chasing , Greatly enhance the exposure and influence of artists in the platform , So as to turn it into a real popularity , It is helpful for the platform to build a star entertainment ecology with long-term value .

For users , Eason Chan's tiktok live show is the first to combine traditional radio and live broadcast. , Bring a refreshing viewing experience , Let live content have a strong sense of immersion and substitution in the output , Become the emotional bond between users and Eason Chan and his works , It meets the demand of users, especially fans .

For the industry , From settlement to new song's debut , This series of playing methods of Eason Chan , It's music 、 star IP An exploration attempt to create a new form , It depends on the short video platform 、 Star ecology 、 Multi direction coordination of music ecology , So as to lead artists and works out of the circle . such “ Publicity is experience ” The content and form of , There may be more room for imagination in the future .

Short video + Live broadcast behind the circle

Tiktok platform is the strong support of the ecological environment.

Short video is becoming an important driving force to promote the development of original music , Tiktok is the highlight of the unique value of the jitter in music on sale. . Eason Chan tiktok 、 Achievements of live broadcasting , It's a superstar IP Tiktok platform and entertainment ecology impact deep collision .

One is the tiktok's star ecosystem. .

11 month 16 Japan , Called by friends 「 Director, Institute of Neurology 」 Eason Chan opened the tiktok tour. , He is a newcomer , Not embarrassed by the strangeness . The reason lies in , Eason Chen's good friends came together to help , For example, Deng Ziqi 、 Yang qianheng adapted the classical lyrics of Eason Chan's songs ; Huang Zongze imitates the classic Hong Kong Police and bandit movies to greet his friends ; Yang Chaoyue released a video of Eason Chan singing on stage and chasing stars off the stage ; Rong Zu Imitating Eason Chan expression pack ……

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

According to statistics ,# Eason Chan's first tiktok This topic is 11 month 16 The day was tiktok. TOP1, Watch related topics in the whole station 2.5 100 million times .

Of course , Eason Chan himself was accustomed to the style of quiver tiktok. , Break the shortcut of Mesozoic singers breaking circle to young users . Accumulated high attention and interaction among young users , For Eason Chan's follow-up in the operation of the tiktok, lay a good fan foundation. .

Two is the music ecology of tiktok platform. .

Tiktok has become a link to Eason Chan. 、 The important link between works and users , This is the strong support of the platform itself in the music ecology . according to 《2020 Tiktok music ecosystem data report 》 Show , In the tiktok music overall ecological performance , Tiktok rank before 10 Popular songs , Total playback up to 945 Billion , This also reflects the daily life 6 The tiktok music ecosystem users are basically big and firm. , And the music quality of users is high 、 Love original music . Relying on the tiktok user scale 、 Music branding , For the arrival of Eason Chan 、 The promotion of new works provides a good platform for music atmosphere 、 Communication environment , It improves the touch rate and conversion rate of music works , Maximize the effectiveness of this music in publicizing the new situation .

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

Tiktok based music ecology and star ecology , Based on powerful platform algorithm , Tiktok not only promotes Eason Chan's new songs 《 It's just for love 》 Fast out of the circle , It also eliminates the sense of distance between Eason Chan and users , Let it quickly break through the circle among young users of the platform 、 Reconstruction of fans' portrait , Finally, it also helped Eason Chen to establish the platform identity of self-identity .

Reproducible Interactive Studio

Tiktok is expected to become a new marketing method for jitter artists.

《2020 Tiktok music ecosystem data report 》 Show , The tiktok music has hundreds of millions of active users. , only 2020 In the first half, the TikTok Music Musicians entered the growth area. 3 ten thousand , And continue to maintain a steady growth . Nearly half a year, the voice music music people rose powder tiktok 3 Billion , Rising price 1000 There are ten thousand musicians 6 position , Rising price 500 There are thousands of musicians 23 position .

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

Behind the rapid increase in the number of musicians , The tiktok star ecosystem is growing. . In terms of music ecology , Tiktok hatching the red man , From the original creator to the star . At present , Existing Fei Qiming 、 Swigo 、 Modern brothers and other star creators who stand out from the platform , Also introduced from outside the station, including Eason Chan 2500 Top stars . Cooperation with Eason Chan , It means that the sound of the jitter in tiktok's ecosystem has extended to the absolute star's circle. .

For trembling tiktok , Eason Chen's settlement will help to further improve the platform entertainment content ecology , Eason Chan's high national standards and music style , Meet the needs of users for content , And this interactive live broadcast is a very representative innovation , With replicable industry potential , Or tiktok can be a new model for live broadcast of the voice. .

In the past week , Eason Chan is trying to promote music in a new way 、 Play music 、 Communicate with users . at present 《 It's just for love 》 Tiktok has been moved on line. , This also reflects the innovation of the media for the release of new songs , from CD From album era to music streaming media, then to listening, watching and playing —— Real music “ The era of playing and listening ”, This is another manifestation of embracing the trend of the times .

3700 Tiktok live Eason Chan watching , Evolution theory of the tiktok star ecosystem

By the end of the live broadcast , Eason Chan's voice account has been tiktok. 600w+ fans . This is for him who has been in residence for less than a week , It's a good result . And tonight's studio is also very fruitful , More than 3700 ten thousand , Near harvest 8000 Ten thousand points of praise , It is undoubtedly a good attempt and start .

Tiktok is promoting the innovation and advancement of music industry. , The emergence of Eason Chan's new works is a successful case . Tiktok X The case of Eason Chan , Not only for the strong platform of the tiktok platform in the star's field of art, but also for endorsement of high value. , It also enlightens the latecomers who want to enter the short video game , The key to success lies in the deep cognition and mutual perfection between platform and individual .

Simply speaking , Star artists need to choose a platform suitable for their own characteristics , With creative interaction , Accurately capture users' attention , To maximize the effectiveness of publicity from artists to works .

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