Wang Han, Li Xueqin, and Li Jiaqi were named by the Chinese Consumer Association. Will the live delivery of goods be cool?
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Wang Han 、 Li Xueqin 、 Li Jiaqi , Was named by the Chinese Consumer Association !

 Ding Dong commented quickly | Wang Han 、 Li Xueqin 、 Li Jiaqi was named by China Consumer Association , It's going to be cold with the live delivery ?

In recent days, , Released by China Consumer Association “ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection , Point out that this year “ double 11” During the promotion activities, the negative consumption information mainly focused on live delivery 、 There are two aspects of unreasonable rules , And name Wang Han 、 Li Xueqin's live delivery “ Rollover ” Live studio with Li Jiaqi “ Not allowed to change after buying ” etc. .

The Chinese consumer association is right about “ Head anchor ” The reason why the public roll call has attracted attention , On the one hand, it's because these people have a lot of influence , On the other hand , It's because after the head anchors were called in , There was hardly any justification , It is “ Take all the orders ”, This also shows that the problem of being exposed by the consumer association is objective .

If even the head anchor “ Fall into enemy hands ” 了 , So what happens to small and medium-sized anchors ? The situation is worrisome .

Live with goods wild growth , There are a lot of real problems behind it . One side , The number of people watching is exaggerated 、 Sales data “ Water injection ” And the influence indicators are fake , An underground industrial chain has been formed , Serious damage to live with goods Ecology . On the other hand , Malicious brush list 、 Fancy challenge 、 False reports and other horizontal competition , It also directly pollutes the live broadcast environment .

All these questions , While seriously damaging the interests of consumers , It also hurt the live delivery itself . In order to guide and guarantee the sound and healthy development of live delivery , We have to solve these problems .

The first is to crack down on data counterfeiting . Through the establishment of credit score system 、 Blacklist system, etc , Regulate the platform and the size of the anchor ; Multi sectoral collaboration , Crack down on the fake data behind the underground industrial chain .

secondly , Further clarify the business 、 The host 、 Responsibilities of all parties on the platform , You can't have after-sales problems , The platform is pushed to businesses , Merchants push it to the anchor , In the end, no one is really responsible .

Consumers have to do the same . We should start from “ Know yourself ” From the perspective of practical consumption choice , And from “ social responsibility ” From the angle of view, we should examine the healthy rationality of weighing their own consumption behavior .

such , Live delivery can thrive on the right track .

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Ding Dong commented quickly

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