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 Share : Dismissal of employees 3 Big interview skills ( It is worth learning from )

Dismissal of employees 3 Big interview skills

Some people say , Enterprises and employees are like lovers , We need each other when we are in love , When one party changes heart one day , There will be two situations : Or the employees abandon the enterprise , Choose job hopping ; Or the company abandons its employees , Lay off employees . Now? , We're going to talk about dismissing employees . Although it's nothing new , It's not the end of the world for employees , But when an employee is fired , It will inevitably make employees have a strong sense of frustration , There was even a feeling of falling to the bottom .

When an enterprise dismisses an employee , It means the business doesn't need him , Or he doesn't meet the needs of the enterprise , At this point, employees think : I'm useless. ? I can't get used to business ? People are better than me ? I'm so unfortunate . It's like losing love , The pain is not the loss of a lover , It's a feeling that your value has been denied . therefore , Enterprises must take care of the psychology of the laid off employees when they dismiss them , With sincerity 、 Really try to appease the dismissed employees , Make them accept the reality calmly .

As a business manager , A lot of times I have to play the role of redundancies , The most cruel sentence “ The company decided to fire you ” Say it . How to express the meaning ? This test is the manager's interview skills . It's caused by layoffs “ accident ” in , Conflicts and shocks are often caused by poor communication . To avoid “ accident ” happen , Managers must have a good exit talk .

 Share : Dismissal of employees 3 Big interview skills ( It is worth learning from )

When you call an employee who is about to be fired to the office , He probably didn't know he was going to be fired . When you say you want to fire him , He must have felt so sudden . Because there is no psychological preparation in advance , He tends to have a lot of emotional reactions , It's human nature , But you have to be aware of that .

Some employees know that when they are laid off , It may be very angry :“ I've been working hard , No mistakes have been made , Why fire me ? Who decided ?” Some employees know that when they are laid off , Maybe silence , Quietly tears , It's very sad and painful . As a layoff , How do you conduct a dismissal interview ? How to appease the employees who have been laid off ?

Interview skills 1: Statement of position , There is no need to argue

What you have to do is implement the company's decision , Not in the food market , There's no need to haggle with employees , therefore , You don't have to argue with employees about who's right and who's wrong 、 no , You just have to tell him calmly :“ You've been cut .” If the employee asks :“ Why did I get cut ?” You can say :“ The efficiency of the company is not good .”

As for other questions raised by employees , All kinds of complaints , for example “ I have worked for the company for more than ten years , This is the end of it ?”“ What did I do wrong , Is there no chance to correct it ?” wait , You can choose to be silent about , You have to understand that this is the normal venting of laid off employees , When he's exhausted , Everything will return to calm . But if you argue with him , Then things can get messy , Even employees will act irrationally on impulse .

 Share : Dismissal of employees 3 Big interview skills ( It is worth learning from )

Interview skills 2: Don't compromise , But be flexible

When laid off employees complain , You can tell him :“ The company knows your grievances , So I'll make it up to you .” You can immediately say how to compensate , Even the amount of compensation . In the process of elaboration , What you say should be based on , To show your professionalism , Because your task is to communicate clearly and effectively .

No matter how the client complains 、 To scold , How to feel unfair , You don't even have a head-on conflict with him , And it can't show the slightest compromise . Don't show it “ I'll talk to the leaders again ” The attitude of , Even if you think so , Even if it was a false layoff , You feel aggrieved for each other , But now that you've told him , Just let him go , Resolute and uncompromising . otherwise , Once it is known by other laid-off employees , Things are going to get out of control .

Interview skills 3: Comfort the injured heart of employees

Throughout the exit talk , We must remember to comfort the laid off employees . When necessary , Give each other a tissue paper , Pour a glass of warm water , Light a cigarette , Let his emotions be released . meanwhile , You should also say a few words full of sympathy and understanding , To soothe the scars of his heart , such as :“ You've worked in the company for so many years , Now let you go , It's really hard , I feel sad, too ……” This is to make the other party accept the fact that he has been dismissed , To calm his excitement . The wrong thing to do is , Stiffly deny the other person's psychological feelings , For example, :“ What are you crying about , An old man , And tears , Do you want a face ?” It's easy to stimulate each other , Cause the other person to lose control of emotion .

It is worth noting that , The whole layoff interview process should be in 15~20 In minutes , As layoffs , Don't try to over communicate with each other , The old saying goes well :“ He that talks much errs much .” Especially in the other person's emotions 、 Nervous sensitivity 、 When you're vulnerable , The more you explain, the less clear you may be , The easier it is to be drilled by the other side , Misunderstood by the other side . therefore , Or try to finish the job interview earlier .

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