Liu Wenwen, the first Secretary: participate in the people's preferred live broadcast competition and learn the experience of live E-commerce
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“ The naked grandfather , The enthusiasm is obvious , You said that poverty alleviation will come true , One day in the future ......” Liu Wenwen once sat on a hill with a guitar and sang this song 《 Shijiazuo's broad road 》.

Liu Wenwen is the first Secretary of the central party history and Literature Research Institute in shijiazuo village, qijiazuo Township, Tang County, Hebei Province , He has been awarded the first Secretary of Hebei Province for poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation 、 Outstanding individuals of the central and state organs in poverty alleviation .“ Shijiazuo village was once the most impoverished village in the county , There are now in the village 1044 Household , common 2562 people , Poverty has been lifted out of poverty . According to relevant policies , After getting rid of poverty, those who continue to enjoy poverty alleviation policies are 324 Household , common 568 people .” Liu Zhongwen remembers the relevant data by heart .

 First secretary Liu Zhongwen : Take part in the people's preferred live broadcast contest , Learn from live e-commerce experience

The picture shows Liu Zhongwen ( The right one ) We are going through the poverty exit audit for the local people

“80” Later, the Secretary spread his footprints on the well-off road

“ I was not very familiar with the situation when I first came here , There are also many challenges .” According to Liu Zhongwen , At first, his most busy job was to file and file the poor people .2018 end of the year , Once had 20 More than one person found him at the same time and wanted to apply for a poor family , It made him nervous for a moment , Clear your mind quickly . Liu Wenwen insists on starting from policy standards , Through actual visit and investigation , After a fair and open identification process , In the end, we have submitted satisfactory answers to the people .“ Even if I didn't help my fellow countrymen to file successfully , And explain why , There's an explanation .” Liu Wenwen said .

About poverty alleviation work , What impressed him most was sister Wang's family .“ The family was impoverished by illness , Sister Wang's husband became a vegetable because of cerebral thrombosis , Two kids need to go to school again , Their family is earning 、 education 、 There are difficulties in many aspects such as medical treatment .” Liu Wenwen recalls , Through the joint efforts of all of us , Finally, she helped sister Wang find a job in the luggage processing factory , For the children to apply for Xibaipo education charity foundation funding , In addition, the policy of chronic disease subsidy has reduced the medical expenses of elder sister Wang's husband .

Grow sunflowers Be a good guide

Poverty alleviation comes first , Wealth follows . In Liu Zhongwen's opinion , Getting rid of poverty is not the ultimate goal , It is a more important mission to lead the villagers on the road to prosperity .“ Because the farmers' anti risk ability is relatively weak , People are very cautious when introducing new planting projects .” Liu Zhongwen said, for example , This year, he planned to introduce a flower and sunflower planting project , But the villagers are not very enthusiastic , So he rented a acre of sunflowers , When they mature, they sell 5000 More dollars , After this achievement was seen by people , Also decided to accept this project .“ Bring in quality projects , Be a good guide for the villagers , It's my job .” Liu Wenwen said .

 First secretary Liu Zhongwen : Take part in the people's preferred live broadcast contest , Learn from live e-commerce experience

The picture shows Liu Zhongwen planting flowers and sunflowers in an experimental field

meanwhile , Liu Zhongwen actively inculcates the concept of e-commerce in the villagers , Committed to training e-commerce talents , Will shijiazuo village's Chinese longevity peach 、 Special millet and other agricultural products are publicized through e-commerce live broadcast . according to the understanding of ,2019 Liu Zhongwen applied for nearly 20 Ten thousand yuan is used for shijiazuo village's e-commerce development , The money is used to build e-commerce training rooms 、 studio , And registered all kinds of trademarks in the name of the village , We set up a big history e-commerce service department .

“ The development of live broadcasting e-commerce in our village is still in its infancy , But now it's a good trend , I'm confident that through your efforts, we can do a good job in the e-commerce platform .” According to Liu Zhongwen , Several difficulties faced by the local development of live e-commerce , There is a shortage of e-commerce talents , Lack of working capital , And the local people's lack of awareness of e-commerce . Based on this , Liu Wenwen organized the basic masses to participate in e-commerce operation training in the village , Starting with typing , To tabulating and editing videos and so on , Hope to improve the interest and ability of the people .

according to the understanding of ,12 month 27 Number , Liu Wenwen will carry the grey bricks of shijiazuo village 、 Xiaomi and hand-made cloth shoes went to Fengxian District of Shanghai to participate in the people's preferred live broadcast competition “ First Secretary ” Special competition .“ The goal of my trip is very clear , The first is the , Through my carry on , Promote the good things of shijiazuo village ; The second is through competition , Learn good live e-commerce experience , Back to the village .” Liu Zhongwen talks about .
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