Italy's top ten industries "dominating the world"
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According to the International Monetary Fund, the world's economies GDP Total ranking , Italy is the fourth largest in Europe 、 The eighth largest economy in the world , Famous for manufacturing and small and medium enterprises , The number of small and medium-sized enterprises accounts for the total number of enterprises 99.5% above , Known as the “ The kingdom of small and medium enterprises ”.

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

The economic development in Italy is unbalanced , The industry and Commerce in the north is developed , The south is mainly agriculture , But the economy is lagging behind . Italy has some very advantageous industries all over the world , It is embodied in both high-tech and traditional technology .

Italy is the birthplace of modern civilization , Small and medium-sized enterprises are full of vitality , The fashion industry is highly developed .20 There have been 9 Five scientists have won the Nobel Prize in physics 、 chemical 、 Medical award . Physics and astronomy in basic research ( Such as superconducting tokamak 、 Synchrotron radiation accelerator 、 The study of cosmic rays and the development of large astronomical telescopes )、 Clinical medicine 、 biomedical science 、 Chemistry and other fields are in the forefront of the world . High tech fields such as space technology 、 Information communication 、 High performance parallel computers ( The computing speed has reached trillions per second )、 Nuclear energy physics and so on all have certain competitiveness in the world .

One 、 Italy's aerospace industry : Italy from fighter 、 conveyor 、 To the helicopter 、 Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) 、 satellite 、 Missiles can be developed and manufactured by themselves , In the global market share . From all over the world , There are only a few countries with this manufacturing capacity . Next to Milan, Italy Cameri Air force base F-35 The assembly line delivered the first F-35 fighter . Need to know , In Lockheed, Texas · Outside the Martin factory , Only Japan and Italy have two FACO Assembly plant , Used by the United States and its allies F-35 Fighters are produced in both factories . so , The technological strength of Italy's aviation industry .

The total annual revenue of Italian aerospace manufacturing industry is about 270 Billion dollars ,2018 year , The total value of Italian Aerospace exports 51 Billion dollars , Ranked number one in the world 8.

Italy's aerospace industry has more than 800 companies , The total number of employees is about 6 ten thousand people . Italy is known as the kingdom of small businesses , There are a large number of small family businesses in all walks of life 、 Studio type enterprise .

Italy's aerospace industry in the Northern Piedmont region has about 300 Aerospace companies and organizations of aviation units , Among them, Lombardy has 220 home 、 Lazio region has 250 home , The total number of employees in these three regions is more than 6.1 ten thousand people .

Italy is in the launch vehicle structure 、 Solid booster 、 Fuel pump 、 Satellite antenna 、 Space lab pressure chamber 、 Temperature control system 、 Sealing system and other aspects of the world's higher level of Technology .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Italy formulates a national space development plan every five years , It's basically funded by the government , The national space agency is responsible for implementing . In space basic research 、 The international space station for peace uses 、 signal communication 、 Earth observation 、 Ground data processing center 、 Training and other aspects of R & D activities .

Italy has many technologically advanced aviation manufacturing enterprises :

1) Finnemeka (FINMECCANICA) The group : It's Italian Aerospace 、 The defence 、 energy 、 Core enterprises in the field of transportation and Automation .

2) Avio Co., Ltd (Avio S.p.A.): Aeroengine Design and manufacturing enterprises , Have 5000 Employees .

3)SELEX Communication company : Military and civilian communications system providers . The products mainly include : Laser warning receiver for aviation platform 、 With enhanced energy management capabilities VUHF radio 、 High frequency radio 、IFF Cross band radar transceiver / Seeker 、 Crash recorder 、 Two way communication system 、 Landing systems, etc ;

4) Alenia Airlines (Alenia Aeronautica): Mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and modification of various military and civil aircraft and flight systems ;

5) Agusta - Westland (Agusta-Westland): Global leader in helicopter manufacturing ! By the finnemeka group 100% holding , Its rescue at sea 、 Helicopters for offshore oil platform operation and military police use , It has a large share in the international market . The group also has a number of key technologies and products such as carbon fiber composites .

6) Alenia Aerospace (Alenia Spazio): It's eurotelecom 、 remote sensing 、 A leader in the field of orbital systems and scientific satellites , With a lot of skill 、 Experienced technicians , And the most modern in Europe 、 State of the art laboratories and equipment .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

7)Vitrociset: Design of European defense system and air traffic control integrated system 、 manufacture 、 A leader in integration and management .

8) Biagio aviation industry (Piaggio Aero Industries): The world is in a leading position in this field . Good at aircraft and aircraft engine structural components design 、 Make and repair .

9) Space Communications (Telespazio): To engage in the application of satellite technology on a global scale , Including the most significant international space program .

Two 、 High speed railway and urban rail transit technology : Italy is the first European railway management system in Europe (ERMS) Countries that use commercial high-speed rail operations , In high-speed rail and urban rail design 、 The construction of the 、 The integration of key technologies for railway safety and vehicle manufacturing technology are at the leading level in the world .

In terms of rail transport vehicles , Ansaldo's driverless urban rail vehicles are of advanced technology , For example, Copenhagen metro vehicles in Denmark are provided by the company .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

In the manufacture of railway locomotives 、 Railway safety control system and international space station robot camera system , Italian MERMEC Machinery manufacturing companies are in the leading position in the world .

In other aspects of transportation , What Italians are particularly proud of is the invention of the highway , Italy in the last century 60 The world's first highway was built in the s .

3、 ... and 、 Robots and machine tools and special mechanical equipment : Italian KOMA industrial robot , Known as the “ The Pearl on the crown of manufacturing ”, In the field of automobile manufacturing, the industry is at the leading level in the world . Its " Hollow wrist " robot NJ4 In the field of spot welding, it was once considered to have incomparable technical advantages .

Komar's production system used to produce more than 2000 Thousands of cars , It once accounted for nearly the annual production of global automobiles 1/3. Industrial robots in Italy are used with high density , Second in Europe , The export scale of industrial robots ranks among the top five in the world , Japan and Germany, which are strong enough in science and technology .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

The outstanding characteristics of Italian machinery industry : One is unique creativity ; The second is ultra-high technical level ; Third, we are good at customizing products and solutions according to customers' requirements , Especially with a long tradition of production . Developed country Germany 、 The United States and China are important customers of Italian machinery products . Italy's machinery and equipment industry ranks fourth in the world ( Europe second ), The total sales reached 214 Billions of euros , Its export proportion is very high ( More than the output value 70%)

Italian robot industry is the core and essence of Italian machinery manufacturing industry , In terms of innovation and R & D strength and market scale, it is in the international leading level , Even in some ways, its technical level has surpassed that of Germany and Japan , In fact, we can see the power . Italian robot manufacturers surpass 50 home , The annual R & D expenditure of an enterprise accounts for the highest proportion of its sales volume 10%. Robot systems for vehicle manufacturing in Italy , Like welding robots 、 Vehicle assembly robot 、 Robot body painting technology is in the leading level in the world .

Machine tools and robots , Italy is the most active exporter of high-tech 、 High value added products , It is also the main product that China imports from Italy . As early as 2016 year , The output value of Italian machine tools and robots has reached 55 Billions of euros . According to the statistics of Italian machine tool industry consulting company , Italy has become the sixth largest supplier of machine tools in China .

Italy's machinery and equipment industry is at the forefront of the world , Second in Europe . Italian industry is very developed , In particular, its mechanical engineering specialty is second to none in the world ! Italy was the first country to invent small machines , therefore , In Universities in Italy , Many mechanical engineering majors are also second to none . Among them in the world's top professional car manufacturing 、 Automobile engine, etc .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

The engineering departments of Italian universities are also departments with high gold content , Combined with the top design level of Italy , Italy still holds the top position in the world in terms of both large and small products .

Four 、 Italy's pharmaceutical industry : The pharmaceutical industry is a very important competitive industry in Italy . In terms of competitiveness 、 labour productivity 、 R & D capital intensity 、 Export performance and human resource quality , Italy's pharmaceutical industry is ahead of other manufacturing industries .

The output value of Italian pharmaceutical industry and the number of enterprises are second only to Germany in Europe . The Italian pharmaceutical industry has pharmaceutical companies 200 More than , among 90% I have a college degree , R & D personnel reach 6100 name . Italian pharmaceutical products are one of the country's main exports .

The pharmaceutical industry is the most active R & D and innovation industry in Italy . The R & D capital intensity of Italian pharmaceutical industry is the highest among all industries , For the manufacturing average 5 times . The proportion of innovative enterprises in Italian pharmaceutical industry exceeds 80%, Second only to Germany .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Italian pharmaceutical companies are mainly concentrated in Lombardy in the north and Lazio in the middle . Lombardy has 100 Headquarters of more than pharmaceutical companies ,30 Multiple research centers ,100 Biotech companies , The total number of employees in the industry is about 3 ten thousand . Pharmaceutical enterprises in Lazio are mainly engaged in production , Employee 15000 name , Export accounts for the whole country 43%, Top of all regions .

5、 ... and 、 The automobile industry in Italy : Italy is the world's leading producer of automobiles , It's also an important global car market . Italy has its own complete automobile industry system , Italian automobile manufacturing industry represented by Fiat , In vehicle and engine design and manufacturing 、 R & D capability and level 、 Manufacturing technology and technology are in the world's advanced level .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Italy is unique in terms of supercars , Showing world class level .

For example, Ferrari made by Maranello FA in Italy , The only family in the world will always F1 Companies that apply technology to new cars , Ferrari has built the best high-performance Road sports car of the day . Ferrari goes by Pininfarina The exquisite design of , Elegant posture 、 Excellent performance 、 Cutting edge technology , The Ferrari team has dominated for a long time F1 The world .

The Italian supercar : With the world's first-class automobile manufacturing technology . As the world's top sports car manufacturer and one of the European luxury brands , Have a domineering appearance , In Italy and around the world , Lamborghini is weird and mysterious 、 Amazing supercar .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Maserati of Italy, a world famous brand (Maserati): Is a well-known Italian car and sports car manufacturer , On 1914 Founded in Bologna . The headquarters of the company is now located in Modena , Its badge is a trident . Maserati was part of Ferrari , Now owned directly by Fiat Chrysler . Today's Maserati new car series is the embodiment of Italy's top coupe production technology , It's unique in the field of sports cars .

Italy's Fiat Group , Founded in 1899 year , It has developed into the largest automobile manufacturing enterprise in Italy , Industry involves finance 、 insurance 、 aviation 、 Energy and many other areas of development . As its car production accounts for the vast majority of the country's total production , It can be said that Fiat is the synonym of Italian automobile . Fiat's auto industry suffered a serious crisis at the beginning of this century , Decline in production , Severe loss , But in recent years it has been out of the woods , Turn losses into gains .

European Commission 2009 Italy's Fiat Automobile Company was approved to purchase American Chrysler automobile company .2014 year , Fiat announced the completion of its acquisition of all shares in the Chrysler Group , Chrysler became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat . meanwhile , Fiat Chrysler Automobile Co., Ltd (FCA) Announced the formation of , Become the world's seventh largest car manufacturer .

6、 ... and 、 Italian automobile design and parts manufacturing industry

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Automobile design : Italy's automobile design has always represented the essence of its automobile industry history . Many design models of the world's major automobile manufacturers bear the unique imprint of Italian designers . The main enterprises in Italian automobile design industry include : Pinifarina group and George · Arrow design company . Two big companies are interested in car styles 、 aerodynamics 、 New technology 、 A lot of in-depth studies have been carried out on new materials and safety , To meet the needs of the market with maximum flexibility , Let the car design of these two enterprises be famous all over the world .

Auto parts : Italy has a long history of auto parts production , At the leading level in the world ! Especially tires and precision machinery 、 Equipment, machinery . gear 、 Production of connectors and moulds .

Famous enterprises are brugola OEB Industrial Corporation (Brugola OEB IndustrialeSpA), Founded on 1926 year , It is one of the largest fixed parts manufacturers in the world .

such as Bitron company , Founded on 1994 year , The company mainly provides automobile electrical appliances and electronic appliances for vehicle enterprises .

such as Brembo company , Founded on 1961 year , It is the leading Italian manufacturer of brake systems , It is also the first supplier of many famous automobile manufacturers .

6、 ... and 、 Agriculture in Italy

Italy's production mode and employment level are at the leading level in Europe . Italy's agricultural production ranks among the top three in the European Union . In Italy 56% Of the land belongs to agricultural land , The main agricultural products include fruits and vegetables 、 Grape cultivation and olive crops . Farms in Italy are close to 300 m . The differences of topography and climate between different regions make Italian agricultural production form distinct regional characteristics .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

According to the Italian National Bureau of Statistics , Italy 2016 The total value-added of agriculture is 316 Billions of euros , Top of the EU . A report from the Italian farmers' Association points out that , The most popular agricultural product in foreign markets is Italian wine .

Grape wine industry is the most traditional industry in Italy , Involving manufacturing enterprises 65 Thousands of families , Annual sales revenue exceeds 130 Billions of euros . Italy is the second largest wine producing country in the world after France . but 2015 Italy produced more wine than France , Production brewing is about 48.9 Million liters of wine , amount to 65.2 A hundred million bottles .

According to the Italian news agency , Italy has become the world's largest wine exporter , The world exports every 5 There's... In a bottle of wine 1 The bottle comes from Italy . In the wine industry 55% For red wine ,45% For white wine . The top five target countries of Italian wine export are : Germany 、 The British 、 Netherlands 、 France and Austria .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

The level of Agricultural Mechanization in Italy is very high .70 years , Italy's agriculture is fully mechanized . The degree of Agricultural Mechanization in Italy is 90 The age reached its highest level . Besides , Italy also has strong technical advantages in other aspects of agriculture , Include :

1、 Processing of agricultural products 、 Store 、 Preservation technology and equipment ;
2、 Food safety technology ( Agricultural products and Food Safety Traceability Technology ). The European Centre for food safety is located in Italy ;
3、 Technology and equipment for producing biodegradable materials from agricultural products ( Bioplastics, etc );
4、 Beef cattle and cow breeds 、 Frozen semen and embryos ;
5、 Biopesticides 、 Biological fertilizer and the production technology of biological agricultural products ;
6、 High quality rice breeding technology 、 Breeding technology of high quality fruit varieties ;
7、 High added value and low pollution aquaculture technology 、 Artificial culture technology of sturgeon and pearl oyster ;
8、 Rapid detection technology of agricultural products ;
9、 Agriculture and animal husbandry machinery ;
10、 Crop breeding technology for functional food materials ;
11、 Genetic improvement and breeding techniques of dairy buffalo .

7、 ... and 、 The leather industry in Italy

Italian leather is famous all over the world for its exquisite craftsmanship and fashionable design . Printed with “ Made in Italy ” The label of leather in the eyes of consumers often means high-end 、 Quality and excellence , The design and variety are complete , Become a symbol of the identity of high consumption groups in some countries , It's one of the world's leading fashion leathers .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Italy is a traditional leather producer , Leather production technology and output in the world and Europe occupy a leading position . The industry has 1300 companies . According to the Italian National Bureau of Statistics ,2016 The sales volume of leather and related products in Italy was 202.29 Billions of euros . Italian leather manufacturers are mainly located in Vicenza 、 Tuscany 、 Solovra and Milan four production areas , It is an international oriented enterprise , Most of them have close cooperation with foreign suppliers and customers .

8、 ... and 、 Luxury accessories and clothing industry

Italy is the birthplace of the European Renaissance . The city is booming , The human mind is active , Culture and art are highly developed , The achievement of high-end fashion products of the humanities and economic foundation . The Renaissance in Europe had a great influence on the whole of Europe and even all mankind . so , Italian luxury goods have a very strong historical accumulation .

The Italian textile industry has been very developed since the middle ages . Especially in Louis 16 Time of the world , The French government is trying to make it a global luxury hub , Italian textile workers were invited to train French craftsmen . so far , Italy's fabric quality is still second to none in the world , To lay a technical foundation for it to become a world luxury Center .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

The charm of luxury is wealth and luxury . luxury goods (Luxury) Of Latin origin “ light ”(Lux). thus , Luxury goods are often shiny 、 Enjoyable . Luxury goods convey the content through its brand visual identity system . From a sociological point of view , Luxury goods are the goods of the aristocracy . People who buy luxury goods don't necessarily pursue practical value , But in pursuit of “ best ” The feeling of .

There are many luxury brands in Italy : such as FENDI、ARMANI、Gucci、Bvigari bulgari 、Absolute etc. , For example, the world's classic brands :

1、FENDI: Fundy (FENDI) It's a famous luxury brand in Italy , As a leather family , Fundy (FENDI) Nothing is more famous than It Bag--FENDIBaguette The handbag , By the Fendi family SilviaVenturiniFENDI Design .

2、ARMANI: armani ( Armani) World famous luxury brands ,1975 Fashion designer George · Armani was founded in Milan, Italy , It is famous for its new fabrics and excellent production .

3、Gucci: Italian fashion brands , By Guccio · Gucci is 1921 Founded in Florence, Italy . The Chinese translation of Gucci .Gucci1921 Founded in Florence, Italy , It is one of the world's outstanding luxury boutique brands .

4、Bvigari bulgari : Gorgeous Italian jewellers and luxury goods . On 1884 A luxury jewelry brand established in Italy in BVLGARI, From ancient Greek and Roman culture .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

5、Absolute: It is the fastest growing yacht brand in Italy and even Europe . Since its establishment, it has been committed to building luxury yachts with the passion of crossing the waves .Absolute It's a combination of the best design , The most exquisite luxury yacht , It's also the most environmentally friendly luxury yacht .

6、 Dugabana (Dolce& Gabbana) The company was founded in 1985 year , Headquartered in Milan, Italy . Today it has become one of the leading international groups in the field of luxury goods .

7、 Baodie family (BOTTEGA VENETA): since 1966 In the beginning , A collection of excellent traditional Italian leather craftsmen , The above materials 、 Excellent craftsmanship 、 Modern functions , And innovative design for the purpose of , Adhering to the magnificent and meticulous 、 Pay attention to aesthetic feeling and have the consistent characteristics of personal style .

8、 Prada (PRADA) On 1913 It was founded in Milan .Miuccia Prada Our unique talent lies in the unremitting pursuit of new ideas . And it can predict fashion trends , Leading the fashion trend .

9、 Dairiksch (DELLE COSE) On 1977 Founded in Naples, Italy , It's a niche luxury brand in Italy . When the brand was founded ,DC It's always been the upper class of Naples , And the favorite of a small group of people like fashion people .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

10、 Versace (Versace) Well known luxury brands . Versace's fashion products dominate every field of life , Its distinctive design style , Unique beauty , The strong avant-garde artistic representation makes it popular all over the world

11、 Miao Miao (MIU MIU) Frank and experimental , And Prada It's another way to express the same design concept .Miu Miu Founded on 1993 year , Pay attention to elegance, delicacy and fun , To bring femininity to the extreme .

12、 Valentino (Valentino) It's a famous Italian high fashion brand , Founded on 1960 year . A blend of Italian craftsmanship and modern beauty , Create a beautiful example of elegance .

Italy is a global textile and clothing production and export power .

Italian textile and clothing products because of its perfect design 、 Exquisite production and high-tech post-processing are famous all over the world , There are many famous brands , Top brand products like Versace (VERSACE)、 GUCCI (GUCCI)、 Zenia (ZEGNA)、 Prada (PRADA) It is also leading the global fashion trend , Even a symbol of identity and status .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Textile and garment industry is a traditional industry with a long history in Italy , It is also the pillar industry of Italy's national economy . High quality textiles and many brands of ready-made clothing represent the trend and trend of the fashion industry ,

Nine 、 Yacht manufacturing in Italy

Italy's yacht manufacturing is at the world-class level . Like the world's top PERSHING Private yachts , PERSHING For the Italian brand , have 20 Years of history , It has inherited the fine tradition of yacht making in Italy , With its unique design 、 Speed and noble appearance ;

The best in the world Riva The yacht , Is the world's leading luxury yacht brand , Began in 1842 year , Yes 170 Years of history , It's Italy's top luxury yacht , It's also the oldest yacht in the world 、 The most legendary 、 One of the most expensive brands .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Another example is the world's top 10 private luxury yachts 1 Named “ azam ” Super yacht : The owner is now 58 Al Walid, a member of the Saudi royal family · Ben · Taral · Prince Asud . The yacht captain 180 rice , The height is equal to 12 A double decker bus , Manufacturing cost 40 RMB . This yacht has more than 50 Guest rooms , The design and creation of this yacht is extremely complicated , It's a milestone in yacht history .

Ten 、 Italy's culture and sports industry

Italy is the first country in Europe where capitalism sprouted . Its advanced area is Florence 、 Genoa 、 Venice and other places , this 3 Four famous cities became the birthplace and the largest center of the Renaissance in Italy and even in Europe . The earliest representatives of the Renaissance were Florentine poet Dante and painter Giotto .

stay 16 The century was a particularly prosperous period of the Italian Renaissance , Produced 3 One of the world's greatest artists and masters : reach · Finch 、 Michelangelo 、 Raphael .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

reach · Finch is called all rounder and wizard , Not just artists , It's a scientist again , And it was a perfect example of all-round development in the world at that time . He created a series of unparalleled artistic models . Portraits 《 The Mona Lisa 》 It is known as the best work in the world ;《 last supper 》 A model for future generations to learn from .

reach · Finch's profound artistic creation is closely combined with extensive scientific research . Leonardo da Vinci made great discoveries in many subjects , For example, in anatomy 、 physiology 、 Geology 、 botany 、 There are many achievements in Applied Technology and mechanical design , Known as the pioneer of many modern inventions .

Michelangelo is a master of high artistic attainments , In architecture , carving 、 painting 、 There are many immortal masterpieces in poetry and so on . He created a huge mural on the roof of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican , Known as the most magnificent work of art in the world . Many of his sculptures , such as 《 David 》、《 Moses 》 and 《 Dying slaves 》 etc. , In terms of skill, it is no less than that of Greek classics .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

St. Raphael is an outstanding painter , He was honored as a saint of painting by later generations . He left behind a lot of first-rate masterpieces . Such as 《 The virgin in the garden 》、《 Lady Sistine 》, And many murals in the Vatican Palace , In especial 《 Athenian School 》、《 Doctrinal arguments 》 etc. , All reach the acme of harmonious composition and perfect image .

Except for three masters of art , The representative figures of the Renaissance in this period were architects D. Bramante (1444~1514)、 Political scientists and historians N. Machiavelli 、 The poet ariasto (1474~1533). Italian scientists 、 thinker G. Bruno .

Italy has always been the world's largest country with World Heritage . later , China ranks first with Italy in the total number of world heritage projects (53). China already has 53 World culture 、 Landscape and natural heritage are included in 《 World Heritage List 》, Among them, world cultural heritage 31 term 、 World Cultural Landscape Heritage 5 term 、 World cultural and natural heritage 4 term 、 World Natural Heritage 13 term .

In the 43 At the world heritage conference of UNESCO, it was approved that Huang, located in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province ( Bo ) Habitat of seabirds ( The first phase ) On the world natural heritage list , The project has become China's No 54 World Heritage sites , China became the first in the world .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Italy has held three World Expositions , For the first time 1906 Milan World Expo , The second time is 1992 Genoa World Expo , The third time is 2015 Milan World Expo .

Italy has three famous cities in the world :

Rome, Italy : It's the capital and the largest city of Italy , It's also national politics 、 economic 、 Culture and transportation center , existing 2500 Years of history , It is a famous historical and cultural city in the world , The birthplace of the ancient Roman Empire , It has a long history " Eternal city ". A.D. 1-2 The 19th century was the heyday of Roman history, the largest empire in the West , It echoes with the Han Empire in the East , said " West Rome , East Luoyang ". It's Italy that covers the most land 、 The most populous city , It's also one of the most famous places to visit in the world .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Rome is the center of the Catholic Church all over the world , Yes 700 Multiple churches and monasteries ,7 Catholic University , The Vatican in the city is the residence of the Catholic Pope and the Vatican . Rome and Florence are both centers of the Italian Renaissance , stay 1980 year , The historic city of Rome is listed as a world heritage site .

Florence, Italy : Florence (Firenze) It's a city in central Italy . In the 15th-16th centuries , Florence is the most famous art center in Europe , And famous all over Europe for arts and crafts and textiles .

Florence was the birthplace of the European Renaissance , A world famous cultural tourist attraction .1865-1871 It was once the temporary capital of the kingdom of Italy after reunification . Florence International Biennial of contemporary art , And Venice Biennale 、 Milan triennial is also known as the three major art exhibitions in Italy .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Florence is the world famous art capital , European Cultural Center , The birthplace of the European Renaissance , The birthplace of opera , A world famous cultural tourist attraction . It belongs to Tuscany, Italy , The former capital of Italy , The cultural center of Italy .

Venice, Italy : The world famous water city , Known as the “ Water city ”、“ Hundred Island City ”、“ Bridge City ” Known as the . World famous historical and cultural city , The birthplace of the Venetian School of painting , Its architecture 、 painting 、 sculpture 、 Opera has a very important position and influence in the world .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Sports in Italy are very developed , It is a famous sports country in the world .

Italy has hosted three Olympic Games , One is the Summer Olympics , namely 1960 The Olympic Games in Rome , Two Winter Olympics , namely 1956 Cotina danpezzo Winter Olympics ,2006 Winter Olympics in Turin .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Italy is known as “ World football Kingdom . Italy has won four World Cup titles . The Chinese nickname of the national team “ The Blues ”. so far , Only Italy and Brazil have successfully defended their World Cup titles .

1968 year , Italy won the European National Cup . This champion is the first intercontinental champion since Italy's World War II .1982 The world cup in Spain , Italy, with its excellent performance , Once again on the throne , The hero of the year was Paul the golden boy · Rossi , Put in 6 The ball .2006 year , Led by Lippi , To the top of the world again . Serie A is one of the top five leagues in Europe .

 Italy “ Dominating the world ” Top ten industries of

Italy's overall economic strength in the world is still very strong , But Italy was the first country among the Seven industrialized countries in the west to begin to decline . According to statistics ,2019 Italy's economic growth was extremely sluggish , Year-on-year growth 0.3%, The economic growth rates in the four quarters were respectively :0.2%、0.4%、0.5%、0.1%, Because there was no positive growth in the fourth quarter , Italy will fall into “ Technical decline ”. But a skinny camel is bigger than a horse , Italy's economy still exists 、 Cultural heritage still exists .
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