If you really want to do a good job in short video operation, read it carefully, equivalent to learning the whole basic operation
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At the tiktok creators conference, which has just ended. , Tiktok announced : By 8 month , The tiktok is over. 6 Billion .

Past year , exceed 2200 Tiktok combined to earn more than 10000 people. 417 One hundred million yuan .

 If you really want to do short video operation well , Read it carefully , Equivalent to learning the whole basic operation

At the meeting , Tiktok also announced the support of the transcript. , Past year , There are more than 2200 Tiktok combined to earn more than 10000 people. 417 One hundred million yuan . Zhang Nan said , The next year , Tiktok wants to double the figure. , Let the income of creators reach 800 Billion .

An epidemic this year , Both online and offline demand for video has shifted a lot , Spawning a series of short videos , Live delivery 、 Online course 、 Cloud fitness and other new money making models .

Complete the transaction through short video display products , It has become an irreversible business model , It is also the most worthwhile area for us to try and set foot in .

It's just , As ordinary people, we , How should we plan our short video realization road ?

I'm black bull ,18 Women's wear community before , Seven years of e-commerce experience , About one year 1800w,19 We started to set up a short video team in Nanjing in March , During this period, more than ten models were discarded .

Final 3 It's been a month 70w, The highest single day wechat powder adding 3600 people . It also hatched a series of matrix accounts , At present, I have more than fans of the whole network matrix 200w.

So today tiktok dry cargo will be shared with you. :

Tiktok platform operation mechanism

We are serious about making money , There should be a minimum of respect for the rules . This is the same reason that we should first please our superiors , If you want to earn money in tiktok , First of all, you have to know what kind of content he likes , Understand its features and distribution platform , Only in this way can we shoot the works recommended by the platform .

  • Platform features

The most tiktok characteristics of the platform : De centralization 、 Algorithm mechanism 、 Stack recommendation

De centralization :

Tiktok and WeChat official account differ greatly. : Who do you care about the official account? , You can see whose content , More fans , The more traffic .

But tiktok is not. , You're following someone , But maybe you won't get his video in the next six months . in other words , Your fans in the tiktok. , Is not your , Or the tiktok official? , How much video you play , It still depends on the content of each video .

It also gives many new tiktok creators. , That's what I tiktok for. , My latest matrix number , As long as the content is enough to fit the current form , Still able to break through quickly 1000 fans , Generate realization .

Algorithm mechanism :

Tiktok algorithm , You can play tiktok. .

Trembling relies on today's tiktok recommendation algorithm. , The algorithm differs from the official account of WeChat. .

Its basic recommendation mechanism will allocate a certain amount of traffic to each video , It's usually 1-200——500——1000, Such a stepped flow .

Full playback rate of video , The interaction rate is the key to decide whether you can enter the next flow pool , And updated in real time .

Stack recommendation :

To get overlay traffic after publishing video , The standard of audit is the same as the flow pool .

In general , If the quality of our new short video is not bad .

If system allocation is obtained 1k About the amount of play , If the forwarding volume reaches 30, Then the system will automatically judge that the video is very popular , Therefore, the video is automatically weighted , This stack of recommendations will give you 300w;

If the forwarding volume reaches 300, It will stack the recommendation to 3000w, And so on .

Therefore, we should guide users to leave messages and comments when publishing videos , As for how to guide users to comment , Increase interaction for more exposure , It will be explained in detail later .

  • Distribution details

The distribution mechanism of the jitter is tiktok in its order. : Weight loss mechanism 、 Audit mechanism 、 Feature recognition and human intervention .

Weight loss mechanism :

It's to avoid handling . In order to maintain the user popularity of the platform , The authorities will certainly protect the original . If your video was sent by someone else , Then the video may not be recommended .

Here's the repeat video , Including copying other people's videos , And highly similar videos .

Of course , The mechanism of the weight elimination is tiktok not particularly strict. , Otherwise, there will not be a second fire , There are also many people who take advantage of this gap to seek benefits , in general , Tiktok wants to develop healthfully in long term. , Or do the original content well .

Audit mechanism :

Tiktok is like the headline. , Audit is also divided into machine audit and manual audit .

Generally, it is mainly machine audit , Do some manual audits that cannot be judged by machines .

Auditing is generally the review of video content 、 Video description / title . Whether there is sensitive information in the main audit 、 Is there any diversion to other platforms .

There is an interceptor Library in the machine audit algorithm , After the video is released, it will enter the audit status immediately , Automatic comparison of video titles 、 Can the content match the library , If it matches , Then it won't pass the audit .

therefore , Multiple positive videos , After all , The idea of shaking is tiktok. : Record a good life .

however , If you are a marketing enterprise , It can be so blue v authentication , need 600 Margin and business license , Official marketing can be carried out .

But it's not a particularly sensitive marketing , I do not recommend. , Tiktok is essentially an entertainment platform. , Everyone has fun , You send an ad , Who would like to see it ?

No one looked at it. , We can't achieve the goal of marketing .

  • Feature recognition

When the video is approved , Tiktok system will be based on the content and title of the video. , Tag this post , And match the relevant user groups , Prepare to push this video to this group of people .

Here's a question I've been asked the most : Tiktok account number ?

Some people say that if your account is not well maintained, your label will be very messy , Fans are not vertical , Not recommended . To brush a fixed type of video every day , Fixed time or something .

But there are two tiktok tags. : User tags and creator Tags , The type of video you brush every day makes up your user tag , The content of your account determines your Creator tag . These two are not in conflict , It's not related .

Can't a creator of hair and skincare wear everyday watch the handsome sand sculpture video ?

The so-called yanghao , That is to brush the video before sending the video , Let the system know that you are not malicious registered machine number .

It doesn't matter what you see , What is the key to creating a tiktok? .

Artificial intervention

Video content auditing is much more difficult than text , Machines don't do everything .

Because the machine can not accurately judge whether the video is illegal or not , How about the quality , And because the machine is based on past data to judge , It can't predict the way users publish videos completely . After many factors , Artificial intervention mechanism is introduced .

Tiktok is also recruiting video content auditors. , That is, the role of artificial intervention mechanism , Judge whether the released video is illegal according to the experience of auditors , And report , Tiktok can fill some of the loopholes in machine audit. .

Last , If you want to make a matrix number , Test the account , Share some tips for avoiding handling : Add filter / Left right symmetry transformation / Background zoom in and out / Adapted shooting angle / Change background music / Transform video frames

( Limited space , I will not elaborate on the specific principles and steps here , If you want to study concretely, you are welcome to study and discuss more ways to play in private , You can write it by private mail )

How to find the most reference for benchmarking accounts

Want to make good content , Don't build a car behind closed doors , Need a lot of reference to the excellent content that has been verified by the market , And don't bring yourself into the user while you're watching , But from the perspective of the creator : Why did he say that at the beginning , What are the benefits ? What's the message in his comment area ? What comments can trigger discussion ?

The difference between creators and users is that : Users only care if their emotions are satisfied , Passive acceptance in the whole process , Cry and smile with the video , Like a marionette , And the creator is the person behind the line .

Here we recommend several video data analysis tools :
  • Flying melon data
  • Shake up
  • Cicada mother
  • Optimistic data
  • Cass data

I usually use the data of flying melon , It can help us quickly understand the data of different types of video , Watch the latest hot videos , Provide creative reference .

remember : At the beginning , imitation , It's the best way to learn .

Also, don't look for someone who has released your work long before , Such an account is not referential , Looking for recent activity , The fastest up account .

How to locate account ?

  • IP make

Definition :

Ip To put it bluntly, it's personal image , The future consumption pattern is one IP Surrounded by fans , Fans are in their favorite IP Where do you get the products they recommend .

advantage :

There are no restrictions on the products , If your IP The image has been established , No matter what kind of goods you bring , As long as it's not a fake product , Your fans will buy it . Because essentially they pay for you , Your personality is very important . The charisma here is not about how talented you need to be , as beautiful as flowers , It is You have a fixed label that can arouse the audience's emotion .

As long as yours. The label is bright enough , No matter where you are , What kind of identity , It doesn't make people like you .

Challenge :

IP Image building can not be established in a short time , Need to insist on vertical works , Emphasize your own people IP, It's not just the execution you need day after day , And the endurance of the early silence , But trust me , You did it , You are ahead of 80% People who . I've seen so many videos that I haven't sent three or five , I can't see the amount of play , Don't want to improve , People who are ready to give up .

Tiktok is a chance for everyone. , But there are only a few who seize the opportunity and succeed , Those haven't been there for long, they haven't even started yet , Tiktok is a man who lies and tremble. , I just want to say :“ What such people do is a cover , Because he didn't think about trying to change the status quo , And they don't have the qualities necessary to make money .”

How do you do it? :

First of all, we need to know what industries can be done ? Here's a screenshot of the field of jitter tiktok. , No matter what industry you want to be , You tiktok first to know what industries can be done on the pitch. , Which industries are not allowed to enter .

Recommend a website address :www.feigua.cn This website contains all tiktok industry categories. , And which accounts are well done in each industry , There are account data rankings , You can refer to it .

Want to make a good account , You first need to know what a good account is , Improve the aesthetic , You'll be able to take advantage of the situation and improve your ability .

  • The video is short

Definition :

Similar to eating late at night and other good food and snacks recommended , Each short video can hang a window link , Attract the audience to click on the product link by introducing the product or making the product appear on the screen , Commission yourself .

advantage :

Unlimited realization , Because if you start with a good life recommendation , So your positioning is a good species grass machine , Not because you bring goods to you on the bad words or take customs , There is no upper limit on how much you can earn , It depends on the amount of video you play and the effect .

Challenge :

This ratio IP No.1 test of execution , You plan one IP It may take a few days for a video to come out , But if you are short video with goods, then you must send more videos , Even if you only have 500 Play volume , Every time 500 The amount of play can bring 10 Single sales , Then you send one video a day and five videos a day will bring different benefits .

How do you do it? :

Multiple videos are not random , You must explain the selling point of the product clearly , How to plan specifically , This place suggests that we should learn the specific explanation of my short video account planning .

  • Live delivery

Definition :

This is the way most businesses choose to carry goods , Tiktok is also a way to support traffic flow. , It is to sell goods through live broadcast .

advantage :

As long as you have enough time , Have a certain eloquence , And supplemented by certain preferential policies , There is no upper limit on the sales volume of your live delivery .

Challenge :

However, the comparison tests your familiarity with the playing methods in the live room , It is necessary to have five major traffic inlets in the live broadcast room , How to improve the weight of live broadcasting room ,feed I have a certain understanding of stream playing and live broadcasting .

How do you do it? :

You need to have it 1000 fans ,10 Article works , And real name authentication , It's still necessary to open the window now 500 margin . Tiktok is also seen to be increasingly standardized and restricted by the system of live cash transfers. , The earlier the entrance, the better .

This is the off-duty student of our line , There is a special square traffic , Do not rely on payment to pull , A live broadcast 10w Field view , sales 10w, Field view and sales 1:1, Free traffic plays well, also very fragrant

Tiktok is a public domain platform. , Some love it. , Some people don't like it .

What we have to do is let them talk freely , So this video helps me bring up the amount of other videos .

Last , What I want to tell you is : Tiktok is the absolute advantage of most of the game player. .

I've seen many students come to me for communication , At the beginning, I was excited to say how many fans I wanted to be , I didn't even finish my course , Take two videos at random, and you start to procrastinate , And then there was no movement .

I have witnessed many students start from scratch , Study and do content diligently , I made my own pot of gold , Keep going up to make money .

Tiktok making money , It's not a myth in the eyes of the clamor , It's the reality that practitioners strive for .

The era of short video has given every one of us the opportunity to turn against the wind , It's a myth or a reality , It's you .

 If you really want to do short video operation well , Read it carefully , Equivalent to learning the whole basic operation

Live broadcast of e-commerce 2016 Since then, it has gradually risen , Start to enter the outbreak period . Then the platform strengthens the incubation system of live red people 、 Supply chain integration and related supporting support , On 2019 Since then, it has been increasing , The outbreak of e-commerce live broadcasting mainly includes consumption habits 、 Content upgrade 、 Several reasons for technical iteration . A new generation of consumers grow up in short videos 、 The period of rapid rise of live broadcasting , More intuitive 、 Interactive consumption mode , And they prefer online consumption of mobile terminal ; Compared with the traditional online shop goods graphic explanation , The content form of live e-commerce is more optimized , The main performance is professionalism 、 Interesting and diverse ;5G Times bring better viewing experience , A smart phone 、 The continuous development of live broadcasting equipment provides hardware foundation .

 If you really want to do short video operation well , Read it carefully , Equivalent to learning the whole basic operation

Okay That's all for today If you are just doing short video operation , Very confused , I don't know how to operate ,

I put together a set of 【 Trill from 0 Start full operation 】 Dry goods information of , It contains the red line rule of tiktok. 、 Basic operational knowledge 、 Novice from two months 0 To 50 Wanfen Supply platform tiktok essential knowledge points !

 If you really want to do short video operation well , Read it carefully , Equivalent to learning the whole basic operation

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