Six mysteries of SEO optimization of "2020 latest" website
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Website SEO It means “ Search engine optimization ”, And in general, our search engine optimization , It refers to Baidu search engine 、 Google search engine 、360 Search engine 、 Sogou search engine 、 Shenma search engine and so on . seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Website SEO That is, website optimization on these search engines , Can let the website rank a little bit higher .

「2020 newest 」 Website SEO The Six Secrets of optimization

Website seo A few popular points :

A little bit more simple : It's for a website , Specify a keyword , When searching for the keyword , Let its website appear on the first page of Baidu and other search engines .

Website SEO It's a way of online marketing .

Website SEO It's a kind of network marketing way to let the website get more potential customers .

Website SEO It is a kind of network marketing method that makes the website get more potential customers from Baidu and other search engines .

Website SEO The effect is reflected in the improvement of ranking in search results .

SEO It's the most accurate Chinese name “ Search engine search ranking results optimization ”, abbreviation “ Search engine optimization ”, It's English Search Engine optimization Abbreviation .

Website SEO The main task is through the website structure 、 Keyword selection 、 Website content planning to adjust and optimize , Improve on Baidu website 、Google、Yahoo! And the natural ranking in search results .

Website SEO The advantages of marketing :

Effective : There are professional websites SEO It can be maintained for a long time , A year 、 Two years or even forever .

The effect is good : Website traffic increased ; More registered users ; These are precisely quantifiable , It's not like advertising , It is difficult to evaluate the effect accurately .

Cost performance : It's a lot cheaper than competitive ranking and advertising . The cost of competitive ranking or online advertising is getting higher and higher now , And the website SEO There is an absolute advantage over .

Website SEO User experience : Enhance website friendliness , Enhance brand reputation .

Website seo Six tips for optimization

One 、 Keyword analysis ( Also known as key words positioning )

Website SEO The most important part of the key word positioning , Keyword analysis includes : User needs analysis , Keyword attention analysis 、 Competitor analysis 、 Keyword and website relevance analysis 、 Keyword index 、 Key words layout 、 Keywords, ranking, prediction, etc .

Two 、 Website structure analysis

Simple website structure, in line with the crawler preferences of search engines, is conducive to the site SEO. Website SEO Architecture analysis includes : Reduce the code that search engines don't recognize (FLASH、JS、 video ), Deep design of website architecture is not conducive to optimization 、 Website framework to achieve tree structure 、 Website navigation and link optimization .

3、 ... and 、 Website directory and page optimization

Website SEO It's not just to make the home page of the website rank well in search engines , Of course, the weight of the home page is the highest , More important is to let every page of the website bring traffic , The audience of popular articles , How to retain users is the content of the future use of topic page ranking scheme .

Four 、 Content publishing and link layout

Search engines like high quality websites, and the content should be updated constantly , Therefore, we should publish and update the website content reasonably every day, update four articles every day, and grasp the task quantity according to the quantity of the content . The layout of the links inside the website organically connects the contents of the whole website , Let the search engine understand the importance of each page and keywords , The implementation of the reference is the first point of keyword layout . This is also the time to launch the friendship link campaign .

5、 ... and 、 Talk to search engines

Looking at websites in search engines SEO The effect of , adopt site: Your domain name , Know the site included and updated .

6、 ... and 、 Website traffic analysis

Website traffic analysis from website SEO Analyze the pages of the website with the number of visits , Results on the site to guide the next step SEO Strategy , At the same time, the user experience Optimization of the website has guiding significance .

Website traffic doctor network Summary : The first thing to do is to know what it is , Like the first paragraph , What's more, what are the advantages and disadvantages of popular , At the end of the day, you have to practice it , No practice, only I know , You don't know the website seo The effect of , So we need to put it into practice .

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