Taobao's next operation direction will not miss an era
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 Taobao's next operation direction , Miss an era without looking

【 Write it at the front 】 After double eleven , I found that the market began to spread, the flow is expensive , It's hard to get the flow ; Ask me back , When is the flow easy to take ? Many students complain that the loss of platform traffic is that they can't get the traffic have to Main cause , Is that the truth ? It's because of other e-commerce platforms 、 Tiktok 、 JD.COM 、 Pinduoduo splits the flow of Taobao , I don't think so , Because of Alibaba's official data, Taobao users have been growing , The volume of traffic has also been growing, and there is no sign of being divided , Using other platforms to split Taobao traffic is just your senseless guess , Why Taobao traffic is difficult to take just because the existence of Taobao traffic has a fundamental turn , It used to be demand-oriented search traffic , Now it's the content traffic that accounts for the majority of , Taobao's traffic has never been reduced, just a form of internal capacity traffic crawling on the platform . Taobao never lacks traffic , I feel that the growth of users is the core of every platform , But in the era of big data applications , The e-commerce platform is not just about the scale of users , We should pursue users more PV Value and UV value , In short, it is more important to pay attention to the user's mind 、 The quality health that generates the transaction , And penetration of the target customer group , That is to say, from large-scale traffic operation to meticulous data user operation with retention as long-term goal , Speaking of this, there must be many students who don't understand what I want to say , It's very simple , Taobao platform traffic is roughly divided into two categories : Demand definiteness traffic is mainly search , Another kind of demand is not clear content traffic to micro Taotao , Short video 、 Mainly live broadcast ; The overall traffic of Taobao platform is increasing every year, only the increasing part is in the content flow , This is to think about this problem from the perspective of crowd flow , How to transfer from potential customers to new customers , That is, from content flow to demand flow , Content flow is what we cultivate needs , Stimulate demand, recommend more needs and the core of growing grass , How many students do this part of the flow , All single channel to grab demand for clear traffic , your , Poor results are normal , If it's not expensive , No, it's not good. It's not normal . If you don't pull new, you can't talk about harvesting , I was in < If you don't give up search traffic, you'll die Of Miserable > A personal point of view is put forward in this article , Search traffic for harvesting , The direction of traffic growth lies in your planting grass and layout of content traffic, which is the general direction , In the future, it must be data operation based on big data application closed-loop system , operating “ people ” That's the core .


In the aspect of stores, the demand for explicit traffic has changed to content flow , On the other hand, the overall store growth will be driven by the drainage outside the station , The core is to create the subject mind through the whole link of user behavior through data , Achieve the traction of target users , Improve population conversion rate ---- This is the ghost high-value information flow data application closed-loop system .

This system is a double loop closed loop ecosystem

One is : To the basic attributes of the crowd and pry the search traffic and other Taotao free traffic port as pull new , The inner circulation closed-loop system with directional crowd as harvesting

Two is : Taking the external drainage and content flow of the station as the layout of pulling new ports from potential customers to new customers , The more potential customers open up , The more new customers precipitate, the better the effect of stratified harvesting with targeted population. This is an external circulation closed-loop system .

In the double loop closed-loop system, the most important thing is not to let the data fault and the stratification of the crowd treat the differential operation , We need data-driven to build the behavior of visitors and reach the whole link , To all kinds of marketing “ scene ” To maximize the value of visitors .

Why do you always advocate that you don't swipe the bill or pay to test the initial crowd portrait label , The core is the growth of users, that is, the growth of store traffic based on the portrait of users' seed population , Only in this way can the accuracy of recommended traffic work .

For users ( buyers ) According to the distribution of buyers 、 grow up 、 Value layered operation specifies different operation objectives for different users , Such as the new visitors to do a good job to undertake the transformation of new , Keep sales promotion for low living and sleeping users , We're going to defend against rassing , Yes

The loss of users to do pull back and loss early warning, these are people 、 cargo 、 site , Understanding of the field .

Inner loop we've played 2 Over the years, the follow-up competition will certainly be more and more big , The future direction lies in the combination of internal and external circulation , It depends on who gets “ Content business ” passageway , See who gets the show at lower cost .

“ Want to buy ” It will become the core competitiveness of subsequent e-commerce operations .

The direction of open source drainage is outside the station and content channel traffic , The station traffic will enter the stage of intense competition , Dislocation of the competitive environment , Big data application closed loop is the killer mace to improve the value of visitors , Dig deep into the needs of visitors , Recommending more demand and increasing sales is the next direction .

Being a shop is the same as building a platform , The first consideration is the cost of getting customers within the allowable range , There is no strategic loss in e-commerce , Your acquisition cost determines whether you can stick to it , Let's not talk about success or failure , Why do people start to feel that e-commerce is difficult to do , The fundamental reason is that , The cost of getting customers is high , It's just a competition in a particular scenario “ high ”, Content e-commerce channel's customer acquisition cost is very low , Many channels have zero cost ; It's just that you've chosen the wrong direction to get traffic .

Why has Ali always stressed that it is operation now “ people ” Era , In fact, it is guiding us to build a closed battlefield with human operation center . People used to climb on keywords , Now people are in the content channel , Business is where people are , It is certainly not possible to use the fixed thinking of the past to do e-commerce , I have said this many times, and several people are willing to choose to believe .

Now we must use platform thinking to do e-commerce , Store thinking to consider product layout and operation strategy , What kind of play do you care about , Study what fast burst flow , It's very tall. In fact, the pattern is very small .

What are you doing , How to study everything around this module data model , A blockbuster model is only a small part of the operating system , He can be ignored in the whole business process , Because there are more important problems than the blockbuster model , such as “ market demand ”, I often say that you need to find products first , Then there are products to look for demand ?

Ask yourself , I dare say that every day we study popular models, we must search for the products we need , Because using demand to find products is the process of finding goods and people, which is the process of matching demand with labels .

Forget about the blockbuster model , Forget about competitor data , Thinking with platform thinking is nothing more than pulling new and harvesting .

La Xin : There are two scenarios for the segmentation of new customers

One : Potential customers transfer new customers

Two : Attract more new customers or similar groups of new customers

The process of potential customers transferring new customers is to collect and purchase , Pull more new customers and new customers like the crowd is more hits .

Subdivide all promotion tools based on these two scenarios , Those buttons are pull new , Those buttons are harvest , Be sure to sort out .

harvest : There are more scenes

Harvest for targeted people , General is the recent collection and purchase of people

Position harvesting , For example, the home page , Search for , Card sales are all in different locations and scenarios

The crowd was reaping in layers and so on

These are all based on big data application closed-loop systems .

Do a shop must first build a good framework , After setting up the bottom frame, what is left behind is filling and replenishing , As an operation, it's not technology that's advanced, it's business thinking , And constant deep thinking and scientific deduction , Keep digging .

Your la Xin , Has the harvesting frame been set up ? This is the first step in the next step of playing with data , First use the data , Re feeding data , The process of reusing data .

The next direction is the era of data operation with big data application closed-loop system as the core .
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