How convenient! Baidu Encyclopedia launched this new function, so that people with encyclopedia entries have applied one after another!
Agudo 2020-11-25 23:35:12
Baidu official microblog background sometimes receive such private messages , Netizens reflected that they found mistakes in their encyclopedia , But there is no way to quickly modify and perfect :
Before , In order to ensure that the content of the entry is well documented , Ensure accurate information for users , Our rule is to corroborate the content through authoritative and public media reports . But because of the changing media environment 、 Inaccurate historical reports 、 Information update is not timely and other reasons , Some contents of the entry may not be modified in time .

Now , We offer a better solution !

Baidu Encyclopedia has been launched “ My entry editing service ”, If you find your entry wrong or incomplete , You can apply for this service for free , It's more convenient to modify your entry !

What is my entry editing service ?

My entry editing service is Baidu Encyclopedia in order to improve the accuracy of character entry information , It is convenient for me to modify the error of my entry , And the service is completely free !

What conditions do you need to apply for ?

If you want to apply for my own editing service , need :

Have their own entry ( It's the same name as you , It's also about you , The same name doesn't count , And only for Baidu Encyclopedia has successfully included entries open , Entries that have not been included successfully , You need to create entries according to Baidu Encyclopedia creation rules );

The entry name is as like as two peas ( Stage name 、 Pen name 、 A former name doesn't count );

Work certificate 、 You are able to distinguish between your skills and other documents of the same name .

Then you can apply for my editing service !

( In Encyclopedia - In my entry editing service, click “ Apply now ”)

What is the application process ?

After completing the identity authentication of baidu account , that will do :

Sign commitment letter . Guarantee and commitment to the authenticity of published content , No other evidence is needed , Not applicable to achievements 、 evaluation 、 High risk content such as academic representative works ;

Upload material . For the contents of the letter of undertaking not applicable , Upload offline certification materials ( ID 、 award certificate 、 Qualification certificate, etc ) As a reference for the content of the entry . To ensure that the entry is not tampered with , All contents and supporting materials submitted through my own entry editing service ( Id card 、 passport 、 Except for account book ) It will be displayed to netizens .

Here's a picture , After reading it, you will understand .

Will entries be monopolized by myself ?

Of course not ! My editing is for users who have been authenticated by real name and have successfully bound their own entries , Provide the channel for me to upload the qualification , The entry is still open 、 Everyone can edit .

In addition, I edit ≠ I am free to edit , Although the reference materials can be supplemented by uploading offline qualification photos and letters of guarantee , But like myself 、 Academic works 、 The contents of high risk, such as medical and political , Still need to submit online information to support .

At the same time, all offline qualifications uploaded by me can be seen on the front page , Everyone has the right to question the qualifications submitted by themselves .

What to do if you find mistakes in other entries ?

We often receive feedback from Baidu official account or micro-blog backstage. , I would like to take this opportunity to tell you :

Baidu Encyclopedia is open for editing , At present, most entry editors do not limit account level , Only some of the more perfect features of the entry and through the authoritative experts 、 Authoritative entries of organization audit and certification , In order to protect the content from being tampered with casually, the modification authority is increased accordingly .

If there is any mistake or doubt in the content of the entry , In addition to the direct modification , Feedback can also be made in the following ways :

Wrong entry content . You can click at the bottom of the entry page → I have questions → I want to question and give feedback , There will be encyclopedia users to help verify the correction ;

( Drop down to the bottom of the entry page )

You have not reached the edit permission of the entry . You can go to “ Baidu Encyclopedia ” Zhongfa post for help , Or do the task to upgrade the account before editing ;

(“ Baidu Encyclopedia ” page )

The entry is locked and needs to be unlocked for editing . You can go to “ Baidu Encyclopedia ” Unlock post message , Portal :

There are infringement contents in the entry . You can go to the bottom of the entry page to complain about suggestions → Feedback from complaint infringement Information Office ;

( Drop down to the bottom of the entry page )

Entry not passed . You can click online customer service at the bottom of the entry page during the workday → Manual customer service consultation , Or private message official microblog @ Baidu Encyclopedia .

Baidu Encyclopedia has been established 12 Years. ,12 Year , We are committed to “ Let human beings know the world equally ”. By 2018 year 6 month , Baidu Encyclopedia has included more than 1540 Ten thousand words , More than 100 netizens participated in the entry editing 652 ten thousand people , It covers almost all known areas of knowledge .

These can not do without the help of netizens , Thank you for !

Now , We launched “ My entry editing function ”, Hope to improve the experience of editing users , Reduce the editing cost and difficulty .

Last , Portal for you , Baidu search “ My entry editing service ” Through !