Kwai powder 5W+, cost 2.5, ROI3.4, fast hand direct seeding drainage correct way.
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 Puff up 5W+, cost 2.5,ROI3.4, The right way to Kwai live broadcast is

1、 Enterprise introduction

Customer Q It is a clothing manufacturer outside the province , Not only undertake other brands of clothing processing services , Also has its own clothing brand , So it's a collection of design 、 production 、 machining 、 Customized and sales as one of the clothing enterprises . The company's main products include jeans 、T T-shirt 、 shirt 、 Business Suits 、 Windbreaker 、 Down Jackets 、 Cashmere coat and other daily wear categories of men and women .

Over the years, the company has been successfully processing and producing clothing for major brands , With their own integrity and strength and excellent product quality , It has won a high degree of recognition in the industry .

2、 Marketing background

2019 The short video track is surging , and 2020 year , It should be said that it was the first year of the outbreak of national live broadcasting , A sudden epidemic , It brings a lot of inconvenience to people's life , however “ House economy ” It's very hot “ Short video + live broadcast ” This business model is booming , In order to break the dilemma, many enterprises and businesses have also rapidly arranged online marketing channels .

 Puff up 5W+, cost 2.5,ROI3.4, The right way to Kwai live broadcast is

There is no doubt that live broadcasting has a strong driving force for the sales of goods , Because we've seen too many examples : For example, so and so star, so and so net red , It was sold in a few minutes XX single , After a live broadcast, the total sales volume was as high as XX Tens of millions or XX Billion . without doubt , Live selling has a huge potential , because The Kwai Fu builds a community climate based on trust. , Now it has become one of the main outlets of marketing promotion for many small and medium-sized enterprises .

Although the current live sales still belong to the flow dividend period , But the threshold of live delivery is also low , So the competition is still very fierce . Customer Q Also has its own Kwai Fu. , Want to sell your Kwai pants products quickly. , But in the past, I didn't pay much attention to the drainage of live broadcasting room , So the sales of live broadcasting are very average , So this time I want us to help him drain the studio , Test the effect and cost of powder rising .

3、 Launch target

Customer Q The budget of this launch is 16W about , Hope to expand their own live room traffic , Speed up for your own Kwai , The assessment is the quantity and cost of powder increase . At the same time, it can improve the brand awareness of enterprises , Then Kwai trust platform users trust relationship. , Lay the foundation for future commodity trading .

4、 Launch plan

1、 Population analysis

? Launch age : There is no limit

? Launch area : There is no limit

? Launch time :12:00-13:00

? How to put it in :OCPC/CPC

2、 Determine video cover and copywriting

? cover : The theme of advertisement cover is character image , The direct use of beautiful ladies and sisters dressed in the form of display , Match the bright and simple background according to the characteristics of the dress , Create a unified style . It should be noted that , To capture the most beautiful short video content 、 The most representative picture serves as the cover , In order to improve the video click through rate and attention rate .

? copy : The first thing is to highlight the live time , for example “XX At noon, 12 spot ”, Prepare users for time . The second part will explain the type of live broadcast products , It's cheap and beautiful ? Or the promotion of daily goods .

? Button Guide : Bold, “ Preemptive attention ” Wait button , Click the button to jump to the landing page , Then you can jump to the live broadcasting room through the landing page , Guide users to pay attention in advance , Realize the drainage of live broadcasting room for customers .

 Puff up 5W+, cost 2.5,ROI3.4, The right way to Kwai live broadcast is

3、 Video content

The video content is a part of the preview of preferential products in the live broadcast room , Display the advantages of one or two styles and products with large discount , Or a big surprise 、 In order to give them a real discount , Fully arouse the curiosity of users , Attract them to buy in the studio .

 Puff up 5W+, cost 2.5,ROI3.4, The right way to Kwai live broadcast is

4、 Targeted creative materials

According to the characteristics of different products for different types of users , Develop targeted creative materials . For example, young and trendy 、 The student party is cheap and cost-effective or loose and thin , Seize the needs of different users and find the corresponding “ Pain points ”, Recommend them the right one 、 Products that work for them , In this way, advertising is not easy to cause user disgust , It can also improve the sales volume and overall conversion rate of the products in the later stage .

 Puff up 5W+, cost 2.5,ROI3.4, The right way to Kwai live broadcast is

5、 Delivery effect

Advantage of Kwai Tai platform Information flow advertising , The effect of the launch was very satisfactory , The live broadcasting room is getting close 5W, The average price of jeans is only 2.5 yuan , On the first day of ROI Average 0.45,14 Japanese ROI Average 3.36, Customers are very satisfied with the conversion effect .

 Puff up 5W+, cost 2.5,ROI3.4, The right way to Kwai live broadcast is

6、 summary

1、 Kwai live broadcast with strong cargo capacity

Kwai Tai platform is rich in variety. , For live delivery, support multiple conversion objectives : Product visit 、 Order payment 、 Powder rising and direct seeding room drainage . And the platform has large traffic and wide opportunities , and Based on private domain traffic protection and unique old fellow trust, the community atmosphere. , For increasing powder, raising powder and even carrying goods to transform profits , The effect is very good !

2、 Kwai Kong video covers and titles are important.

The cover of the video is more beautiful, and the title content is clearer and clearer , There is no doubt that more users can be attracted to click , So as to provide video playback volume and user relationship , Injection volume . And the platform can focus on the selection of video support , Video cover and title are also important auditing standards .

3、 Direct seeding with goods should be drained to the live broadcasting room first

Kwai live broadcast is important to bring over live sales. , So in addition to careful selection of products and anchors , Must be the first drainage for their own live room , Because the more people watch you live , Transformation is more likely .
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