How to play excel in the workplace
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In the workplace , The electronic form is the essential office software in the work . Learn some tips for using spreadsheets , You can get twice the result with half the effort , Here's some experience .

 How to play with spreadsheets in the workplace EXCE

One 、 Learn to “ Copy and paste ” data . Common office software , Data can be copied and pasted with each other , The spreadsheet can be used with word Documents can be copied and pasted without obstacles . use word It's not easy to control making tables , It's not easy to calculate data , You can put word The form is pasted into a spreadsheet , Adjust the format , Calculate the data , Then paste it into word In the document . The spreadsheet 、word Can also be combined with ppt Paste data between each other . In addition, the table data found in the web page , You can also paste them into spreadsheets and word In the document , In order to process .

Two 、 Learn to beautify forms . The form looks like a person's face , Try to be moderate in size , Proper length and width , Beautiful and generous , It's comfortable to drive . A table with fewer rows , You passed “ Set row height ”, Increase row height appropriately , Be neat and uniform ; When the number of columns is small , You can add a comment column to the right of the table , Whether or not data is required in the remarks column . The way to do it should be reasonable , Up and down usually take “ Vertical center ” alignment , Horizontal, generally left aligned , If the length of the data is the same , You can also Center . The font size should be moderate , Tabular data 10-12 No , title 16-22 No . Learn to set the header area and print area of the form , Ensure that the table header can be printed out in multi page form , Specific to the page settings to select the title area and print area . If the form submitted to the superior is not familiar with you , It's best to leave your name and contact number at the bottom of the form , So that the superior can contact you at any time .

3、 ... and 、 To learn several functions . There are many functions in spreadsheets , It's also troublesome to use , As a general professional , As long as you master the following functions , You can play with spreadsheets .

1. VLOOKUP, To find matching data functions , This is a necessary function for matching data between different tables , share 4 Parameters , They are the target values to find 、 Find the range , Number of data columns matched , Fuzzy match or not .

2.sumifs Multi conditional summation function . The most commonly used is sum function , but sum Function cannot sum data conditionally .Sumifs The parameters of are , Summation region , Summation condition region 1, Summation condition 1, Summation condition region 2, Summation condition 2, wait , It can contain multiple conditions , For example, the statistics category is sales personnel 、 Gender is male 、 Salary income of senior executives , You can use it sumifs Function , Very easy to use .

3.countifs Multi conditional statistical function , Usage and sumifs similar , It's very powerful , I won't go into details here .

4.midb Truncate string function . The scenario that can be used is to intercept a person's birth date from the ID card number. . If the ID card's cell is A2, To extract the time of birth , The formula can be written as B2=MIDB(A2,7,4)& "-" &MIDB(A2,11,2)& "-"& MIDB(A2,13,2)

5.if Conditional logic function , Parameters 1 On condition that , Parameters 2 Is the value when the condition is true , Parameters 3 Is the value when the condition does not hold .If Functions can be nested .

6. Date function year、month、day, Extract year from date data 、 month 、 Japan , If the cell for the time of birth is B3, year =YEAR(B3)

You can learn the usage of the above functions in detail through help or Du Niang , If you are familiar with the above functions , Enough to meet daily office needs , You've become a great spreadsheet user .
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