There is no need to worry about the index, focus on the hot research to do the main line
sincerely 2020-11-25 23:22:53

 There is no need to worry about the index , Focus on the hot spots and do the main line

Last week, the overall market is a shock upward , Although the elasticity is not strong , But the highs are constantly refreshing , The first half of the week is due to the weakness of gem , In the second half of the week, the growth enterprise market stopped falling and stabilized , The disadvantage is that the quantity can't follow the amplification , And the market is very fragmented , Fire and ice are two days , Colored resources , Liquor remains strong , military , New energy vehicles rebounded after oversold , medicine , Weak technology , Financial stocks remain neutral , In this case, the market does not form a unified long situation, it is difficult to open a forced short rise , So the rise in volatility also reflects the real situation of the market .

In the front adjustment, I have repeatedly reminded you that the space below is limited , Don't be too bearish , After all, the medium-term trend is upward , The most important index 11 month 9 After breaking the downtrend line, the No , The subsequent callback, though 11 month 13 No. 1 broke through support for a short time , But it's coming back soon , This shows that the front is a false fall, belonging to the air decoy .6 Since the end of the month, I have been a firm bull Watcher in the market , No change of opinion due to the adjustment in the past few months , It's just a change in strategy , From the previous blindly held shares to part of the shareholding, part of the short-term , Because this bull market has been different in the past , Belongs to slow bull , Advance two retreat one or even advance two retreat two , encounter 7 At the beginning of the month, that kind of pressure to pull up our shareholding is of course a big profit , But in recent months, the roller coaster is very passive , So the best strategy is to do the middle line with half of the shares , Half chasing the current hot spots, doing short-term , Since the change of strategy, the effect has been good , Whether it's up or down, we can take it easy . Last week's top target was also resistance 3360-3387, Breaking through this range can confirm that there is no future market C Wave adjustment , It's not going to be low again , Because the new low of gem is to release most of the market risks , So when it stops falling and stabilizes, the Shanghai index will continue to rebound , As a result, the index hit upward on Friday 3380, There is no breakthrough yet , But the market that presents attack form can appear at any time big Yang line of large volume , This is what cautious or bearish people should be wary of in the near future , Once a large amount of positive line appears, you can't hesitate any more , Otherwise, there is a risk of overstepping .

This market doesn't believe in tears , Only the fittest survive , The fittest is the fittest , The performance of the market is different in every period , If you want to keep pace with the times, you should not be eliminated ,6 At the end of the month, we judged that when the bull market came, we still did as the previous bull market did , After that, we got a lot of rewards from the close air , But after the shock adjustment time is long, the stock withdrawal range or more than we expected , And hot spots are switching frequently , If you still follow the same strategy as before, you may have to endure a lot of psychological torture , Feige is not dead much, nor dead empty , I'm a homeowner , If the general trend does not change, I am firmly bullish , As long as the general direction does not make mistakes in principle, there is no problem in adjusting the details , So according to the characteristics of the market, we continue to do short-term to hedge the risk of shock , So far, I'm personally satisfied with , Can't follow 7 At the beginning of the month, the profit increased rapidly , Because this is a period of shock , As long as we keep up with the hot spots of the market, we will win , In this way, our net worth will increase rapidly when we enter the main promotion stage again . I haven't paid much attention to the fluctuation of index recently , Are constantly looking for the rules of hot spot switching , Focus on leading stocks , I also drew the scope for you before , New energy vehicles based on the 14th five year plan , Semiconductor chip , Artificial intelligence , And the colored resources I'm looking for , chemical , brokers , The hot spots in the market basically rotate within this range , For the time being, it has not formed the large-scale overall behavior of the plate , They are all local market differentiation , So the plate also need to find active leading stocks to operate , For example, the nonferrous industry is more subdivided , aluminum , Titanium , copper , Rare earth , Iron and steel , Then the coal of the whole resource category is extended , Cement, etc . There are two other plates to note , First, the overall adjustment of new energy vehicles last week , But the policy is warm , There is probably a second round of market , Second, the military industry has been readjusted for a few months and has become stronger again , This time is related to the increase of orders and the increase of performance , It's not just speculation , But the fundamentals have changed , Then it's likely to last .