What is the process of tmall's settlement? Let's learn about the entry process
Tmall mall is a comprehensive online shopping mall , After a long period of development , Now tmall mall has its own loyal consumers , In this year's case , Many businesses settled in and began to turn to online e-commerce , Entering tmall is one of their choices . What are the procedures for entering tmall , Now let's talk about it .

 What is the process of tmall's settlement ? Let's learn more about the immigration process

What is the process of tmall's settlement ? Let's learn more about the immigration process !

Stage 1 : Preparation before entering

1. Understand the conditions for tmall to settle in

The conditions for entering Tmall are mainly those registered in the Chinese mainland , The time of registered operation shall not be less than 2 year , Enterprises have general taxpayer qualification , There is also the issue of registered trademarks , Those who have trademarks should have the trademark registration certificate issued by the State Trademark Office , No trademark businesses also need to have the relevant authorization link, the complete power of Attorney .

2. Prepare relevant qualification materials

Before applying for admission to tmall, you should prepare the qualification materials , What you need to enter tmall is a business license 、 The front and back of the ID card of the legal representative 、 The front and back of the contact's ID card 、

General taxpayer qualifications , Brand qualification is trademark registration certificate or trademark registration application acceptance notice 、 Exclusive power of attorney .

Stage two : Application for tmall

1. Submit a residency application

Click enter on the investment page , You can enter the landing page , Businesses can submit their own qualification materials according to the process of entering , The time for submission is usually two hours .

2. Waiting for review

If tmall enters the audit, it is generally an audit 7 About a working day , The first step is to make a preliminary examination , The preliminary examination stage is to examine the qualification materials submitted by businesses , See if it's in compliance with the relevant regulations , After the first trial is passed, it is the review stage , The review stage is to evaluate the brand power of the business , It's mainly brand influence .

Stage three : Perfect store information

1. Activate account

Businesses can enter the stage of improving their store information after entering tmall , To activate an account, you need to set your own store account password , Fill in your mobile phone number and email , Complete the real name authentication of Alipay .

2. Complete the related tasks before opening the store

Sign the relevant store opening agreement , Learn the rules of tmall store , There will be an exam after study , To lay the foundation for the operation of their own stores . Perfect the relevant information of your shop .

3. Payment of tmall

Show how much to pay for your product , Alipay is paid if payment is made , The payment time needs to be in 15 Pay the corresponding fee within days .

Stage four : Set up shop

1. Release commodities

The release of the product is to pay the relevant fees after 30 Within days , If the new store releases relevant products , It is only after the examination of the sophomore that the successful release can be made , If you're a sophomore , It is usually two working days for audit .

2. Decorate your shop

Decorate your shop according to your preference , Decoration , There's a tutorial on it , Businesses don't have to worry about .

3. Online shop

After all the above steps have gone through, your own shop can be online business . It is necessary to comply with relevant regulations of tmall when operating .

The above is the relevant process of tmall's settlement , Entering tmall is a time-consuming and laborious thing , The audit cycle of tmall is also relatively long , Therefore, before entering the business, they should set up their own shops 、 The company has planned these things , What should be promoted should be promoted . In this way, the settlement will be more smooth .

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