So hard to live! "Ignorant circle theory" of gold medal carrying officers
Fantastic 2020-11-25 23:10:35

There are no fans in the studio , His first live broadcast was in a state of confusion . later , Thanks to the support of teachers and classmates , He finally won the first prize of Jiangxi division in the people's preferred live broadcast contest , Become the people's choice ( jiangxi ) Gold medal carrying Officer .

He said , The competition not only gave him a new skill , It also stimulated his desire for innovation , He is Zhang Youjian, the contestant of Shangrao Normal University .

When it comes out The stone in my heart finally fell

“ When you see the results , The stone in my heart finally fell down .” Zhang Youjian said .

There are reasons why Zhang Youjian is nervous . The last day of the final , He finished all the live shows ahead of time , At that time, it ranked second . There's another day of the race , Zhang Youjian thinks other players will do their best , The number of gold medal carrying officers is limited .

Fortunately, the final result , Live up to his efforts , And they didn't live up to the expectations of the instructors .

Recalling the long race , The teacher's encouragement impressed Zhang Youjian the most .

“ The teacher keeps encouraging us , Push us forward . We will talk to the teacher if we have any ideas , Let's talk about it together . It is the teacher's meticulous help , We're going to get to this point .” Zhang Youjian said .

Team work to solve difficult problems

As an inexperienced player , Zhang Youjian had a problem in the preliminary contest : No fans .

“ Come down at once , There are less than ten audiences . The explanation is not professional , I don't know how to get into the product , A black eye . Talk off and on , No confidence .” Zhang Youjian recalled .

As a cargo officer, you should pay attention to the message in the interactive area , Also need to control the whole live broadcast process , To multitask . In the face of the coming difficulties , Zhang Youjian was confused for a moment : It turns out that live broadcasting is so difficult !

How to introduce the product ? How to attract fans ? These seemingly difficult questions , It's easy to solve in a team .

The teacher sat with the players , One problem by one , Solve the problem one by one , Everyone expressed their own opinions , Brainstorm , With the breakthrough of the problem , Zhang Youjian's live broadcast is on the right track , From the preliminaries to the finals , Won the gold medal with the honor of cargo Officer .

“ School team support , Let me feel the charm of cooperation .” Zhang Youjian said , It's between the players and the players 、 The cooperation between the players and the instructor 、 Mutual support and cooperation , Only now has the result .

Master new skills Stimulate the desire for innovation

As early as freshman , Zhang Youjian has been exposed to live broadcast . He did a lot of music activities with a group of music loving friends , A lot of people can't come here for some reason , Participate through live broadcast .

“ That kind of live broadcast and live delivery are totally two concepts . Live delivery tests people's language charm and professional level .” Zhang Youjian said .

Zhang Youjian thinks , After this competition , I've made a new change , The game not only gives you a new skill , It also stimulates the desire for innovation .“ I may explore the combination of electronic information and live broadcasting , Even with a variety of new technologies , Such as virtual reality technology , So that the audience can live experience live .”

Make the players open their brains , To generate more and more inspiration , Bring more possibilities for your future , This is one of the purposes of the people's live broadcast contest .