How much does Shenzhen website cost? How much do you charge?
Fierce Eagle 2020-11-25 23:10:31

For enterprise website construction , The price is still quite different , Some companies only need a few thousand yuan to make websites , And some companies need tens of thousands of , Even a hundred thousand . How should the cost be calculated ? The following is a brief introduction to Shenzhen website construction , How is the fee charged .

One 、 The server

First , What is a website ? In short, it is a web application running on the server , First of all, there needs to be space for , It's the server , So the website construction includes the cost of the server . The cost of the server varies from thousands to tens of thousands depending on the configuration .

 Shenzhen website construction how much money ? How much do you charge? ?

Two 、 Website planning 、 Design 、 Application development

For personalized website , Need to go through the early planning and Design , Determine the style , Be sure to draft the design first , And then internal audit , Submit to customer for confirmation . After confirmation, start the program development , Feature set , According to different functions and page design requirements , There will be some differences in the fee requirements . There are also some enterprises in the construction of the website , Will choose template website construction , Yes, of course , When Shenzhen website construction chooses template construction , The cost is relatively low , But template website construction is not conducive to optimization , And user friendliness is not enough .

3、 ... and 、 Website maintenance fee

The maintenance of Shenzhen website after construction includes the regular check of website 、 Content update 、 Later optimization promotion and so on , Is the maintenance of the website after construction , The purpose is to make the most of the website . If the enterprise does not have a person to take care of and maintain the website , You can choose to entrust a third-party website company to operate for you , In other words, we call the website agent operation . Help to maximize the role of the website , Realize the effect transformation .

Four 、 other expenses

If Shenzhen website construction process , There's a need to go beyond the workload , There may be additional costs involved , But this can be communicated and negotiated later .

therefore , Shenzhen website construction is the background plus front desk of the website , We all know that the design effect of the front page is very important , In general, design and development is the main cost of a website , At the same time, the use of the background is also very critical , The backstage is easy to use 、 Full function will get twice the result with half the effort . So enterprises in the early stage of website construction , It's about budgeting , Choose the right website construction company .

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