How to create accurate crowd labels for Taobao's agent stores?
City air 2020-11-25 21:50:25
As for the store , It's good to have enough consumer groups in , But we can't just look at the flow into , What's more, whether these traffic can be converted , Only after transformation can we make a certain profit , So it's about the accuracy of crowd tags , What do you want to know about the creation of crowd labels ? Today, I'd like to tell you about the accuracy of the label .

 How to create accurate crowd labels for Taobao stores ?

1、 Understand the positioning of store crowd
In the business advisor flow window of the seller center, visitors analyze this project , Click on visitor comparison and select the latest date 30 Days of data , By comparing the unpaid visitors horizontally 、 Pay new buyers 、 Pay for three dimensions of data for old buyers , If the data are not different, it shows that the positioning of store crowd is more accurate .
2、 Marking with combination of straight drilling
During the non profit period of Taobao , Unless their own store products have a great advantage , And it is very suitable for the needs of shopping malls , And joining in with the masses , Otherwise, it's hard to explode quickly .
On the premise that the budget of the store is acceptable , Through train promotion is a good choice , It can be done through the crowd premium of through train and smart drill orientation , Quickly form store label , And then mark it with a precise shop , To get the support of natural search traffic . Others can be transformed according to the visitor comparison , Carry out through train operation , You can choose gender first 、 Age and category and unit price drive through train , It will cost less together .
3、 Mark by title
After the crowd is accurate , The first step in tagging is to get a keyword accurate title , Title Optimization did not do a good job, then the future work is done in vain .
4、 The planning of the main graph
From the key words you can analyze the crowd , Then through the accurate analysis, it is reflected in the main map and detail page of the product . Give me an example , My shop sells women's clothes , There is a product of the crowd is floral dress , The broken flowers are the key characteristics that influence the purchase . In order to increase click and volume , It is required to highlight the floral elements in the planning of the main map , The detail page must also echo the main picture .
5、 Repurchase of old customers
Regular customer buyback is also a fast and safe way to accurately label products , Especially suitable for non-standard products with low customer price , By giving free coupons , Attracting and persuading regular customers to buy back is not only good for marking , It can increase the weight of the product . We can also let the old customers carry the product label and constantly browse the competitor's products , In this way, they can take the labels of old customers to their own stores after reading the products of the stores , Then gradually pull back the store crowd label .
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