Don't regret buying an Apple phone! Because the iPhone is not really worth buying
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This year, mobile phones have been updated very fast , Major manufacturers have launched several new types of mobile phones, and Apple will also launch the latest Apple 12 series , But now the tangled thing is , The domestic mobile phones on the market are also excellent , Apple's cell phone sales are also good , I don't know how to choose ! Bought Apple said the domestic mobile phone is good , Those who buy domestic mobile phones say apple is good .

 Don't regret buying an Apple phone ! Because the iPhone is not really worth buying

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So in order to solve these problems , I analyzed whether Apple's super high price mobile phone is worth buying .

The first point : What do you say you buy mobile phones for , Play a game ? business ? For the deck ? Or daily use ?

Second point : Seriously, the iPhone doesn't blow or black , The whole ecology recognizes , But now the quality control , And the hardware 、 Not really , Let's talk about Xiaomi's mobile phone ( Androcs ) Each brand really makes a different crowd , In terms of Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi mobile phone personally thinks that , Student - Red rice series ; Business millet Department , Game public Black Shark series , And cheap, performance is good, quality is not bad , It's no better than that kidney fruit ?

The third point : If you have to choose between apple and millet , If you've been to an apple before , You can wait for apples 12 We'll have a look at the new model ; Approaching the hardware , Apple was dumped several blocks .

 Don't regret buying an Apple phone ! Because the iPhone is not really worth buying

Xiaolong's score data of hanging Apple

Of course, it also depends on your personal consumption concept , If you think in your heart that a mobile phone is only worth one or two thousand yuan or three or four thousand yuan , Don't buy an Apple phone , If that's what you think , I suggest you buy millet at most 、oppo、vivo And so on 3000 Yuan file of high cost-effective mobile phones , Mobile phones are used in 4000 Below RMB, you can obviously feel the performance improvement brought by the price increase ,4000 It's not so obvious if you spend more than $1 , For a considerable number of people ,3000 Multi dollar mobile phone experience and 6000 There's almost no difference in the experience of using a $1 mobile phone .

 Don't regret buying an Apple phone ! Because the iPhone is not really worth buying

No one knows cell phones better than I do

Those who think Apple phones are bad , Generally speaking, it mainly focuses on signal and charging , I don't have much evidence for this signal, so I can't judge , People who say that the signal of Apple's cell phone is too poor to use at all , It's hard to tell if he used it himself , Or living in a certain environment ( It happens that there is no base station in the special environment ), People who suggest buying should ask themselves to buy an Apple phone , Charge this , I said before , Bought an Apple phone , Don't think about cost performance , Multi flower 100 For a third party pd Charging package can solve the problem of charging slowly .

 Don't regret buying an Apple phone ! Because the iPhone is not really worth buying

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Anyway, it depends on how much you're willing to spend , I want to buy two thousand mobile phones , Buying a kidney fruit cell phone will make you think you are exaggerating , Want to spend ten thousand yuan on IQ tax , Shenguo mobile phone can bring you the delicate and comfortable feeling you want , I suggest buying Android phones, not Android phones 4000 The above , If you really like a higher price Android model , You might as well wait a while to buy , Mobile phone update frequency is so fast, sooner or later it will reduce the price itself .

 Don't regret buying an Apple phone ! Because the iPhone is not really worth buying

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