Nannies love to steal small things, Ma Weidu dismissed them, saying: stay away from the small pattern of "poor"
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It is said that , To be greedy for small things is to suffer great losses , Being greedy for cheap goods is not uncommon in our daily life , For example, Mr. Ma Weidu, a famous cultural relic connoisseur, met with , He has a babysitter at home , Later I found that the nanny was greedy for small things , I always like the things in my family , Finally, he had no choice but to fire the nanny , What's going on here ? I believe that those who have a good understanding of cultural relics know Mr. Ma Weidu , He's not just a collector of cultural relics , He was also a writer and screenwriter with brilliant literary talent .

Ma Weidu was born in 1955 year , When I was young, I went to the countryside to jump in line with the times , Later, I worked as a machine tool Miller . Although life in the early years was ordinary , But some people are born to shine ,1980 year , Mr. Ma Weidu suddenly became interested in literature , Make up your mind to get involved in creation .

 Nanny loves to steal small things , Ma Weidu dismissed him , Express : Away from the small pattern “ The poor ”

result 1981 I'll borrow it in the new year 《 The moon is round tonight 》 This article has gained great attention , And literary talent has been recognized by the public , After that, he was hired as 《 Youth literature 》 The editor of . Then he went on the road of writing , With Wang Shuo et al “ Seahorse studio ”,《 The story of the editorial department 》 Wait for the TV series to be their work .

But in the meantime he fell in love with antiques , I like to go to the antique market when I have nothing to do , To find some favorite baby , In the last century 80 The antique market in the S is not as hot as it is now , The price is relatively cheap , But that's why , So he often buys fake goods , But I lost a lot , Experience has accumulated .

 Nanny loves to steal small things , Ma Weidu dismissed him , Express : Away from the small pattern “ The poor ”

To 90 s , His collection of antiques has reached more than 1000 pieces , Later, he simply no longer engaged in literary creation , It's all about the antique world .1996 year , With his efforts and the support of relevant state departments , The Museum of classical art was founded , He put all the treasures he had collected for many years , And in 1997 Open to the public in .

Mr. Ma Weidu is going further and further on the road of cultural relics , Published a number of collection related works , It plays an important role in the field of cultural relics . Although he was the founder of the Guanfu Museum , But he said he would not leave the relics to his son in the future , He will donate his life to the country , Because he thinks his son must have the ability to earn money and support himself , That can be called a complete life .

 Nanny loves to steal small things , Ma Weidu dismissed him , Express : Away from the small pattern “ The poor ”

In fact, it can be seen from this that he is a very thorough person , And that's why , He would choose to fire the cheap nanny , Mr. Ma Weidu recognized nanny's ability to do things , She works hard , A sharp hand and a foot , So he himself is very optimistic about the nanny , And intend to cooperate for a long time . But then he found out the baby sitter's hands and feet “ squalor ”, Always keep things in the house , It's not a big thing to take , But a few garlic 、 Several ginger , All in all, it's just a few cheap ingredients .

It's not a big loss to Mado , But not for the evil small , If you always indulge in , Who knows if it will lead to disaster in the future ? So he talked to the nanny tactfully , Tell her to say it if she has any difficulty , He will do his best to help , The nanny nodded obediently and promised , But there is no change in behavior , So Ma Weidu had to dismiss her directly .

 Nanny loves to steal small things , Ma Weidu dismissed him , Express : Away from the small pattern “ The poor ”

It's not about tolerance , Although what the nanny did did did not cause any substantial harm , But this kind of small matter actually reflected her character , She has been used to being cheap and cheap , Who can rest assured to let such a person stay around ? That's why Ma Weidu warned the world , Away from the pattern is small 、 Eat ugly “ The poor ”, Of course , This poor man is about spirit “ poor ”, What do you think of this ?

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