What is the purpose of learning word
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 Study word For what

To be proficient in the job search process office word, Many job seekers usually think that they can type .

Actually word It's a word processing tool , You can document ( curriculum vitae , Letters , Bill form, etc ). Or a typesetting software , Can make text layout ( propaganda , The paper , News, etc ).

therefore word It's not just typing ,word There's a lot to learn

1, Need to know word Basic operations and shortcuts , To achieve standard and efficient operating habits .

2, Need to know word The layout of each document of , Make the document more beautiful .

3, Need to know word The batch operation , Make work faster .

4, Need to know word automation , Make yourself handy .

At the same time of learning the above contents , And develop good productivity habits , Make yourself able to handle all kinds of documents .

So is it right now word Some changes , No longer think word It's just a typing tool .

 Study word For what

But learning word And for what ?

The first is to work and live , If you have a skill, you can find a job well , If you are proficient in this skill, you will be like a fish in water , The quality of life will also improve .

The second is to get the recognition of leaders and colleagues , Learn and master word, The documents you make are beautiful , It can clearly show the ideological structure of the article , Very good for others to read .

In the end, it's all about learning word operation , Make your work more efficient , It won't be delayed because of some small operations .

What are you waiting for to learn together word Well , Here's video teaching .

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