How does ppt go from introduction to mastery?
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PPT How to get from beginners to proficient ?

PPT It's very important , It is widely used in various fields , For example, teachers give lectures 、 The company introduces its products 、 Project reports, etc . How to learn well PPT Well , It's very simple !

One 、

First , To understand ppt What is it for , It's for presentation page by page , Each page can show different elements , Like words 、 picture 、 video 、 Animation and so on .

Two 、

That makes sense ppt Use of , Here's what we need to do for these purposes .

(1) Planning and design

For example, to make a report , First, you should understand the title of the report 、 List of reports 、 Specific report content 、 Ending, etc , Second, we need to understand what form each part of the report will take , What do you want to say ,ppt There are no pictures on 、 Video and other materials to prove the content to express .

PPT How to get from beginners to proficient ?

(2) Mastering skills

The next thing to master is how to pass powerpoint Software implements our design , Then we have to understand ppt How to create slides page by page , How to insert text on each slide 、 picture 、 Video, etc .

(3) Improve the aesthetic

Mastering the basic operation skills does not mean that you can make a tall work . We should keep improving and beautifying . First of all, from the template selection aspect , To find a suitable theme style, color style , Secondly, from the typesetting aspect, we should try our best to align and even divide 、 Mixed arrangement of pictures and texts 、 Graphical graphitization 、 Structure diagram processing 、 Point, line and surface embellishment , Finally, switch effect from 、 Animation and other aspects to consider , send ppt The presentation process is more lively .

(4) Play drill

Before the public display on a formal occasion , There must be more simulation exercises , send ppt The proper demonstration of the process of the presentation , To prevent problems in the presentation process .

3、 ... and 、

The above is ppt The general process of making , How can you become a master quickly ?

(1) First of all, watch more excellent works of others , This is to open up their own ideas and horizons , Mainly to improve their own aesthetic production standards , Don't just take a piece of work as a masterpiece .

(2) Secondly, we should study other people's skills , Let's see how the better results they've achieved , Can I do better than him , So as to change into their own learning skills and achieve innovation beyond , This is actually the stage of skill learning , The more skills you master, the more efficient you can produce your work .

(3) Finally, the intensive stage , Learn all kinds of design ideas 、 Material collection and production skills . More than just ppt Knowledge ,ps Picture making 、pr Video editing, etc .

PPT How to get from beginners to proficient ?

Four 、

The above is simple , It's just simple to make ordinary works , You need to be creative to make something that will shine in front of others , This is the hardest . And the realization of this point cannot be separated from the cultivation process mentioned above , I hope to be ppt The friends of the production masters are still steadfast in learning from skills , Only by constantly improving and creating can we finally produce excellent products ! about ppt Better material website , Personal recommendation first PPT Template net . about ppt Resources for skill learning , There are a lot of... On the Internet , You can search for fragmented learning by yourself .

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